Koala Writer Review: Is it the best AI Writer out there?

Updated on December 17 2023

There are more AI writers today than there are words in this article. If you have researched anything about them, you must have stumbled upon Koala.sh, an off-beat AI writer, not as popular but with a lot of fans. 

And if you are still not sure whether it is your perfect AI writer, this Koala writer review will help you decide. 

Koala Writer Review

With a focus on generating high-quality, long-form content, Koala Writer stands out by simplifying the writing process. Our experiment with Koala writer showed promise and we have covered that in details in the article further with our case study. Overall, it seems like a decent bet for long form content with ability to bypass most AI content detectors our there.

What is Koala Writer?

KoalaWriter utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 technology to assist bloggers and content creators in easily generating high-quality, long-form content. It simplifies the writing process by allowing users to choose a topic, edit the AI-generated outline, and then generate a complete article with the click of a button. KoalaWriter offers unique features, such as real-time integration of Google search results into the writing process, which enhances the relevance and accuracy of the content.

Koala Writer Pricing

Koala Writer’s pricing is structured based on the number of words generated and the usage of KoalaChat messages. Users can choose a plan that aligns with their content creation requirements, and the pricing tiers provide flexibility for different user needs and budgets. It’s important to consider the specific word count and KoalaChat message limits when selecting a plan to ensure it meets individual or business content goals.

Pricing TierMonthly CostWords per MonthMessages per Month (KoalaChat)

Essentials ($9/month): This plan provides access to Koala Writer with a limit of 15,000 words per month and 250 KoalaChat messages. It is suitable for users with basic content needs.

Starter ($25/month): The Starter plan offers an increased limit of 45,000 words per month and 500 KoalaChat messages. It’s suitable for individuals or small businesses with a higher content demand.

Professional ($49/month): With a monthly cost of $49, this plan allows users to generate up to 100,000 words and includes 1,000 KoalaChat messages. It caters to those with a more substantial content requirement.

Boost ($99/month): The Boost plan is designed for users with a higher volume of content needs, offering 250,000 words per month and 2,500 KoalaChat messages.

Growth ($179/month): The Growth plan provides a limit of 500,000 words per month and 5,000 KoalaChat messages. It suits businesses or individuals with a considerable need for AI-generated content.

Elite ($350/month): This premium plan offers extensive resources, allowing users to generate up to 1,000,000 words per month and includes 10,000 KoalaChat messages. It is suitable for larger enterprises or those with substantial content demands.

Top features of Koala Writer

Real-Time Search Results

koala writer review - real time search option

KoalaWriter integrates real-time Google search results into its AI writing process, setting it apart from competitors. This allows the tool to gather data from top-ranking webpages related to the chosen topic before generating content. The goal of including real-time search is to enhance the accuracy and relevance of the AI-written content by pulling information from credible sites.

AI-Powered Outline Editor

Koala Writer review - Outline editor feature

The advanced outline editor in KoalaWriter exceeds the standard capabilities seen in many other AI writing assistants. I especially loved its Outline Editor. Users can enable the “Use Outline Editor” option, which generates an outline of H2 and H3 subheadings for the given topic in around 10-20 seconds. Before finalizing the entire article, users have the ability to customize the auto-generated outline by adding or removing subheadings as they prefer. Morever, you can provide some context and keywords for each heading as well.

Tone of Voice Options

By default, KoalaWriter optimizes its writing to an SEO-friendly tone of voice. However, users have the flexibility to adjust the Tone of Voice setting to ensure blog posts align with their desired brand style. This feature allows content creators to specify the exact tone they want the AI assistant to adopt when drafting posts.

Advanced Options

Koala writer advanced featrues

In the Advanced Options section, KoalaWriter provides additional prompts, including Extra Title Prompt, Extra Content Prompt and Extra Introduction Prompt. These supply the AI with extra context to yield content tailored to the target audience with improved accuracy and relevance.

