How to use Google’s Imagen 2? – Imagen 2 vs Dall-E vs Adobe

Updated on February 13 2024

Google announced the launch of Imagen 2, its text-to-image technology on 14 December 2023.

This is Google’s third big announcement after Gemini AI and MusicFX.

Imagen 2 is Google’s answer to Dall-E and Midjourney.

However, Google have not yet launched Imagen 2 to general public yet. But if you are looking to get access to Imagen 2, this article will tell exactly how to use it.

How to use Google Imagen 2?

Imagen 2 is not yet available in public domain. There are still 2 ways to use Imagen 2 – Beta access and through Vertex AI.

How to get Beta Access to Imagen 2?

Muicfx access
You can get access to Imagen 2 on AI Test Kitchen when it is available to Beta Testers

To get Beta Access to Imagen 2, you will need to signup on Google’s AI Test Kitchen. However, you will be selected for the testing and Google haven’t yet launched Imagen 2 on AI Test Kitchen yet. So, this method to get access to Imagen 2 can take a long time.

Using Vertex AI to use Imagen 2

Another way to get access to Imagen 2 is if you are a Vertex AI user.

Here is how to signup on Vertex AI to use Imagen 2:

Using Vertex AI to get access to Imagen 2
Using Vertex AI to get access to Imagen 2
  1. Set up a Google Cloud Account: If you haven’t already, you’ll need a Google Cloud account. You can create one for free with a limited trial period, or subscribe to a paid plan for larger-scale projects.
  2. Access Vertex AI on the Cloud Console: Once you have your Google Cloud account, navigate to the Cloud Console. Here, you’ll find Vertex AI listed among other Google Cloud services.
  3. Choose your plan: Vertex AI offers both free and paid tiers. The free tier allows you to explore basic features and experiment with small-scale projects. Paid plans cater to larger workloads and provide additional features like increased quotas, premium compute resources, and advanced monitoring.

Once you are a Vertext AI user, you will get access to Imagen 2 API which you can integrate in your app and use Imagen 2.

What is Imagen 2?

Google Imagen 2 in use
Google Imagen 2 in use

Imagen 2 is an advanced text-to-image AI model developed by Google Cloud. It represents a significant upgrade to Google Cloud’s image-generation capabilities. Imagen 2 is designed to generate high-quality, photorealistic images from natural language prompts, allowing users to create visuals based on textual descriptions. It is part of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, offering customization and deployment capabilities with intuitive tooling, fully-managed infrastructure, and built-in privacy and safety features.

Features of Imagen 2

Text Rendering Support: Addressing challenges in correctly rendering text, Imagen 2 enables a deeper level of control for branding and messaging.

Logo Generation: Imagen 2 can generate a variety of creative and realistic logos, including emblems, lettermarks, and abstract logos, which can be overlaid onto products, clothing, business cards, and other surfaces.

Captions and Question-Answering: Enhanced image understanding capabilities allow Imagen 2 to create descriptive, long-form captions and provide detailed answers to questions about elements within the image.

Multi-Language Support: Imagen 2 supports multiple languages, going beyond English, with additional language support planned for release. This includes the capability to translate between prompt and output.

Safety Measures: Imagen 2 includes built-in safety precautions aligned with Google’s Responsible AI principles. It is integrated with an experimental digital watermarking service, powered by Google DeepMind’s SynthID, to generate invisible watermarks and verify images. Comprehensive safety filters are in place to prevent the generation of potentially harmful content.

Companies using Imagen 2

Organizations like Snapchat, Shutterstock, and Canva are among the early adopters of Imagen 2 on Vertex AI, utilizing its capabilities for creative applications. Imagen 2 is available for Vertex AI customers on the allowlist, offering an enterprise-ready solution for text-to-image generation.

Hence, another way to try Imagen 2 is by using Canva, Shutterstock and Snapchat.

Imagen 2 vs Dall-E vs Firefly vs Craiyon

To check if Imagen 2 is actually better than others, I decided to use the following prompt in Adobe Firefly, Craiyon and Dall-E.


“Create an image of a girl reading about AI in a library. The image should depict a young girl, sitting at a table in a library, engrossed in a book about artificial intelligence. The library should have shelves filled with books in the background.”

Here are the results of Imagen 2 vs Adobe Firefly vs Dall-E vs Craiyon:

Imagen 2 vs Firefly vs Dall e vs craiyon

In contrast to what we saw in Midjourney V6, here is how I would rate Imagen 2, Firefly, Dall-E and Craiyon out of 10:

Craiyon – 3

Dall-E – 4

Firefly – 7

Imagen 2 – 8

Adobe Firefly outperformed Dall-E and Craiyon by a significant margin, although Imagen 2 images presented strong competition.


Google is pacing up fast on AI innovation, with the recent launch of Imagen 2, a cutting-edge text-to-image technology. Positioned as Google’s response to Dall-E and Midjourney, Imagen 2, part of the Vertex AI platform, promises advanced image generation capabilities. Though not public yet, beta access and Vertex AI registration offer avenues for early exploration, showcasing features like text rendering, logo generation, and multi-language support. Early adopters, including Snapchat, Shutterstock, and Canva, have already harnessed Imagen 2 for creative applications, emphasizing its enterprise-ready solution for text-to-image generation.

FAQs on Imagen 2

How is Imagen 2 different from its predecessor?

Imagen 2 builds on the existing Imagen API, introducing significantly improved image quality and better understanding of text prompts. It incorporates changes in training data and methodology to generate higher resolution, aesthetically pleasing images that closely match provided descriptions.

Is Imagen 2 better than DALL-E?

While Imagen already exhibited notably superior performance compared to DALL-E 2, Imagen 2 has surpassed expectations with its exceptional text-to-image capabilities. Featuring enhanced photorealism, seamless text integration, and accessibility through Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, Imagen 2 provides finer control and advanced functionality.

In what languages does Imagen 2 support text prompts?

Right now, Imagen 2 supports text prompts in seven languages, including English, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Users can also translate between prompts and outputs, providing flexibility for multilingual applications.

How can developers access Imagen 2?

Imagen 2 is available for allowlisted paying customers via Google’s Vertex AI platform. Developers can access it through the platform and leverage its capabilities for their creative projects. Major brands like Snap, Shutterstock, and Canva are among the early adopters of Imagen 2.

How does Imagen 2 handle text rendering?

Imagen 2 addresses challenges in correctly rendering text, offering better control over branding and messaging. It ensures that the specified phrase or word in the text prompt is accurately integrated into the output image.

What safety features does Imagen 2 has?

Imagen 2 includes built-in safety precautions aligned with Google’s Responsible AI principles. It integrates with Google’s experimental digital watermarking service, SynthID, to generate invisible watermarks. Additionally, comprehensive safety filters are implemented to prevent the generation of potentially harmful content.

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