Mistral Large: Mistral AI's New LLM Outshines GPT4, Claude and ChatGPT

Published on February 29 2024
Mistral Large is Mistral AI's most powerful yet affordable large language model. Explore the model in-depth see how it compares with GPT4, ChatGPT and Claude....

Google Genie AI Can Create Interactive Virtual Worlds from Images

Published on February 28 2024
Google DeepMind has introduced Genie, a new generative AI that can create endless interactive and imaginative worlds from text, images, photos and sketches....

Humane AI Pin: Features, Spec and Comparison with Smartphones

Published on February 27 2024
The AI Pin, developed by Humane Inc, is a wearable device that harnesses the AI to offer a unique and screenless user experience....

Stable Diffusion 3: Whats New and How Is It Different From Previous Versions

Published on February 26 2024
Analysis article on Stable Diffusion 3 (SD3) new text to image model by Stability AI detailing its technical architecture and comparison with previous versions. ...

Google Gemini AI: Analyzing What Went Wrong With Gemini Image Generation

Published on February 25 2024
Google Gemini AI generates historically inaccurate images due to diversity bias. Explore the controversy, technical issues, corrective measures by Google and the path to responsible AI development....

Analysing Magic's "Coworker" Breakthrough: Active Reasoning and the Race to AGI

Published on February 23 2024
Magic AI claims its AI model can reason like humans, get $100M funding from Github CEO, Nat Friedman for race towards artificial general intelligence (AGI)...