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School AI Overview

TLDR: School AI is a platform designed for K-12 classrooms that offers a range of interactive learning activities called “Spaces”. School AI got an App Score of 7/10 because of its 1:1 tutoring but it has not disclosed its pricing.

School AI is an all-in-one AI tutoring tool that cover diverse subjects from literature to science, providing personalized 1:1 tutoring and guidance. The tool allows teachers to create custom instructions and moderate student interactions and ensure a controlled AI experience. Additionally, it includes real-time insights for teachers to understand students’ progress and emotions.

Spaces cater to various subjects and topics that fosters engagement and support in a classroom setting. SchoolAI emphasizes data privacy, with a commitment to transparent practices and adherence to privacy laws such as FERPA and COPPA, ensuring responsible use of student data.

How to use School AI:

– Signup/login to your School AI account

– Navigate through the available Spaces, which are AI-powered learning activities

– Choose from subjects like literature, science, history, and more

– Select a Space that aligns with your classroom needs

– Launch the activity to provide personalized 1:1 tutoring and guidance for your students

– If desired, create your own activities with custom instructions tailored to your class requirements

– Utilize the Mission Control feature to moderate and control how students engage with AI

– Set guidelines to keep the AI on task and provide specific instructions

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School AI Pros and Cons

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  • Personalized 1:1 tutoring in diverse subjects
  • Mission Control for effective moderation and guidance
  • Real-time insights enhance teacher-student engagement
  • Commitment to data privacy and transparent practices
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  • Possible dependence on AI, impacting traditional teaching methods

School AI Pricing

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School AI Features

  • Online Document Creation

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  • SaaS

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  • Generic
  • Students & Researchers


  • English

School AI Support

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School AI FAQs

Mission Control moderates AI interactions, ensuring focused and guided learning.

Yes, you can craft personalized activities with custom instructions

Yes, real-time insights help teachers understand student engagement and progress.

Yes, SchoolAI strictly adheres to privacy laws like FERPA and COPPA.

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