Best AI Essay Graders For Teachers and Students in 2024

Updated on April 13 2024

You’ve probably heard about AI changing the way we drive cars or recommend movies, but what if I told you that it’s also transforming how teachers grade essays? As someone deeply entrenched in the world of education technology, I’ve observed firsthand how artificial intelligence is changing traditional teaching methods.

There are lot of free essay checkers and essay graders available that are backed by AI technology proving to be very handy for students and educators alike when it comes to saving time evaluating essays while giving critical and unbiased feedback.

This article will delve into the nuts and bolts of  AI Essay Graders.

How AI is Changing Essay Grading

With the advancement of AI technology, ai graders for essays have become faster and more accurate than ever.

Speed and accuracy

Grading essays takes a lot of time. Teachers read each word and check for mistakes in grammar, ideas, and how the essay is put together. AI Essay Grader tools change this slow task into one that’s super quick.

AI essay checker programs can look through an essay and spot errors or things that are really good in seconds. Not only do they work fast, but they also score very close to what a human would give.

These smart systems use rules and rubrics to make sure every essay gets the same fair treatment. Each student gets feedback that is right on target, helping them see where they can get better without any wait time.

Instant Feedback and Progress Tracking

Students get instant feedback with AI essay graders. As soon as they turn in their work, the system checks it and tells them what’s good or what needs to be fixed. This helps them see where they can do better right away.

Teachers also use these tools to watch how students improve over time. They track changes in writing skills like grammar, proofreading, and creativity.

AI Essay Graders make sure every student knows how to grow after each essay. Kids don’t have to wait days for a grade anymore. With this tech, learning from mistakes happens fast which means students get better at writing quicker too!

Objective and constructive feedback

AI essay graders give fair and helpful comments to students. They read essays and point out mistakes without any biases. This means they treat all work the same way, just like a rubric would. These tools use predefined rubrics to assess writing based on standardized criteria, eliminating subjective bias.

They look for grammar issues, sentence structure, and how well ideas are shared.

Teachers can use these AI tools to give feedback that helps students learn. The tools say what’s good in an essay and what could be better. This helps students understand their mistakes and how to fix them next time.

It also shows teachers where they need to help more with writing skills.

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Top AI Essay Grader Tools

We went through a lot of AI Essay Graders and come up with top 3 that really do the job they promise.

Capability Overview

Here is quick overview and comparison between EssayGrader AI, Quillbot AI Essay Checker and Smodin AI Grader:

FeatureEssayGraderQuillBot’s AI Essay CheckerSmodin AI Grader
AI-powered FeedbackYesGrammar, Spelling, and Punctuation CorrectionVirtual Tutor, Impartial Assessments
Error DetectionGrammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Coherence, Clarity, StyleGrammar, Spelling, Punctuation
Bulk UploadingYesYes
Custom Rubrics CreationYes
AI Detector for AI-generated ContentYes
Classes OrganizationYes
Multiple Language SupportEnglish, German, French, Spanish
Real-time Virtual TutorYes
“Write with AI” ToolYes
Custom Assessment CriteriaYes
Rubrics ProvidedAnalytical Thinking, Originality, Language, Organization, Support, Focus Point
Consistency in Grading100%

Lets look at each one of them in detail and see what suits you best.

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1. EssayGrader


Efficient AI-Powered Essay Feedback for Educators


  • AI – powered feedback for accurate evaluation
  • Comprehensive error detection for various writing aspects
  • Efficient bulk uploading for grading multiple essays at once
  • Custom rubrics creation to align with specific grading criteria
  • Summarizer feature to generate concise summaries from lengthy essays
  • AI content detector to identify artificially generated content

EssayGrader is a smart tool that helps teachers grade essays fast and well. It looks at student writing and spots mistakes in grammar, spelling, and how clear the writing is. Teachers can upload many essays at once, which makes grading quicker. They can even make their own rules for grading with custom rubrics.

