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StudyX Overview

TL;DR: StudyX is an AI-powered homework assistant that provides solutions and support for various subjects, enhancing learning efficiency.

StudyX gets 9/10 because of its comprehensive tools and expert support. The occasional accuracy issue can be improved.

StudyX serves as an all-in-one homework assistant, leveraging AI to generate accurate solutions and provide expert support. It caters to students at all levels, offering tools for essays, math, coding, and more. The platform is user-friendly and integrates well with educational systems, making it a valuable resource for enhancing study efficiency and comprehension.

Key Features of StudyX

  • AI Answer Generator: Provides accurate answers for homework questions using advanced AI.
  • Math Solver: Solves complex math problems with step-by-step explanations.
  • Essay Writer: Assists in writing essays and papers.
  • Grammar Checker: Corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Code Generator: Generates code for various programming languages.
  • Thesis Statement Generator: Helps in crafting strong thesis statements.
  • Essay Extender: Expands on essays with additional insights.
  • Community Q&A: Access to 75+ million verified answers from other students.

How to Use StudyX

  • Sign up and log in to the StudyX platform.
  • Upload or input your homework question.
  • Select the appropriate tool (e.g., Math Solver, Essay Writer).
  • Receive AI-generated solutions or expert support.
  • Download or copy the solution for your use.

How Students Use StudyX

  • Homework Help: Provides solutions for homework across various subjects.
  • Essay Writing: Assists in writing and improving essays.
  • Math Problems: Solves complex math questions with detailed explanations.
  • Coding Assignments: Generates and checks code for programming tasks.
  • Grammar Correction: Ensures essays and papers are grammatically correct.


StudyX Pros and Cons

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  • Comprehensive AI tools for various subjects
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Large database of community answers
  • Improves study efficiency
  • Integrates with educational platforms
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  • Occasional accuracy issues
  • Limited free features

StudyX Pricing

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✓ Free to use
✓ Subscription

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StudyX Specifications


  • Android
  • Chrome Extension
  • iOS
  • SaaS

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  • Students & Researchers


  • English

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Dover, DE 19904

StudyX FAQs

StudyX is an AI-powered homework assistant that provides solutions and expert support for various subjects.

No, but it offers a free trial.

Users input or upload questions, and StudyX provides AI-generated solutions or expert assistance.

StudyX covers a wide range of subjects, including math, coding, and essay writing.

Yes, StudyX offers 24/7 expert support for homework help.

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