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TLDR: offers users the ability to capture high-fidelity motion data from any location using just a few iPhones, eliminating the need for expensive motion capture suits. Move AI makes it easy to bring realistic human motion to animated characters by turning 2D video into 3D motion data with proprietary technology that uses advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics and physics. We give an App Score of 9/10 to

One of Move AI’s standout features is its markerless motion capture technology, which sets it apart from traditional systems. This technology allows for more accessible and affordable motion capture, making it accessible to a broader range of creators. It democratizes animation, enabling users to achieve studio-quality mocap without expensive and multitude of resources.

However, one potential drawback to consider is that the quality of motion capture heavily relies on the quality of the input video, which may vary and affect results.. While this approach offers flexibility and affordability, it may not provide the same level of precision as dedicated motion capture hardware in certain situations.

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Free trial not available Pros and Cons

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  • Studio-Quality Animations
  • Efficient Customization and Analysis
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Industry Grade AI-Powered Technology
  • Markerless Motion Capture
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  • Potential for Input Quality Variations
  • Pricing Uncertainty
  • Only available iPhones recorded videos Pricing

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  • AI Character
  • AI Video Creation
  • Animation
  • Customization
  • Motion capture
  • Animation System Alternatives

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  • iOS
  • SaaS

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London, UK FAQs is an AI-powered motion capture software that extracts precise motion data from videos, enabling users to animate characters and analyze movements. utilizes artificial intelligence to track and capture motion from standard videos without the need for markers or specialized equipment, making motion capture accessible to a broader audience.

Yes, offers studio-quality motion capture capabilities, making it a valuable tool for professional animators, game developers, and filmmakers looking to enhance their projects with lifelike animations.

Absolutely, provides customizable APIs, allowing users to tailor the analysis to their specific criteria. It also offers actionable insights and the ability to create custom recommendations and reports.

While excels in markerless motion capture, it may not provide the extensive features of more comprehensive motion capture suites. Users seeking highly specialized functionalities might explore additional options.

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