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iAsk.AI Overview

TLDR: iAsk.AI is an advanced AI search engine designed to revolutionize information retrieval. iAsk.AI got an App Score of 8/10 because it is free to use and gives outstanding result for any books and academic queries.

Unlike traditional search engines, it employs transformer neural networks to comprehend natural language queries, offering instant, accurate, and factual answers without storing user data. Similar to ChatGPT, iAsk AI’s fine-tuned model is trained on reliable sources, ensuring objective responses.

Its transformative self-attention mechanism allows it to understand both local and global context, enabling precise comprehension of complex queries. By prioritizing understanding over keyword matching, iAsk.Ai emerges as an efficient tool, emphasizing user-friendly interactions and facilitating seamless access to reliable information.

How to use iAsk.ai :

– Visit to the iAsk.ai website

– Write your query in the question search bar

– You can choose different search algorithm like wiki, books, news, academic, and more

– After writing your query, just enter the search button

– It will generate well drafted answer of your query along with some references

– You can also control the size of the draft among concise, detailed and average length

– Click on the Play button if you want AI to read the generated content

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iAsk.AI Pros and Cons

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  • Instant, accurate, factual answers
  • Utilizes advanced transformer neural networks
  • Trained on reliable and authoritative sources
  • Self-attention mechanism for context understanding
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  • Potential limited scope of information

iAsk.AI Pricing

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✓ Free to use

iAsk.AI Features

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI Search

AI Voiceover

  • Text to Speech

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iAsk.AI Specifications


  • SaaS

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  • Students & Researchers


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iAsk.AI FAQs

iAsk.Ai employs advanced transformer neural networks for natural language comprehension, delivering instant, accurate, and factual responses.


No, iAsk.Ai is designed to provide answers without storing user data, prioritizing user privacy and data security.


Absolutely, iAsk.Ai is designed to handle a wide range of questions, from simple inquiries to complex and nuanced queries.


Yes, iAsk.Ai is accessible across various devices, offering flexibility for users on different platforms.