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FaceCheck.id Overview

TL;DR: FaceCheck.id uses facial recognition to cross-reference faces with online images and databases, enhancing safety and identity verification. Just upload an image of a person to verify if they are real and really are who they claim to be.

FaceCheck.ID gets 8/10 because of its advanced facial recognition technology and comprehensive database. Improvements could be made in reducing occasional downtime.

FaceCheck.id is crucial for users needing to verify identities against public records, including social media, news, and criminal databases. It’s highly useful for personal safety and fraud prevention. It can be used for spotting scammers, fraudsters and people involved in crime who use fake ids and images to hide their identity.

Key Features of FaceCheck.ID

  • Investigative Search Engine: Uses a photo to search the internet for matching faces.
  • AI-Powered Face Detection: Detects and measures facial similarity with high accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Database: Searches through social media, news, blogs, mugshots, and sex offender registries.
  • Safety and Verification: Helps verify real identities and avoid dangerous individuals.
  • Protection Against Fraud: Uncovers catfish, scammers, and fake profiles.
  • Facial Recognition API: Integrates with apps and websites for identity verification.
  • Photo Removal Request: Users can request the removal of their photos from the database.

How to Use FaceCheck.ID

  • Visit the Website: Go to FaceCheck.ID.
  • Upload a Photo: Click the “Browse” button to select an image from your device.
  • Accept Terms: Agree to the terms of use and complete the captcha.
  • Initiate Search: Click “Search Internet By Face” and wait for the results.
  • Review Results: Analyze the generated report, which includes an accuracy score.

Key Use Cases for FaceCheck.ID

  • Verify Online Identities: Ensure that people met online are who they claim to be.
  • Fraud Prevention: Detect and prevent catfishing, scams, and fake profiles.
  • Private Investigations: Gather information for background checks.


FaceCheck.id Pros and Cons

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  • Advanced facial recognition technology
  • User-friendly interface
  • Aids in uncovering fake profiles and scams
  • Potential for enhancing personal safety
  • Offers an API for integration
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  • Privacy concerns Potential for inaccurate results
  • Limited to indexed online images

FaceCheck.id Pricing

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✓ Credit Based

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FaceCheck.id Specifications


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FaceCheck.id Support

FaceCheck.id FAQs

A facial recognition search engine for identifying individuals in photos.

Users upload a photo, and FaceCheck scans it against its database to find matches.

It can only identify individuals whose images are indexed in its database.

Yes, FaceCheck offers an API.

Images of individuals, preferably clear and front-facing for better accuracy.

As per FaceCheck.id, they operate within legal bounds, indexing only publicly available photos similar to Google, Bing and other search engines. They honor all genuine requests for removal of copyrighted material.

As per FaceCheck, they do not store sensitive or personally identifiable data. They have trained the model on publicly available pictures from internet. The model is not trained on children’s faces as well.  You may not use this website to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, or tenant screening.

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