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Deepfakes Web Overview

TLDR: Deepfakes Web is a cloud-based tool that enables users to create deepfake videos using AI.

App Score: Deepfakes Web gets 6/10 due to its easy-to-use interface, cloud-based functionality, and ethical usage policy, but it is limited by its specific use-case and potential for misuse.

Deepfakes Web offers a platform where users can upload videos and utilize AI to create deepfake content. This service is designed for entertainment, gaming, and cultural purposes. It’s particularly suitable for individuals or creators looking for an easy way to generate deepfake videos without needing extensive AI knowledge. However, users should be aware of the ethical considerations and use the technology responsibly.

How to Create Quality Deepfakes:

– Ensure clear, non-blurry videos of the target person.
– Use videos with varied expressions and angles for better training.
– Longer videos and a higher number of images enhance quality.
– Repeated learning with the same or different material improves results.

Key Features:

Cloud-based deepfake creation, AI-powered face swapping, private data handling, model reuse capability, watermarking for deepfake identification, quality dependent on video and model training, ethical usage policies, user-friendly interface, support for different video formats and sizes, advanced and basic creation modes.


Deepfakes Web Pros and Cons

Pros Icon
  • User-friendly platform for creating deepfakes
  • Cloud-based service, no need for powerful hardware
  • Ethical considerations like watermarking for deepfake identification
  • Reusable trained models for enhanced results
  • Supports different video formats and sizes
Cons Icon
  • Potential for misuse of deepfake technology
  • Limited to entertainment and specific creative uses
  • Quality of output heavily depends on input video and model training

Deepfakes Web Pricing

Pricing Models:

✓ Free Tier

Deepfakes Web Pricing Details

Deepfakes Web Features

AI Image Editing

  • AI Image Enhancement
  • Face Enhancer
  • Image Mixer


  • Cloud Storage Integration

Artificial Intelligence

  • Face Swap

Visual Tools

  • Image Import

Marketing Automation

  • Video Personalization

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Deepfakes Web Specifications


  • SaaS

Customer Type

  • Generic


  • English

Deepfakes Web Support

Deepfakes Web FAQs

A cloud-based service for creating deepfake videos using AI.

Users upload source and target videos, let AI learn and render, then download or watch the video.

AI-powered face swapping, private data handling, watermarking for identification.

There’s no specific mention of discounts for non-profits or educational uses.

The platform has policies against misuse and adds watermarks to videos to indicate they are deepfakes.