Figure 01 – A Humanoid Robot Powered by OpenAI

Updated on April 29 2024

We all have been seeing robots dancing and doing stuff on social media but nothing that came close to something that could really make sense if you were looking for something close to human-like precision in terms of language comprehension, memory retrieval and life like movements. But AI and robotics have made a breakthrough that does feel life like.

Enter Figure 01: Developed through a unique partnership between OpenAI and Figure AI, this humanoid robot sparks our imagination with unseen abilities to complete complex tasks using its vision model powered by an end-to-end neural network.

This advancement underscores OpenAI’s vision model’s efficiency alongside Figure’s hardware ingenuity, marking a pivotal step forward in achieving realistic human-robot interaction which could redefine productivity levels across various sectors including manufacturing and service industries.

Key Features of Figure 01


Figure 01 boasts of the ability to engage in full-fledged conversations, execute agile and precise robotic actions, comprehend visual and language inputs with unparalleled accuracy, as well as operate autonomously.

Human-like conversations

With Figure 01’s advanced visual and language abilities, this robot has the power to engage in real-time, full-fledged conversations with humans. It turns speech into text using a microphone, which is then processed by OpenAI’s sophisticated multimodal model.

The conversations are not just simple exchanges; they involve complex thought processes and common sense reasoning supported by neural networks.

This includes pulling information from past conversations and images to craft replies that are both relevant and contextually appropriate. Its ability to turn ambiguous verbal requests into precise actions showcases a level of reasoning previously unattained by robots.

Its conversation history feature enables it to remember details from earlier parts of the discussion, enhancing the flow and relevance of conversations.

Precise and coordinated movements

Figure 01 showcases its agility and precision through actions that are fine-tuned and remarkably human-like. Equipped with a whole-body controller, it demonstrates controlled and stable movement across various tasks.

The robot updates its actions 200 times per second, ensuring smooth transitions and exact positioning. This real-time adjustment is crucial for performing complex tasks efficiently.

With an impressive capacity for 24 degrees of freedom in action, Figure 01 can manipulate objects with the finesse of a human hand. Each wrist position and finger angle is finely adjusted, offering 24 unique ways to grasp items tightly or gently as needed.

Autonomous operation

The robot carries out all actions independently without human control. It quickly processes and responds to information, executing learned behaviors promptly. Its whole-body controller enables stable and precise movements.

A specialized part of the robot’s brain interprets images and translates them into actions through a transformer neural network. This allows the robot to autonomously reason about its environment using its camera, learning closed-loop behaviors to follow commands effectively.

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A Closer Look at the Figure 01 Demo Video

The Figure 01 demo video showcases its capabilities in engaging conversation, agile robotic actions, exceptional visual and language comprehension, and autonomous operations. The demo gives a glimpse of whats possible and upcoming when human dexterity meets AI and robotics.

Highlights from the video

Engaging Conversations: Figure 01 seamlessly engages in full-fledged conversations, showcasing its advanced language comprehension capabilities.
Agile Robotic Actions: The demo illustrates Figure 01’s agile and precise movements, highlighting its dexterity and coordination in executing tasks.
Visual and Language Comprehension: The robot demonstrates unparalleled visual comprehension through its camera, enabling it to recognize and reason about its surroundings. Additionally, it showcases sophisticated language comprehension, allowing for seamless communication with humans.
Autonomous Operation: The video exhibits the entirely autonomous behavior of Figure 01, reinforcing its capability to make decisions and perform tasks without human intervention.
Advanced Reasoning Capabilities: The demonstration emphasizes the robot’s ability to make informed decisions based on common-sense reasoning, showcasing its advanced cognitive capabilities.
End-to-End Neural Network: Through the video, it becomes evident that Figure 01 operates using an end-to-end neural network for entirely autonomous behavior as opposed to traditional programming methods.

These highlights underscore Figure 01’s position at the forefront of AI technology and autonomous robotics, making it a groundbreaking innovation in the field.

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Reactions from AI enthusiasts

  • Disbelief: I watched the demo in disbelief as Figure 01 seamlessly integrates conversation, reasoning, and human-like physical actions in one fluid autonomous system. This incredible demonstration challenges our expectations of current AI capabilities.
  • Inspired Curiosity: Witnessing such a sophisticated fusion of language models and robotics sparked intense curiosity among AI fans like me. I found myself eagerly analyzing every detail, inspired to understand the innovative techniques that power Figure 01’s remarkable abilities.
  • Excitement for the Future: For the AI community, Figure 01 represents a major leap forward that brings tangible excitement. Enthusiasts like me recognize this as a pivotal milestone validating the long-term potential of artificial general intelligence (AGI) to profoundly impact numerous industries.


Figure 01 represents a critical stepping stone in the pursuit of artificial general intelligence (AGI). This groundbreaking system by OpenAI and Figure showcases seamless multimodal integration of natural language processing with advanced robotics in a cohesive neural architecture. For the AI community, Figure 01’s fluid language comprehension coupled with precise physical dexterity signals the pivotal emergence of sophisticated, generalized AI agents.

Figure 01’s ability to engage in conversations while executing tasks shows an advanced level of AI not seen before outside research labs of Boston Dynamics or Tesla’s Optimus sponsored by visionaries like Elon Musk.

Figure 01 ignites my curiosity further for AI’s limitless potential. Witnessing this seamless fusion of language and robotics, I’m gripped by visions of a future where intelligent machines become indispensable partners augmenting our capabilities in unimaginable ways. As an AI enthusiast, I eagerly await the transformative innovations Figure 01’s breakthrough heralds.


What is Figure 01?

Figure 01 combines human skills with AI technology to create robots that can think, move, and work like humans.

How does Figure 01 use artificial intelligence?

It uses advanced AI, including AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and GPT-4 for thinking and making decisions in real time, much like a human would.

Can Figure 01 understand and respond to speech?

Yes, with speech-to-text capabilities powered by technologies similar to ChatGPT, Figure 01 can understand spoken commands and reply or act accordingly.

What makes Figure 01 different from other robots?

Its unique design includes hands or grippers equipped with inertial measurement units allowing it to handle objects with incredible precision, setting it apart from creations by companies like Boston Dynamics or Tesla.