WWDC 2024 Dates, Key Highlights and Expected AI Announcements

Updated on April 3 2024

WWDC 2024, the Worldwide Developer Conference by Apple Inc, is a pivotal event in the tech calendar, showcasing the latest advancements in software, hardware, and developer tools.

This year Apple WWDC 2024 will certainly be the most happening tech event, where new technologies and tools will be displayed for developers. A lot of WWDC secrets are to be uncovered, such as a brand-new iOS 18 update, which is expected to be one of the largest iOS updates Apple will ever release in its history. But the WWDC 2024 event is about much more than simply developers learning about new tools and frameworks – it is also a chance to interact with Apple’s designers and engineers, thus building a networking society of innovation.

WWDC Date and Format

WWDC 2024 will be from 10th June to 14th June, 2024.

Online: The conference will take place online as this arrangement will give developers worldwide an opportunity to attend it.

In-Person: On June 10th, people lucky enough, can be part of the celebrations which will be happening at one of the invite-only events held at Apple Park.

The best news is that you don’t have to be a programmer to benefit from WWDC. Apple is giving online access to all the conferences for free. It simply implies that you will be able to attend the keynote and all the sessions to know about the new Apple devices forthcoming characteristics.

For the developers, WWDC 2024 is a very special event where they can have the opportunity to work with the latest tools and frameworks of Apple. The event will host different video sessions, one-on-one discussions with experts and a platform for the global developer community. In addition to the online event, there will be a limited in-person event on June 10th at Apple Park, where developers can join the official WWDC offline experience.

Expected Highlights from Apple WWDC 2024

Major updates for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS are anticipated, with a focus on AI enhancements and better integration across devices. This includes significant advancements in ai, potentially leading to more intelligent apps that can better understand user inputs and preferences.

Hardware Announcements: While WWDC is primarily focused on software, there are expectations for new hardware announcements as well. This could include new Macs equipped with superfast M3 chips, a new Apple TV, and smart home gadgets.

Developer Tools and Resources: Developers can look forward to new tools and resources in Xcode, updates to Swift, and more ways to utilise machine learning in apps. These updates aim to provide developers with the tools they need to create more sophisticated and user-friendly applications, leveraging the latest technologies and features introduced by Apple .

Privacy and Security Enhancements: With the increasing importance of user privacy and security, WWDC 2024 is expected to introduce new features and updates aimed at enhancing these aspects. This could include improvements to iCloud+, offering more privacy-focused features for paid iCloud plans, and updates to security protocols and encryption to protect user data.

Lineup of AI Announcements in WWDC 2024

Announcements in WWDC 2024
Announcements in WWDC 2024

With MM1 – Apple’s first large multimodal model AI breakthrough last month or the acquisition of Darwin AI early this year, Apple is surely up ramping up its AI focus but with a hardware first approach. Here is how the AI is seen getting into Apple’s product lineup this year:

iOS 18

This update is anticipated to be groundbreaking, with a focus on AI improvements. It will likely include a major overhaul of Siri, powered by generative AI, making it more conversational and capable of understanding complex requests.

The Messages app would make the best use of AI for smarter suggestions, and photo and video editing tools might get an AI boost for automatic object removal, background replacement, and intelligent filters.

Health and fitness tracking could benefit from AI insights for personalised recommendations, and accessibility features might be enhanced with AI-powered real-time text-to-speech and image descriptions.

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iPadOS 18

Alongside iOS 18, iPadOS 18 is expected to offer similar AI-driven features, focusing on enhancing productivity and entertainment on the iPad. It will likely build upon the stability of iOS 17.4 and introduce more advanced AI capabilities for multitasking and creative applications.

watchOS 11

This update is expected to bring better health tracking and more personalised watch faces powered by AI, with tighter integration with iOS to simplify daily activities. The integration will likely make the Apple Watch more intuitive and useful.

tvOS 18

The update is going to be richer on the AI elements that have been introduced in tvOS 17.4. It will be more intuitive and engaging with intelligent recommendations and advanced Siri interactions.


Even though the particulars of macOS updates are not given in the sources, the trend of AI integration in Apple’s operating systems implies that also macOS will have AI improvements which aim at improving user experience and productivity with a fresh new revamped look of mac.

visionOS 2

With rumors of an Apple AR headset gaining momentum, visionOS 2 could be a sneak peek into the future of augmented reality. Expect announcements about developer tools, APIs, and a strong focus on creating immersive AR experiences.

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A Focus on Developers

Besides the beginning announcements, WWDC is always developer focused. These sessions generally include a set of classes, workshops, and one on one consultations to educate the developers about new features and tools, as well as show them how these features can be applied to apps and games. Here is an outline of lineup for developers this year:

  • Latest versions of Xcode and Swift.
  • SwiftUI and UIKit change for the better.
  • WWDC 2024 is expected to roll out new APIs and SDKs to be used by devs to develop featureful and deeply functional apps.
  • These tools could be in the form of enhanced spatial computing, advanced animations, and accessibility features with swiftUI and UIKit apps.

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Apple’s WWDC 2024 will be among the major events in the tech industry as it has always been. If you are an Apple fan like me, this event promises to be bigger and better this year with AI making inroads in almost all products. It would be very interesting to know how and see a glimpse of them during the WWDC event.

It does not matter whether you are a developer, an Apple fan or a tech enthusiast, you should follow the WWDC 2024 closely as no one would want to miss such an important event. It’s a glimpse into the future of technology, and Apple is sure to take centre stage. 10th June, 2024 is blocked in my calendar.

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