How To Use Jasper AI To Generate Blog Post?

Updated on December 11 2023

Do you ever wish you had an extra team member to take some work off your plate? Meet Jasper AI – the intuitive virtual assistant that is helping thousands of people achieve higher productivity and efficiency.

Jasper AI lets you reclaim up to 30% of wasted time spent on manual, repetitive tasks that bog teams down. How? By combining powerful artificial intelligence with a user-friendly platform that requires no complex coding or data science skills to operate.

With just minutes of setup, Jasper AI can start writing incredible posts for all your needs. The best part? Jasper AI continuously improves the more you collaborate with it.

So to help you get started using Jasper AI, I have used and articulated step-by-step practices to use Jasper AI.

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Steps to use Jasper AI

Here is the steps that you need to follow in order to use Jasper AI more effectively:

Step 1: Select the Jasper AI Plan

Jasper AI pricing
Jasper AI pricing

Jasper AI gives three pricing options which you can choose based on your requirements. Here is the brief overview of all the pricing plans with main comparison that have some sort of difference.

Pricing$39/month (yearly plan)$99/month (yearly plan)Talk with sales
Character limits to provide context to Jasper1500150010000
SupportEmailLive chatLive chat
Tone of Voice1 Voice3 VoiceUnlimited Voice
Jasper AI Pricing

All the plans comes with a 7-days free trial and it also has add-on features to integrate SEO tools like SurferSEO, plagiarism checkers like Copyscape, and Grammarly.

Step 2: Generate Using Templates

Jasper AI templates
Jasper AI templates

Once you have your subscription in your hand you are ready to use Jasper AI. It provides more than 50 ready to use templates for various use cases. If your desired use case is available in the template then you can just choose the template and start using it.

Jasper AI Blog Post Outline Generator
Jasper AI Blog Post Outline Generator

In this example above, a blog post outline generator is chosen that will generate an outline of a blog post for us based on the input you provide. There are only two pieces of information you need, blog topic and tone of voice to give to Jasper.

After giving this information, when you click on the generate button it will create an outline for you. You can even click on the “regenerate” button to generate different output again and again. You can try different templates and each will seek you different information based on the template.

Step 3: Start Generating from Scratch

Jasper AI Bossmode
Jasper AI Bossmode

When you click on the document tab then you’ll find two options, “Start from scratch” and “Blog post workflow”. Blog post workflow guides you and asks you for the appropriate inputs step-by-step to generate content. In “Start from scratch” you’ll find all the power of Jasper that you can use. It was also known as BossMode previously.

Once you click on the Start from scratch button, you’ll see different input fields which gives Jasper AI the context in which the blog needs to be written.

Jasper AI editor
Jasper AI editor

Title: Here you need to give the title of your blog on which you want to generate an article on.

Brief description: Provide a brief description about the topic.

Tone of voice: You can choose different tones of voice that best suits your audience, for example witty, casual, professional and more. You can even tell Jasper the type of audience you are targeting. Like if you are promoting any camera then most probably your target audience is photographers. Here you can directly add photographers in this field and Jasper AI writes in the context of photographers.

Keywords: Here you can add your target keywords that you need to target your blog post on.

Language: Jasper supports more than 30 languages that you can choose from.

Output length: Jasper offers 3 output lengths S, M, and L to choose. It is helpful to control the output length of the paragraph.

After filling out all these details, you can click on the generate button to start generating the content. On top of this, you can give the data to Jasper about any topic.

For example: If you want to generate an article about Apple’s recently launched Iphone 15 then it becomes very important to provide some data and specification about the product in the editor. You only need to copy all the essential information about specification of the Iphone 15 like their processor, camera features, dynamic island, and paste it in the editor.

Jasper will use this as a reference to generate a blog. This feature becomes very handy when you’re writing for any product review.

You can ask Jasper to write and rewrite different paragraphs in the text prompt.


It is the feature of Jasper that lists all the available templates on the left. In a single document you can use multiple templates based on your need. For example, if you want to create a blog post then you can use title generator to generate the title of a blog, outline generator to generate an outline and paragraph generator to generate a paragraph.

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Top Features of Jasper AI

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is an advanced conversational AI of Jasper that offers a powerful and enjoyable experience for users. Boasting an expansive knowledge base gleaned from billions of online sources, Jasper engages users in conversations on a myriad of topics with exceptional detail. What sets Jasper apart is its ability to retain context throughout a conversation and provide a more coherent and personalized interaction. 

Jasper Art

The Jasper Art feature leverages the power of generative AI to assist users in creating visually compelling and artistically expressive content. This innovative tool goes beyond conventional writing tasks and enables users to generate unique and creative artwork seamlessly. By understanding the user’s prompts and preferences, Jasper Art provides a platform for users to explore their artistic ideas, generate visually appealing designs, and unlock new dimensions of creativity.

Jasper Browser Extension

The Jasper Browser Extension is a powerful feature that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence into the user’s online content creation workflow. With compatibility for Chrome and Edge browsers, this extension empowers individuals and teams to write better content effortlessly. It allows users to brainstorm ideas, break through writer’s block, and create high-quality content 10 times faster. 

Jasper Template Library

Jasper offers a collection of over 50 AI writing templates that offers a diverse range of tools to enhance and expedite content creation. This resource enables users to effortlessly generate content for various purposes, from crafting engaging blog posts and attention-grabbing social media captions to formulating persuasive marketing copy and even brainstorming ideas for creative projects. 

Language support

Jasper offers robust language support with the ability to understand and generate content in over 30 languages. This multilingual capability allows users to interact with Jasper in their native language and facilitates seamless communication and content generation. Whether users prefer English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or numerous other languages, Jasper’s language support ensures accessibility and effectiveness for a diverse range of users worldwide.

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Jasper AI is a revolutionary tool that has empowered countless individuals and businesses to elevate their content creation and unlocked a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you’re crafting captivating narratives, formulating persuasive marketing copy, or producing engaging social media posts, Jasper AI seamlessly guides you through the process, providing invaluable support at every stage.

FAQs on Jasper AI

Who can use Jasper AI?

Jasper AI can be used by anyone who wants to generate high-quality content quickly and easily. This includes businesses, writers, bloggers, marketers, and students.

Is there a free trial of Jasper AI?

Yes, Jasper AI offers a free 7-day trial so you can try it out before you buy it.

Can Jasper AI write in different styles?

Yes, Jasper AI can control the tone of voice of your content to ensure that it is appropriate for your audience. It can also generate content in different styles, such as formal, informal, creative, and persuasive.

In how many languages Jasper AI can write?

Jasper AI can write content in over 30 languages.

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