Apple WWDC 2024: Apple Intelligence, iOS 18, macOS, Vision OS2, watchOS 11, IpadOS 18 And ChatGPT Makes it All Worth

Updated on June 11 2024

WWDC 2024, the Worldwide Developer Conference by Apple Inc, is a pivotal event in the tech calendar, showcasing the latest advancements in software, hardware, and developer tools.

We just got a peek at Apple WWDC 2024. Apple showed us new things for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and watches and their version of Artificial Intelligence called “Apple Intelligence”.

iOS 18 is here. Your phone apps and their little squares on the screen can change more now. There are cool dark icons, better ways to keep apps private with Face ID or a code, and fun changes in messaging back and forth.

Watch wearers get watchOS 11 with smart features for checking how hard they work out and keeping an eye on health every day.

iPad users aren’t left out either; iPadOS 18 brings math help that updates as you write and makes everything run smoother with your Apple Pencil.

For big computer fans, macOS Sequoia is here too! It lets your iPhone show up on your Mac screen without wires – plus some tricks from phones and pads made it to the computer!

Apple didn’t stop at devices; they introduced Apple Intelligence – think of it as a brainy assistant living in your gadgets, making sure only important stuff gets your attention.

They added magic touches like turning doodles into pictures right away or cleaning up unwanted bits in photos without fuss – and chatting smarter thanks to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Developers got good news about new tools to build even cooler things for all of us to use someday soon.

So many surprises! Now let’s see where all these new treats take us next.

Key Takeaways from Apple WWDC 2024

Announcements in WWDC 2024
Announcements in WWDC 2024
  • iOS 18 has fun updates like changing how your apps look and keeping some apps locked up for privacy.
  • The new watchOS 11 can track how hard you work out and check on your health with the Vitals app.
  • macOS Sequoia lets you use iPhone apps on your Mac and see your phone screen on it too.
  • Apple is making devices smarter with tools like an image wand in photos and ChatGPT from OpenAI for making Siri better.
  • Apple showed off Vision OS2, which makes photos look 3D and lets you use hand gestures to control things.

iOS 18 Highlights

iOS 18 summary

iOS 18 comes packed with cool changes. From making your phone screen look fresh to adding new ways to keep apps private, it’s all in there.

Enhanced app and widget customization

Talk about the new ways you can arrange apps and widgets on your iPhone. Now, you can move them around to fit your wallpaper perfectly. This means, if you have a favorite photo or design as your background, your apps and widgets will look like they are part of it.

Plus, there’s more good news for those who love dark mode. App icons now have a cool dark mode look that makes them blend in better with darker wallpapers.

You also get to add a personal touch with extra color tint options for icons. So, if you want your phone screen to match your mood or style, you can do it easily by changing icon colors.

New dark mode look for app icons

The new dark mode look for app icons brings a fresh vibe to Apple devices. Icons now have additional color tint customization, making screens more personal and stylish. This feature matches well with nighttime use or low-light spaces, easing eye strain.

Users can tweak their home screens like never before. Imagine your iPhone or iPad glowing with cool, dark-themed icons that reflect your style – this is now possible thanks to this update.

The change isn’t just cosmetic; it enhances the user experience by offering a uniform appearance across apps in dark mode settings.

Expanded control center and app locking feature

The control center is bigger and better, putting new groups in it. Now, you can get to media playback and home features right from your lock screen.

Want to keep certain apps private? You need Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode to open them. This means your personal stuff stays safe, always.

Redesigned tapbacks in messages

tapbacks Apple iOS18

In the latest update, you can now use any emoji or sticker for tapbacks in messages. This change lets you express exactly how you feel without being stuck with just a few options. Before, tapbacks were limited.

Now, they’re fun and fully personalized.

Express yourself better in texts with the updated tapbacks feature.

It makes sure everyone finds it easy to react to messages their way. You pick from hundreds of emojis or your favorite stickers, making chats more lively and personal. Each message turns into a chance for unique reactions, showing off your style or humor right in the chat.

Siri interaction enhancements and AirPods Pro feature

So cool that Siri now understands nods or shakes off the head for commands. No need to say a word, just nod yes or shake no. It’s hands-free and seamless. Also, AirPods Pro now isolate your voice during calls.

Even in loud places, people can hear you clearly.

This means easier control over your devices without touching them. Plus, crystal clear conversations with the new AirPods Pro feature. Both updates make using Apple products smoother and more enjoyable than ever.

watchOS 11 Updates

watchOS 11 summary

The new watchOS 11 brings a cool training load feature and introduces “Vitals”, an app for tracking your health. Now, keeping fit and monitoring wellness stats is easier than ever with your Apple Watch.

Training load feature and new Vitals app

Apple WatchOS Vitals Feature

Something exciting for all the fitness buffs out there with watchOS 11. Now, you can track your workout impact over time with the new training load feature.

Every workout you do adds up, and this tool shows how your efforts stack up to improve your overall fitness.

The Vitals app is a game-changer for monitoring daily health metrics. It gives you insights into your health based on data collected from activities and previous records from the Apple Heart Movement Study.

