Our Review and Scoring Process

Our team of experts discover, run hands-on trials, verify & evaluate SaaS tools so that you get the right information to make the right buying decision

Software Reviews

Our Process to Review Softwares

The landscape of SaaS is complex, but at our review hub, we practice a methodical approach. From scanning Product Hunt for hidden gems to engaging with founders for authentic insights, our process prioritizes transparency and hands-on evaluation, ensuring our audience makes informed decisions when they look to buy a SaaS tool. 

Here is what we do:


  • Validate legitimacy using social presence for both product and founders
  • We actively monitor platforms like Product Hunt for the latest launches
  • Crowdsourced suggestions via our tool submission portal
  • Track funding, releases, social buzz to identify rising stars
  • Scanning established competitor platforms

Hands On Trials

  • Signup for tool
  • Take demo’s from makers and record for analysis
  • Research the product website, youtube videos, product documentations
  • Extensive hands-on time beyond basic tutorials and marketing documents
  • Test breadth of capabilities and accuracy of claims
  • Reach out to makers for clarifications if required
  • Give specific focus to support information and contact details

Competition Analysis

  • One-on-one feature comparisons with category competitors
  • Evaluate head to head rating indexes against benchmark in tool category
  • Classify market categories and list out worthy alternatives
  • Come up with what works and what doesn’t for our “Pros & Cons” section

Pricing Analysis

  • Transparency in pricing is non-negotiable
  • Free trials and tiers are highlighted for user benefit
  • Special attention to any discounts for students and non-profits
  • Suggest a cheaper alternative if available

Look for Outliers

  • Analyze existing reviews and user sentiments across platforms and social channels for sign of good or bad experiences
  • Give specific focus to support, data security, usability, learning curve, new user onboarding, social media activities for identifying outliers

Have an Insight That Can Make Our Review Better?

In case you want to contribute to any review and make it better, contact us and we will be happy to incorporate your inputs.

App Score

Our Method to Come Up With An "App Score"

We assign a rating to all the tools we feature on our platform and their is sanity and logic to it.

Here is how we calculate an “App Score”:

1. Features & Functionality: Each feature that aligns to the parent category of the tool, adds +0.25 to the score. 

2. Pros & Cons: For each identified advantage, +0.5 is added, while each drawback deducts -0.5.

  1. 3. Free Tier: If the software has a free tier, it receives a bonus score of +1. 

    • 4. Free Trial: If the software provides a free trial, it receives a bonus score of +0.5.
  1. 5. Live Support: If the software offers live support, it receives a bonus score of +0.25.

  2. 6. Mobile App: If the software has a mobile app, it receives a bonus score of +0.5.

7. UI/UX: A highly user-friendly interface adds +0.75 to the score.

8. Integration Capabilities: Seamless integration with other tools and platforms adds +0.5 to the score.

9. Security: Robust security measures contribute +0.5 to the score.

10. Community Support: If the software has an active community, +0.25 is added to the score.

11. Documentation Quality: High-quality documentation contributes +0.25 to the score.

12. Affordability: – Affordable pricing, relative to closest competitor, adds +0.75 to the score.

13. Social Media Presence and Activeness: – An active social media presence is indicative of engagement. Positive signals from social media contribute +0.25 to the score.


Wrong App Score and Want Revaluation?

In case you discover anything wrong with our “App Score”, drop us a message and we would be happy to revaluate.