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Workzone Overview

TLDR: Workzone is a project management tool for efficient workflow. One interesting feature I liked most is file versioning which helps to create multiple versions based on the feedback. It got an App Score of 8/10 because of its search limitation and archiving.

Workzone provides a robust project dashboard and offers a bird’s eye view of projects, ensuring they stay on track. Unique features include time tracking, task dependencies, and custom branding, provides a personalized touch to streamline workflow. The tool’s collaboration tools, such as secure file sharing and automated workflows, facilitate seamless team communication.

The platform’s custom branding adds a personalized touch. Despite a slightly dated dashboard, Workzone’s unique strengths lie in its extensive functionality and adaptability for different business needs that makes it a reliable choice for those seeking a middle ground between simplicity and complexity in project management.

How to use Workzone:

– Sign up/login to your Workzone account

– Create a workspace for your team or project

– Start by creating a new project, specifying details such as project name, description, and team members

– Break down projects into tasks and assign them to team members with due dates

– Explore and use project templates for quicker project creation

– Leverage collaboration features like secure file sharing, image markups, and automated workflows

– Use the built-in time tracking functionality to monitor task and project progress

– Personalize your workspace with custom branding options

– Implement task dependencies to ensure tasks are completed in the correct order

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Workzone Pros and Cons

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  • Inclusive time tracking functionality
  • Efficient task dependencies
  • Custom branding options
  • Robust project dashboard
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  • Limited search and archiving

Workzone Pricing

Pricing Models:

✓ Subscription

Workzone Pricing Details

Workzone Features

  • Tasks and Comments
  • Calendar View
  • Planning Roadmap
  • Project Map
  • Templates
  • Creation & Assignment
  • User, Role, and Access Management

Workzone Alternatives

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Workzone Specifications


  • Android
  • iOS
  • SaaS

Customer Type

  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business
  • Solopreneurs


  • English

Workzone Support

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Workzone FAQs

Yes, Workzone allows custom branding options and enable users to add logos and custom colors to match their brand or client’s brand.

Workzone includes time tracking and resource management in all plans. Users can easily track billable hours, monitor team time, and generate variance reports.

Yes, Workzone is scalable and can accommodate teams of various sizes, from small teams to large enterprises.

Yes, Workzone makes it easy to link tasks, set priorities, and automate due dates for dependent tasks and ensure efficient project management.

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