Websites like Homeworkify – 10 Paid and Free Homeworkify Alternatives for Students in 2024

Updated on June 11 2024

While Homeworkify is a great tool to help students with their homework, we have discovered some really handy websites like Homeworkify, that serve as great alternatives to Homeworkify in 2024 to help students with their homework.

While Course Hero and Chegg are paid, the free Homework help tools we have listed serve as strong alternatives to Chegg and Course Hero both.

Lets jump right into it!

Free Websites Like Homeworkify

Homeworkify has proven itself to be very helpful for students drowning in homework by unblurring Chegg answers. You just need to drop a question link into the search bar and it will provide you with a detailed answer. But here are some tools that are handy, ethical and equally powerful as Homeworkify. Lets have a look at them.

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Khan Academy

Websites like Homeworkify - Khan Academy
Khan Academy

Rating: 4/5 (Common Sense)

Subjects Supported: All

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational platform offering free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Unlike Homeworkify, which primarily focuses on providing answers to specific problems, Khan Academy prioritizes building understanding and developing problem-solving skills through its comprehensive approach. 

Why is Khan Academy a good alternative to Homeworkify?

  • Khan Academy’s answer database is focused on learning
  • It provides interactive lessons on each subject and topic
  • Khan Academy also provide additional questions for practice


Websites like Homeworkify - Brainly

Rating: –

Subjects Supported: All

Brainly is another online platform offering homework help but with a different approach compared to Homeworkify. Brainly is a community-driven platform where students can ask questions about their schoolwork and receive answers from other students and verified experts. It fosters a collaborative learning environment where users can help each other understand concepts and solve problems.

How Brainly works?

Brainly promotes learning through community. It motivates students to answer questions from other students by offering points and rewards which they can use to unlock features and benefits within the platform. 

It also has a leaderboard which creates a competitive environment while making people help each other more. 

Why is Brainly a good alternative to Homeworkify?

  • Brainly provides community based learning
  • You can find answers to questions that might not have been in answer keys
  • Brainly has verified experts who might provide you with guidance for free

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Websites like Homeworkify - Symbolab

Rating: 4.3/5 (Play Store)

Subjects Supported: Math and Science

Symbolab is another online platform offering maths and science problem-solving assistance. It is a step-by-step maths and science solver that breaks down problems into bite-sized, understandable steps. It utilizes advanced algorithms and AI to recognize equations and problems, offer multiple solution paths, and practice exercises and explanations. While it is free to use, you need to upgrade to a paid plan to unlock features like step-by-step tutorials, custom assessments, progress reports, etc.

How does Symbolab work?

Symbolab is simply an app that uses AI to provide solutions to your maths and science problems. It recognizes the problem and then finds the best solutions to it. Moreover, it breaks down the steps to help you understand better.

Why is Symbolab a good alternative to Homeworkify?

  • Symbolab’s AI is trained to understand different math and science problems better. So, you can find solutions to questions that are not in the textbook.
  • Symbolab helps you to practice by encouraging you to engage with interactive questions.
  • Symbolab provides visual explanations to problems

Websites like Homeworkify - iask ai

Rating: 4.8/5 (Product Hunt)

Subjects Supported: All

While is similar to Homeworkify in the sense that it is also a search engine, it differs in technology. uses AI to find and come up with the best solution for your homework question. On the other hand, Homeworkify searches through a set of databases to find the solution to your homework problems.

How does work?

iAsk AI companies NLP and machine learning to find the solution to academic problems. It recognizes and understands the problem, goes through the web and provides you a personalized solution for the query. It also learns from your feedback on the answer and keeps improving for better answers. 

Question AI 

Websites like Homeworkify - question ai
Question AI

Subjects Supported: All

Rating: 4.8/5 (Product Hunt)

While Homeworkify emphasises on finding answers to your textbook question, Question AI is focused on discovery and exploration through open-ended questions and AI-powered research assistance. It encourages students to delve deeper into topics and develop critical thinking skills. 

How does Question AI work?

Using AI and NLP to understand the question properly, Question AI then scans through different research papers, websites and other educational databases to find the best answer to your question. However, you can always click on “Explain it” to get more information about the subject. It also learns from your feedback on its response and provides better responses next time you use it.

Why is Question AI a good alternative to Homeworkify?

  • Better for broader understanding of a subject
  • It adapts to your interests and knowledge gaps and tailor its response for you
  • Promotes active learning and research

Paid Websites Like Homeworkify

Course Hero

Websites like Homeworkify - Course Hero
Course Hero

Rating: 3.5/5 (G2)

Subjects Supported: All

Course Hero is a community-driven learning platform with a vast library of study resources shared by students and professors. It also features an AI that can help you with your homework solutions. You can upload your study document and ask questions or directly ask any particular question. Course Hero also features study notes from students from different universities. Moreover, on a paid plan, you can also get 24 hour access to a tutor.

How does Course Hero work?

Lately, Course Hero’s main focus has been the AI Home Help feature which can answer your question instantly either from the material you provide or from other sources. However, Course Hero is also a community and a marketplace. As a community, they feature a lot of experts and students from different universities who help each other. As a marketplace, you can apply to be a tutor or hire a tutor directly from Course Hero.

Why is Course Hero a good alternative to Homeworkify?

  • Course Hero has a larger content library than Homeworkify which helps you to find answers to all homework questions.
  • You can hire tutors on Course Hero for personalised help.
  • Course Hero has a stricter vetting process for uploaded content, potentially leading to higher quality resources overall.

Crazy for Study

Websites like Homeworkify - Crazy for Study
Crazy for Study

Rating: –

Subjects Supported: All College books

Crazy for Study is similar to Khan Academy. It is a great Homeworkify alternative because it provides textbook question solutions to almost every subject. Crazy for Students has a vast database of subjects and you can find solutions to almost any book. However, Crazy for Study is focused on College students only and it is not totally free. You might need to buy a subscription for particular textbook solutions. 