With this software, teachers cut down grading time by a lot but still give students useful feedback. EssayGrader also sums up long essays to help find the key points quickly. Plus, it can tell if someone used AI to write an essay or just parts of it.

We think EssayGrader tops our list because it does so much to help teachers while making sure students learn from their work. Teachers have more time because they grade faster, and they know the advice they give is based on lots of learning from books and websites. Students get better at writing when they see what they need to fix. Classes stay organized too, as everything goes into its place without trouble. With all these good things about EssayGrader, it’s easy to see why we put it first!

Features of EssayGrader AI

  • AI-powered feedback: Get in-depth writing feedback using advanced software trained on a wide range of texts.
  • Error detection: Easily spot and fix grammar, punctuation, spelling, coherence, clarity, and style errors with detailed error reports and suggestions.
  • Bulk uploading: Save time by grading multiple essays at once for efficient assessment.
  • Custom rubrics: Tailor your grading criteria by creating custom rubrics to match specific requirements.
  • Summarizer: Quickly generate brief summaries of lengthy essays while highlighting important details and unique phrases.


  • Instant, detailed feedback with AI – powered error detection
  • Efficient grading of multiple essays at once with bulk uploading feature
  • Customized grading rubrics and concise essay summarization
  • Easy organization of student essays in classes for quick access


  • Limited language support: Might not fully accommodate essays in languages other than English.
  • Over-reliance on AI: Users may become dependent on the software and neglect their own understanding of writing principles.
  • Cost barrier: The price might be prohibitive for some users or institutions.

This product is best suited for teachers, professors, or tutors who want to enhance their grading process with AI technology.

Product Info


Price: Free To Try

2. QuillBot’s AI Essay Checker – Free Essay Grader


Improve Your Writing Instantly with Smart Essay Checker


  • Instantly corrects grammar errors
  • Checks spelling and punctuation
  • Supports English, German, French, and Spanish
  • Uses AI for accurate corrections
  • Free to use with no usage limits

QuillBot’s AI Essay Checker is a smart tool that makes writing papers easier. Think of it as your personal helper that checks your work for mistakes. When you write essays, it’s easy to miss small errors like a comma or a wrong word. QuillBot spots these for you and even offers suggestions right away so you can fix them fast. For example, if you mix up “there” and “their,” QuillBot will show the right one to use.

What’s cool about this essay checker is how it can change words to fit different styles of English, like from US to UK style. If you write too much or need different words, there’s a button to help with that too! It also helps by showing where you often make mistakes so you can learn and get better at writing.

We picked QuillBot as number two on our list because while it does an awesome job checking grammar and helping with phrasing, other tools might give more feedback on the content quality itself. But if fixing grammar quickly is what you’re after, especially for schoolwork, QuillBot’s AI Essay Checker is a top choice – plus it’s free which makes it great for students!

Features of QuillBot’s AI Essay Checker

  • Finds grammar and spelling errors: QuillBot’s AI Essay Checker can catch mistakes in your writing, making sure your work is error-free.
  • Provides real-time correction suggestions: Get instant feedback on how to improve your writing as you type, helping you to write with more accuracy.
  • Converts between different English dialects: Easily switch between US and UK English, ensuring that your essay follows the correct language style.
  • Offers paraphrasing tool for alternative wording: Use the Paraphrase Text button to find different ways of expressing yourself, making your essay more diverse and engaging.
  • Highlights consistent mistakes for learning opportunities: QuillBot points out recurring errors so you can learn from them, improving your writing skills over time.


  • Instantly correct grammar and spelling errors
  • Seamlessly switch between US and UK English
  • Effortlessly rephrase sentences for better flow
  • Easily identify consistent mistakes for improved learning


  • Limited support for languages other than English
  • AI suggestions may not always capture the writer’s intended style or tone
  • Users may still need to manually verify and correct certain errors

This powerful AI Essay Checker is designed for students, writers and professionals who strive for flawless writing. It’s the perfect tool to help you improve your grammar, punctuation, and overall essay quality in real-time.

