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Emvoice Overview

TL;DR: Emvoice provides a highly realistic vocal synthesis plugin for music production, making it easy to create lifelike vocal tracks using advanced AI technology.

Emvoice gets 8/10 because of its realistic vocal output and user-friendly interface. However, customer support needs improvement.

Emvoice is designed for music producers and audio engineers who need high-quality vocal tracks without hiring a vocalist. It uses a cloud-based engine to reconstruct thousands of vocal samples, offering a level of realism that’s hard to match. Users can input notes and lyrics via a DAW-style piano roll editor, making it a powerful tool for creating lead vocals, harmonies, and background vocals.

Key Features of Emvoice

  • Realistic Vocal Synthesis: Uses real human samples for natural-sounding vocals.
  • Multiple Voices: Includes voices like Lucy, Jay, and Keela, each with unique characteristics.
  • DAW Integration: Compatible with major DAWs like Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools.
  • Phoneme Customization: Create custom words and phrases with phonemes.
  • Cloud-Based Engine: Accesses thousands of samples to deliver vocals instantly.
  • Easy Interface: DAW-style piano roll for note and lyric input.

How to Use Emvoice

  • Install Plugin: Download and install Emvoice from the official website.
  • Load in DAW: Open Emvoice in your preferred DAW.
  • Input Notes: Use the piano roll to input the desired notes.
  • Add Lyrics: Type in the lyrics for the vocal track.
  • Adjust Settings: Customize vocal performance with glissando, vibrato, and phoneme adjustments.
  • Export: Render the final vocal track and integrate it into your project.

Key Use Cases for Emvoice

  • Lead Vocals: Create realistic lead vocals for songs.
  • Background Vocals: Layer multiple voices for rich background harmonies.
  • Demo Tracks: Quickly produce vocal demos to present song ideas.
  • Sound Design: Use unique vocal textures for experimental music projects.


Emvoice Pros and Cons

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  • High-quality, realistic vocal synthesis
  • Seamless integration with digital audio workstations
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • Regular updates ensuring up-to-date technology
  • Reliable service with minimal downtime
Cons Icon
  • Limited voice options

Emvoice Pricing

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✓ Free Trial
✓ Subscription

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Emvoice Specifications


  • Mac
  • Windows

Customer Type

  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business


  • English

Emvoice Support

Emvoice FAQs

Emvoice is a vocal synthesis tool used to create realistic vocal tracks.

It’s ideal for music producers, sound engineers, and composers.

No, Emvoice is not free to use.

Yes, Emvoice provides an API.

Yes, it is available for both personal and commercial use, subject to its terms of service.

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