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EvenUp AI Overview

TL;DR: EvenUp uses AI to optimize demand packages and medical chronologies in personal injury cases.

We give 9/10 to EvenUP AI because of its innovative use of AI in transforming the preparation and settlement of personal injury cases.

EvenUp is designed for personal injury lawyers, providing AI-generated legal documents, such as demand packages and medical chronologies. It helps in expediting settlements and ensuring appropriate compensation. The platform is particularly useful for law firms dealing with high caseloads and seeking to streamline case preparation and strategy.

How Does EvenUp AI Benefit Injury Lawyers?

Saves significant time in claim preparation.
Enhances the settlement negotiation process.
Increases the accuracy and comprehensiveness of case documentation.
Improves the efficiency and efficacy of legal teams.

Key Features Of EvenUp AI

AI-generated legal documents, Demand packages, Medical chronologies (MedChrons), Treatment timelines and calendar views, Diagnostic highlights, Organized exhibit lists, Comprehensive medical summaries, Integration with practice management solutions, AI-driven data analysis and summarization.


EvenUp AI Pros and Cons

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  • Significant time savings in case preparation
  • Efficient management of high caseloads
  • Increased settlement values
  • Access to extensive case data and analysis
  • Streamlined case documentation and strategy
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  • Limited to personal injury sector

EvenUp AI Pricing

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EvenUp AI Specifications


  • SaaS

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  • Medium Business
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  • Solopreneurs


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USA, California

EvenUp AI FAQs

EvenUp is a generative AI tool designed for personal injury law firms. It helps create legal documents like demand packages and medical chronologies by analyzing case files, which aids lawyers in settling cases efficiently and securing appropriate compensation for their clients.

EvenUp employs AI to process and analyze large volumes of case files, including medical records and bills. It extracts pertinent information and synthesizes this data into coherent legal documents, thereby reducing the manual effort and time required in document preparation.

EvenUp specializes in creating AI-generated legal documents such as demand packages and medical chronologies, which are essential in personal injury cases for presenting clear and comprehensive case details.

Yes, EvenUp can integrate with practice management solutions, allowing for seamless uploading and handling of case files within a law firm’s existing system.

The website does not specify an exact turnaround time for document preparation. However, it emphasizes the efficiency of its AI-driven solutions in speeding up the case handling process.

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