Product Info


Price: QuillBot’s AI Essay Checker is a free tool, with unlimited essay checks.

3. Smodin AI Grader


Unbiased and Consistent Essay Grading for Students Needing Improvement


  • Real – time virtual tutor for writing guidance
  • Impartial and objective essay assessments
  • “Write with AI” feature to transform ideas into written content
  • Ability to upload documents in bulk for teacher evaluations
  • Custom assessment criteria for tailored evaluation processes
  • Consistent grading by AI every time

The Smodin AI Grader is a smart tool that acts like your own personal writing coach. It’s great because it gives you help right when you’re writing, so you can make your work better on the spot. If you’re worried about your teacher being tough, this grader won’t take sides—it scores your paper just by looking at what’s actually written.

Say goodbye to waiting for feedback on your essays! With the “Write with AI” feature, it’s like having a brainstorm buddy who helps turn thoughts into words quickly. This is super handy when you need to write lots of papers and want them all to shine.

Teachers love it too because they can grade loads of papers without getting tired. They can also decide what parts of an essay are most important and set up the Smodin AI Grader to look for those things specifically. Plus, every time they use it, they’ll get the same fair score which means no mix-ups or mistakes.

It earns its spot as No. 3 on our list because while it makes grading easy and fair, some folks might still prefer a human touch—especially for creative pieces where the writer’s voice is key. But overall, if improving or speeding up essay grading is what you’re after, this tool could be just what you need!

Features of Smodin AI Grader

  • Real – time virtual tutor provides instant help and guidance while writing, leading to improved writing skills.
  • Impartial and objective essay assessments ensure fair evaluation without any bias, enabling students to receive accurate feedback.
  • “Write with AI” tool transforms ideas into written content, making the writing process easier and more efficient.
  • Uploading documents in bulk for teacher evaluations saves time and streamlines the assessment process for educators.
  • Custom assessment criteria allow tailored evaluation processes, ensuring that individual student needs are met.


  • Real – time guidance from virtual tutor for writing help.
  • Impartial and objective essay assessments by AI.
  • Efficient transformation of ideas into written content with “Write with AI”
  • Customized assessment criteria for tailored evaluations.


  • Lack of personal interaction with a human teacher.
  • Potential for bias in the AI’s assessment algorithms.
  • Dependence on technology may hinder development of critical writing skills.

If you are a student looking for an unbiased and efficient way to improve your essay writing skills, Smodin AI Grader is the perfect tool for you. With its real-time virtual tutor and customized evaluation criteria, it caters to students who value fair and accurate grading without the hassle of manual corrections.

Product Info


Price: Free To Try

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Limitations of Using AI in Grading

When using AI essay grading tools, it’s important to consider the accuracy of the feedback provided. These tools rely on algorithms to assess grammar, language usage, and structure, but they may not always capture the nuances of a student’s writing style or intended meaning.

Therefore, educators should use AI-based feedback as a complement to their own evaluation rather than a replacement. Additionally, student writing improvement should be an ongoing focus when utilizing these tools.

While AI can provide instant feedback and identify areas for improvement, it’s essential for teachers to supplement this with personalized guidance and instruction tailored to each student’s specific needs.


In conclusion, AI essay grading tools are revolutionizing the way teachers assess student writing. With their speed, accuracy, and ability to provide objective feedback, these tools are streamlining the grading process.

To experience the benefits firsthand, we recommend trying out EssayGrader AI and QuillBot’s AI Essay Checker for efficient and accurate essay grading.


What is an Essay Grader AI?

An Essay Grader AI is a tool that uses technology to check essays for grammar, capitalization, and readability to help students improve their overall writing.

Can the AI grader help with English exams?

Yes, an Essay Grader Ai can assist students in preparing for standardized tests and exams by checking their essay writing for errors and suggesting improvements.

Is it only about fixing mistakes or does the AI also comment on how I share my thoughts?

The Ai doesn’t just fix mistakes; it also looks at how you express your ideas to make sure they’re clear and easy to understand.

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