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Phenaki Overview

TL;DR: Phenaki Text to Video AI model was developed by a team of researchers from Google Research, led by Ajay Jain and Ben Poole. The development of Phenaki was motivated by the need for a sophisticated tool that can generate realistic videos from textual descriptions, addressing the challenge of producing high-quality, variable-length videos efficiently.

Google’s recent advancements in AI video generation have led to the introduction of a new model called Veo, which builds upon the technological foundations established by Phenaki and other predecessors like Imagen-Video and DVD-GAN.

Veo enhances the capabilities of video generation by understanding cinematic terms and producing high-quality 1080p videos that can exceed one minute in length. This model is currently available to select creators in a private preview, aiming to further push the boundaries of video synthesis and creative control‚Äč.

Key Features of Phenaki

  • Variable Length Videos: Generates videos of any length based on textual prompts.
  • Advanced Tokenizer: Compresses videos into small discrete tokens for efficient processing.
  • Bidirectional Masked Transformer: Generates video tokens conditioned on text tokens.
  • Dynamic Prompts: Handles changing textual prompts over time for storytelling.
  • Joint Training: Uses large image-text pairs and smaller video-text examples for generalization.

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Phenaki Pros and Cons

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  • Innovative approach to video synthesis
  • Capable of generating long-duration videos
  • Handles changing prompts effectively
  • High-quality video output
  • Useful for a variety of users
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  • Output Quality needs scaling and refinement

Phenaki Pricing

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Phenaki Specifications

Customer Type

  • Medium Business
  • Students & Researchers


  • English

Phenaki Support

Phenaki FAQs

Phenaki is a model by Google Research team for generating videos from text.

Yes, it can generate videos several minutes long.

Significant computational resources may be required.

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