How does Crazy for Study works?

Crazy for Study has two models:

Textbook Solutions – You can find solutions for any question based on the book. You can search for the book by name or ISBN and find the question by chapters. 

Homework Service – Crazy for Study also provides help from experts and writing help on their platform. 

Why is Crazy for Study a good alternative to Homeworkify?

  • Crazy for Study has a vast database of pre-solved solutions for all college subject textbooks.
  • There is an option to connect with experts for personalised help.
  • You can buy solutions only for the questions you need, instead of getting a subscription.


Websites like Homeworkify - Chegg

Rating: 2.8/5 (Trustpilot)

Subjects supported: All

Chegg is the most famous of them all. Chegg is much more than just a Homeworkify alternative. Chegg provides tutor services but also has an AI to answer questions.

How does Chegg work?

Chegg has many features and services. You can hire a tutor after checking their profile or directly ask the AI to solve your query. It not only has tutors and AI to answer questions, but it also provides textbooks for rental. However, it does not have any free plan.

Why is Chegg a good alternative to Homeworkify?

  • Larger Database of Solutions
  • Provides tutor on demand
  • Interactive Study Tools

Websites like Homeworkify - Tutorly AI
Tutorly AI

Rating: –

Subjects Supported: All

Tutorly Ai answers your homework question but also provides more tools like paraphrasing, essay writing, and lets you ask follow up questions. Contrary to Homeworkify, Tutorly AI provides you with answer directly from web data.

How does Tutorly AI work?

Tutorly provides you answers based on what you feed it. You need to choose the subject, grade, type of answer you need and explain your query to get the perfect answer. It uses AI to generate the answer. As it is still a new tool, there are no advanced features in it.

Why is Tutorly AI a good alternative to Homeworkify?

  • Personalized answers to your questions
  • Provides paraphrase and essay writer

Jagoda AI

Websites like Homeworkify - Jagoda AI
Jagoda AI

Rating: –

Subjects Supported: All school subjects

Jagoda AI is also a new Homeworkify alternative in the market. However, it has an interesting approach to help you with your homework. Jagoda is the name of the AI tutor avatar on the website. You can ask the doubts and it will interact in a user friendly chat interface.

How does Jagoda AI work?

Jagoda generates answers to your questions in a very user-friendly interface. It uses multiple databases and the web to provide you the answers to your query and can translate it in more than 20 languages.

Why is Jagoda AI a good alternative to Homeworkify?

  • Chat interface with tutor avatar
  • You can share your homework with your friendly directly from Jagoda AI


Gauth Math AI

Subjects Supported: Mathematics

Rating: 4.2/5 (Google Play Store)

Gauthmath is a homework helper app designed specifically for solving math problems. It combines AI technology with real-live tutors to provide accurate, step-by-step solutions. Users can take a picture of their math problem, submit it, and receive a detailed handwritten solution from a tutor.

How does Gauthmath work?

Gauthmath uses AI to interpret the math problem from a photo and, if needed, connects the user to a live tutor for a comprehensive solution. Tutors provide detailed steps and explanations, making it easier for students to understand complex concepts.

Why is Gauthmath a good alternative?

  • Provides access to real tutors for personalized assistance.
  • Suitable for a wide range of math problems, including algebra, calculus, and graphing.
  • Helps students understand the solution process, not just the answer.

Overall, Gauthmath is a valuable tool for students needing help with math, offering a mix of AI and human expertise for thorough learning support.


Mathway Algebra solution

Subjects Supported: Mathematics (including Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, etc.)

Rating: 4.4/5 (Google Play Store)

Mathway is a comprehensive math solver app that covers a wide range of math topics. It provides step-by-step solutions to problems by allowing users to input equations or take photos of handwritten problems. Mathway’s solutions help students understand the process behind the answers.

How does Mathway work?

Users can enter math problems directly or take photos of them. Mathway uses AI to interpret and solve these problems, offering step-by-step solutions and explanations.

Why is Mathway a good alternative?

  • Supports a broad range of math topics.
  • Provides detailed, step-by-step solutions.
  • Offers both typed and photo input options for flexibility.

Mathway is ideal for students needing assistance across various math subjects, ensuring thorough understanding with detailed solution steps.


filo instant tutor study platform
Filo – World’s only instant tutoring platform

Subjects Supported: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, and more.

Rating: 4.4/5 (Google Play Store)

Filo is a unique tutoring platform offering instant, live one-on-one sessions. It connects students with expert tutors within 60 seconds, ensuring personalized and effective learning experiences.

How does Filo work?

Students take a photo of their question, and Filo instantly connects them to a tutor who provides a live explanation via a video session. The interactive nature of the platform helps clarify doubts in real-time.

Why is Filo a good alternative?

  • Supports a wide range of subjects.
  • Offers instant, live tutoring with real-time interactions.
  • Easy question input through photo capture.
  • No waiting time – students get immediate assistance.
  • Provides personalized learning experiences with expert tutors.

Filo is ideal for students needing quick, personalized help across multiple subjects, ensuring thorough understanding through interactive and immediate tutoring sessions.

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Homework assistance tools have evolved with the demise of Textsheet and Slader, making way for innovative platforms like Homeworkify and its alternatives. The convenience of dropping a question link into the search bar and receiving detailed, comprehensible answers has positioned Homeworkify as a go-to tool for those grappling with homework overload.

I am sure you will find one of these free or paid Homeworkify alternatives useful. If not, we have reviewed more than 30+ AI homework helper apps on Appscribed. Check them out!

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