Inworld AI Overview

TLDT: Inworld AI is a tool designed to enhance player engagement in gaming experiences by introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Non-Player Characters (NPCs). Inworld AI got an App Score of 9/10 because of its capability of customizing its characters.

The Inworld Character Engine, the core of Inworld AI, utilizes multimodal AI expression to imbue NPCs with dynamic personalities that adapt to player behavior, fostering a more immersive and engaging game world. The Character Brain feature enables the creation of NPCs with configurable personalities, memories, and cognition, allowing them to learn from interactions and contribute to player-driven narratives.

The Contextual Mesh ensures that NPCs remain within the logical framework of their respective game worlds, preventing disruptions in narrative flow or illogical interactions. Additionally, the Real-Time AI feature optimizes performance for low-latency interactions, scaling seamlessly for real-time gaming experiences.

How to use Inworld AI:

– Signup/login your Inworld AI account

– Utilize the Character Brain feature to add depth and realism to NPCs

– Incorporate configurable personality, memory, and cognition

– Employ the Contextual Mesh to keep NPCs within the logic, lore, and fantasy of their respective game worlds

– Optimize for real-time experiences with low-latency interactions using Inworld AI’s Real-Time AI feature

– Leverage 30+ machine learning models to orchestrate multimodal character expression   

– Set safety parameters for AI NPCs, deciding the topics characters can discuss to align with the game’s rating and audience

– Use knowledge filters to control specific levels of knowledge access and hallucination prevention

– Gather player information for personalized interactions, including fields such as name, role, or gender

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Inworld AI Pros and Cons

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  • Multimodal NPC Expression
  • Dynamic Player-Driven Narratives
  • Real-Time AI Optimization
  • Configurable Safety Parameters
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  • Contextual Mesh Exclusive to Enterprise Plan

Inworld AI Pricing

Pricing Models:

✓ Free Tier
✓ Quotation Based

Inworld AI Pricing Details

Inworld AI Features

  • AI Character Creation
  • AI NPCs
  • Character Brain
  • Contextual Mesh
  • Custom Trigger

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  • SaaS

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  • Chinese (Simplified)
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  • Korean

Inworld AI Support

Inworld AI FAQs

Character Brain adds depth with configurable personality, memory, and cognition.

It provides multimodal expression, real-time AI, and configurable safety.

Yes, NPCs operate with human-like memory functionality.

It keeps NPCs within the logic of their game world, preventing disruptions.

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