Other New Features

As of October 2023, KoalaWriter introduced an array of new features like:

  • Amazon Single Product Reviews
  • Rewrite Blog Posts
  • AI Image Generation
  • Internal Linking
  • Background Information
  • Streamlined Article Creation
  • Export All Articles
  • Bulk Project Management.

This aims to enhance versatility and provide users more tools for diverse content creation needs.

Does Koala Writer passes AI Detection Test?

Koala Writer Review - AI Detection test
Koala Writer AI Detection test

In testing, Koala Writer has exhibited a remarkable capacity to create content that can dodge identification by AI detection tools. When analyzed using Content At Scale’s detection software, Koala Writer outputs successfully avoided being flagged as AI-generated, even when using the more detectable GPT-3.5 model.

The results showed Koala Writer’s writing was sufficiently creative and nuanced to trick the detector, demonstrating adeptness at generating human-like content aligned with Google’s quality guidelines. This evasive capability renders Koala Writer appealing for bloggers and business owners hoping to avoid potential SEO penalties from publishing AI content.

However, it is important to note that AI detection mechanisms continue advancing, so ongoing vigilance is warranted. Despite current promising results, users should consistently review outputs and evaluate compliance as guidelines evolve. While detouring existing detectors, Koala Writer could falter amidst future detection innovations. Plus, prudent human review remains essential to catch any AI quirks before publication.

Best alternatives of Koala Writer

Some of the best alternatives of Koala AI you can get are:

Our Experience of Using Koala Writer AI

Our team experimented to test the waters with an article written by KoalaWriter. With required edits to make it comprehensive, verify facts and details, here is how it went:

Writing the article

We asked Koala AI to write an article on “How to add tags in Notion“. Here are some details we fed it:

Koala Writer review - Example article details
Example of Article Details we fed in Koala Writer

We also added some details in every heading to provide it with some context and keywords.

Drafting the article

We did not make many changes in the Koala Writer generated article and drafted most of it as is. You can check out the article through the link mentioned earlier.

However, we added some screenshots and images to the article and removed a couple of subtopics as well.

Performance of the article

We published this article in September 2023.

Here is how it is performing now:

Koala Writer review - Koala article performance in last 2 months
Koala article performance in last 2 months

The performance might be hindered by Google’s October update. However, it started performing well again by the end of October.

Koala Writer Drawbacks

Here are some drawbacks of Koala Writer:

  • Dependency on Existing Content: Koala Writer’s approach involves reworking content from the first page of Google, which could be seen as a limitation. Depending too heavily on this method may lead to content that lacks originality and might be perceived as derivative.
  • No Light Mode: Some users might miss the option for a light mode, especially if they find dark interfaces less preferable or straining on the eyes during extended usage.
  • AI Detection Concerns: While Koala Writer claims to generate content that can bypass AI detectors, the efficacy of this claim can vary, and there is always a level of uncertainty regarding how AI-generated content will be treated by search engines and other platforms.
  • No Document Upload Option: Koala Writer lacks the feature to upload documents for AI processing, limiting its usability for users who might want to work on existing drafts or documents.

Why you should NOT use Koala AI writer?

If you are someone who publishes a lot of listicles, Koala writer might not be the best fit for you. Koala AI writer and most AI writers hallucinates while writing most listicles.

Moreover, if you publish news, it is not a good tool for you either. News articles need right facts and AI writers like KoalaWriter needs content to create your article. Although Koala AI is capable of doing in-depth research though the web, if you want an article on the latest news, it won’t give you the best of the article.

Hence, it is advised you should not use it for these purposes as wrong facts might even impact your overall rankings a lot.

Final Verdict – Should you use Koala Writer?

If you are looking for the best AI writer for your blog’s supporting content, then yes, Koala Writer is the good AI Writer choice for you. However, you should not use it for a listicle or news article. It will either hallucinate or write wrong facts in the article, which will eventually bring your organic reach down. AI Writers should supplement your content writing team and not to be used without fact checking and required edits if you really want your content to be useful.

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