Apple Strengthens AI Capabilities by Acquiring DarwinAI

Updated on March 16 2024

Apple took another leap and acquired DarwinAI, a Canadian startup that has been known for its research and development of AI technology that is aimed at making AI systems smaller and faster. This acquisition signifies a big step in the long-term strategy of Apple Corporation to better integrate AI into their products and services which in turn delinquents the overall approach of providing the highest quality of customer experience using AI technologies.

What is DarwinAI ?

What is Darwin AI

Located in Canada, DarwinAI is a startup that focuses on industrial product quality inspection technology and provides a complete visual quality inspection solution to manufacturers who seek to improve product quality and efficiency of the production process.

Founded in 2017 with its bases in Waterloo, Canada, DarwinAI has already demonstrated its effectiveness in the automotive, consumer electronics, and computer hardware sectors.

The successful product of the corporation, DarwinAI VQI or Visual Quality Inspection, is an advanced system that was created for electronics PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) manufacturing and production.

It provides manufacturers with a turnkey hardware and software system in three models: As for inline, mobile and desktop. Those cover the whole electronic production cycle, starting from pre-SMT inspection to final mixed-assembly inspection which is located at the end of the product assembly process.

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Key facts about DarwinAI

  • Darwin AI’s patented Explainable AI (XAI) platform has been used by Fortune 500 companies like Audi, BMW and Honeywell for visual quality inspection and production optimization.
  • DarwinAI’s Explainable AI technology provided transparency into the decision-making process of its machine learning models, a key aspect of trustworthy AI systems.
  • DarwinAI’s technology was used in the development of Covid-Net, an open-source system to diagnose COVID-19 from chest X-rays, demonstrating its prowess in medical imaging AI.
  • The company’s co-founder, Alexander Wong, was ranked as one of the world’s leading scientists by Stanford University in 2021 for his work in AI and machine learning.
  • DarwinAI pioneered research in “federated learning”, enabling robots to learn from each other’s data while maintaining data privacy and security across multiple organizations.
  • Their AI models could be rapidly trained in just a couple of minutes to visually inspect new product designs on manufacturing lines with high accuracy rates of 97% or higher.
  • The startup collaborated with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on research to minimize data transfer from edge devices to central servers, optimizing AI for edge computing scenarios.

The Darwin AI Advantage for Apple

DarwinAI is unique in the field of AI mainly in terms of making AI technologies that are not only powerful but also compact enough to be installed on devices. This becomes more acute for Apple, which is looking into ways to have the AI directly on the devices, and not to rely on the cloud solutions only.

Startup is known for its ability to decrease the size and increase the speed of AI systems, which is expected to make significant contributions to the development of products for the next generation of iOS, most likely iOS 18.

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AI Integration in Apple’s App Ecosystem

Apple’s debut as DarwinAI takes place when the company prepares to unveil a range of AI features for the upcoming version of iOS, at the WWDC scheduled for June this year.

The new features are anticipated to feature a Siri upgrade together with machine learning across iMessage, iWork, Apple Music, and so on.

What’s more, the AI technology is embedded into Xcode and the Apple’s customer service systems showing that Apple is embracing this technology in a holistic manner throughout their product offerings.

An Overview of How DarwinAI Core Works

The central technology behind DarwinAI is mainly creating tiny and fast AI systems that are powered to tackle the challenging and complex assignments in an efficient manner.

This technology, however, has a greater use for manufacturing and supply chain applications and it is through, visually, inspecting finished products during the manufacturing process that they would effectively control quality as well as improve efficiency.

Through enriching technology by integrating it into products and services Apple wants to promote the abilities and performance of AI systems thereby making them accessible and useful for everyone.

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Alexander Wong’s Role – His contribution

In this context, Alexander Wong, an AI academic from the University of Waterloo and one of the key players in the prototyping of DarwinAI, became a senior director at Apple, for their AI branch. With Wong’s knowledge and leadership there is no doubt that Apple’s AI systems will fully utilize DarwinAI’s technology in the future, thus making the company superior in AI solutions.


DarwinAI’s acquisition by Apple represents further proof that the latter is determined not just to stay on top but to continue incorporating AI in the manufacturing of new devices as well as other services. Besides as Apple keeps innovating in the AI world, the advantage of DarwinAI’s system will sooner be a major contribution towards iOS and Apple platform AI features in future. The expansion of this venture does not only allow Apple to gain greater leverage in the AI sector but also help it create better, more intelligent and user-friendly products.

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