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Recruitee Overview

TLDR: Recruitee is a hiring software that helps businesses to hire talent within the organization. We gave it an App Score of 9/10 because while its an amazing tool, small businesses can’t make the best of it because of pricing and features that are focused on big teams.

Recruitee streamlines hiring processes with a user-friendly interface and offers a collaborative platform for HR teams. It combines employer branding, job promotion, talent sourcing, and applicant tracking in one. The tool excels in customization and allow HR professionals to tailor pipelines, roles, and team setups.

The platform simplifies assessments, communication, and interviews, promoting unbiased feedback and consistent engagement. E-signature integrations expedite the onboarding process, while talent pools ensure no candidate goes unnoticed. Robust reporting and compliance features offer valuable insights and GDPR adherence. Recruitee stands out for its extensive integration options that supports seamless collaboration between recruiting and existing tech infrastructure.

How to use Recruitee:

– Login or sign up for an account.

– Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account and provide necessary details about your company.

– Tailor your recruitment pipelines to match your specific hiring stages. Customize stages, templates, and automate tasks to streamline the process.

– Utilize the hiring team feature to assign roles and customize visibility for each team member

– Build your company’s careers site using CareersHub. Leverage editable building blocks, templates, and multi-language functionality to showcase your brand, team, and available opportunities.

– Explore the multi-posting feature to share job openings on over 2,900 job boards.

– Activate ReferralsHub to encourage employee referrals.

– Employ automation for consistent and meaningful communication throughout the interview process.

– Utilize e-signature integrations for efficient onboarding. Create and manage talent pools to organize potential candidates effectively.

– Take advantage of Recruitee’s extensive integration options with other applications to enhance collaboration and data flow.

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Recruitee Pros and Cons

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  • Extensive customization for hiring workflows
  • Multi-language career site builder
  • Over 120 integrations available
  • Easy collaborative hiring
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  • Limited use for small teams
  • Overlapping tasks and roles

Recruitee Pricing

Pricing Models:

✓ Free Trial
✓ Subscription

Recruitee Pricing Details

Recruitee Features

  • Assessment management
  • Candidate communication
  • Candidate screening
  • Human Resource Management
  • Interview scheduling
  • Job Boards Integration
  • Job posting management
  • Onboarding and training

Recruitee Alternatives

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Recruitee Specifications


  • Android
  • Chrome Extension
  • iOS
  • SaaS

Customer Type

  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business


  • English

Recruitee Support


Recruitee FAQs

Recruitee promotes collaborative hiring through customizable workflows and team roles.

Absolutely, Recruitee’s CareersHub allows easy creation and customization of a branded site.

Recruitee offers over 120 integrations, including Jitsi, Zapier, and DocuSign.

Recruitee focuses on employer branding, job promotion, talent sourcing, and applicant tracking.

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