Apple WWDC 2024: Apple Intelligence, iOS 18, macOS, Vision OS2, watchOS 11, IpadOS 18 And ChatGPT Makes it All Worth

Published on June 11 2024
Apple WWDC 2024 was the most happening tech event where Apple showcased its future devices and Apple Intelligence. A quick roundup of what amazed us!...

What is ChatGPT Edu?

Published on June 1 2024
ChatGPT Edu by OpenAI disrupts education leveraging AI. Learn about its features, access, and how it enhances learning for students and educators alike....

Microsoft Event - All About Microsoft Copilot+ PC and Microsoft Surface Updates

Published on May 22 2024
Microsoft introduced Copilot Plus PCs offering advanced artificial intelligence capabilities in personal computers powered by GPT-4o....

Key Announcements and Highlights of Google IO 2024 Event

Published on May 17 2024
Google IO 2024 unveils new features like Music Effects, AI Overviews, Project Astra, and Gemini 1.5 Flash, enhancing user experience and developer tools....

Analyzing OpenAI GPT-4o: Features, Access and Comparison with GPT-4

Published on May 14 2024
GPT-4o by OpenAI is a free to use AI model excelling in real-time text, audio, and vision processing. GPT-4o makes AI more accessible to a broader audience....

Meta Llama 3: The Open Source Competitor to GPT-4, Gemini Pro and Claude

Published on April 25 2024
Meta Llama 3 is a powerful open source large language model. It offers, large-scale training, versatile applications, robust performance for developers....