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ContentKing Overview

TLDR: ContentKing is a real-time SEO auditing and monitoring platform designed to enhance website visibility. It got an App Score of 8/10 because its a great SEO audit tool but many times it won’t show small but crucial issues of a site.

ContentKing offers continuous website analysis, technical auditing, and precise tracking of changes. The tool aids users in understanding their site’s SEO health with real-time alerts and ensure swift responses to technical issues. Segmented structure and insightful dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of SEO performance.

ContentKing excels in API integrations, seamlessly connecting with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. With features like SEO change tracking and log file analysis, it empowers users to stay on top of their website’s dynamics, catering to the demands of an ever-evolving online landscape.

How to use ContentKing:

– Signup/login to your ContentKing account

– Connect your website to ContentKing

– Utilize the SEO Auditing suite for real-time analysis of your website’s content

– Act on actionable insights to optimize your site comprehensively

– Monitor SEO issues and changes in real time

– Set up alerts to be notified promptly when technical problems or content changes occur

– Take swift action to resolve issues before they affect your search engine positions

– Track all changes happening on your website

– Utilize the tool to understand why changes occur and trace their origins

– Understand how search engines crawl your site by using log file analysis

– Sync your SEO efforts with search engines based on real-time activity

– Explore various insights and reporting features for in-depth analysis

– Use real-time dashboards to visualize your website’s data and collaborate with colleagues or clients

API available
Free trial not available

ContentKing Pros and Cons

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  • Real-time SEO monitoring for instant insights
  • Continuous website analysis ensures up-to-date optimization
  • Effective alerting system for proactive issue resolution
  • In-depth change tracking and origin identification
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  • Occasional difficulty in distinguishing relevant issues

ContentKing Pricing

Pricing Models:

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ContentKing Features


  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Optimization
  • Keyword Discovery
  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Checker
  • SERP analysis

Communication Channel

  • Email
  • In App Notifications


  • SEO optimization

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ContentKing Specifications


  • Chrome Extension
  • Microsoft Edge Extension
  • SaaS

Customer Type

  • Freelancers
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business
  • Solopreneurs


  • English

ContentKing Support


Amsterdam, Netherland

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ContentKing FAQs

Yes, ContentKing allows segmentation and let users track changes within specific parts of their website for a more targeted analysis.

ContentKing supports integrations with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and offers APIs for extended connectivity to various digital marketing tools.

ContentKing actively alerts users in real-time when technical issues or unexpected content changes occur and enable swift resolution before affecting search engine positions.

Yes, ContentKing offers historical snapshots and insights and allow users to analyze the latest revisions and track changes in website performance over time.