Whether it’s heart rate, sleep patterns, or movement trends throughout the day, Vitals gives a clear picture of where you stand health-wise.

iPadOS 18 Improvements

iPadOS18 summary

iPadOS 18 brings a cool new math tool, making numbers and problems easy to handle. Plus, it updates lots of other stuff on your tablet.

New math notes feature and general updates

Apple iPad Math Notes Calculator

This tool gets live updates, making math problems easier to solve. It also has more functions now. Using Apple Pencil with this feature is better than before.

We made other changes too. Now, moving around in iPadOS 18 feels smoother and faster.

macOS Sequoia Announcement

macOS sequoia summary

Apple just lifted the veil on macOS Sequoia. It brings together iPhone and tablet features, plus you can see your phone screen on your Mac now.

Integration of iOS and iPadOS features and iPhone mirroring on Mac

The latest update brings the best of iOS and iPadOS right to macOS. Now, you can use your favorite mobile apps and features directly on Mac computers, thanks to macOS Sequoia. This breakthrough lets us mirror our iPhone screens directly onto a Mac, making it seamless to switch from one device to another without missing a beat.

You’ll get wireless control, letting you interact with your iPhone apps as if they were native Mac applications.

Seamlessly transition between devices with macOS Sequoia.

Imagine editing an iMessage from your MacBook or launching an app locked on your iPhone using only your Mac’s keyboard and mouse – that’s the level of convenience the new macOS offers.

Vision OS2 Features

vision os2 summary

Vision OS2 brings life to pictures and makes using your smartglasses easier with just a wave of your hand. Now, photos look more real, and you don’t need to touch anything to see who’s at the door or change the song playing in your living room.

Spatial photos with natural depth

Vision OS2 brings spatial photos to life, adding a natural depth effect. This feature uses machine learning to turn regular 2D images into breathtaking visuals.

Now, your photos will pop with an added dimension, making memories more vivid.

This upgrade means every shot captures the moment in a fuller way. Machine learning does all the work behind the scenes. You just click, and Vision OS2 transforms your flat images into rich, three-dimensional masterpieces.

Hand gestures for Home view access

Vision OS2 home view

Vision OS2 makes life easier by letting us use hand gestures to see our “Home view”. With a simple motion, we can check the time and how much battery is left. We don’t even have to touch anything to get into the control center.

This means doing things faster and more smoothly, without stopping what we’re doing.

Just wave your hand, and you’re in control.

Developer Updates

Apple is giving developers new tools and API updates. This means, we can make cooler apps and software for you to use on your iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches.

New features and APIs

The new APIs and developer features are designed to spark innovation across Apple’s platforms, from the iPhone and iPad to Macs and even Apple Watches.

For instance, these updates include new private cloud compute options which enhance on-device processing while keeping data secure. Also, integration of ChatGPT from OpenAI into the toolkit enables developers to build more intelligent apps.

Introduction of Apple Intelligence

Apple intelligence summary

Apple Intelligence, Apple’s version of Artificial Intelligence, is now a thing. It’s like having a smart friend in your Apple gadgets, ready to help you out. Get excited to learn more!

Personal intelligence system integrated into Apple devices

This new Apple Intelligence feature sorts your alerts so you see what’s important first. It also adds clever writing aids to help you type faster and better.

With Private Cloud computing, this system can grow without risking your privacy. Siri now understands more and works better with AirPods Pro too.

Apple Intelligence brings smarter notifications, innovative writing tools, and improved Siri talks to your gadgets.

It makes things easier by learning from what we do while keeping all that info safe just for us.

Additional Features

We’ve got tools in photos that wow. Think magic wand for quick fixes and a cleanup feature to clear the clutter. Plus, we’re talking with OpenAI for some chat cleverness right on your devices.

Image wand tool and cleanup tool in photos

The image wand tool turns sketches into images, making creativity easy and fun. This feature changes how we think about designing and sharing visuals.

The cleanup tool in photos lets us remove unwanted things from the background with ease. No more strangers or objects ruining perfect shots. Just select what you don’t want, and it’s gone – like magic.

Integration of ChatGPT from OpenAI

Apple devices will now include ChatGPT from OpenAI. This means you can talk to your device, and it understands you better.

Users will see smarter help across iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

For example, ask Siri a complex question or get creative writing tips directly on your MacBook – no extra steps needed. With OpenAI’s power, tasks like planning a trip or solving math problems become easier.

This integration makes our gadgets not just tools but smart companions ready to assist in new ways.

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While we watched the event, our excitement grew with each new feature, like Vision OS2 and the magic of spatial photos. iOS 18 will change how we use our phones, from dark mode to locking apps for privacy.

Health tracking gets better with watchOS 11’s training load feature. For iPad users, doing math homework just got easier thanks to iPadOS 18. And macOS Sequoia? It brings our iPhone right onto our Mac screen.

What do all these updates mean for us? More power in our hands. With tools like Apple Intelligence and ChatGPT integration, we’re entering a whole new world of smart technology.

Can you imagine the cool projects you’ll create or the time you’ll save? These aren’t just updates; they’re game-changers.

Got a favorite new tool or feature? Start planning how you’ll use it first.

Let’s keep pushing forward, experimenting with these innovations as they roll out. Every update brings us closer to that seamless tech life we’ve always wanted.

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