How to use Suno AI Music Plugin in Microsoft Copilot to Create AI Music?

Updated on January 19 2024

AI music is buzzing all around after Google announced MusicFX and Meta announced AudioCraft.
These kinds of tools are a blessing for Video creators as they don’t need to spend a hefty amount of money on equipment and copyrights for music.

And to make this even better, Microsoft partnered with Suno, an AI music creator app, to bring it to Copilot, the rebranded version of Bing chat.

With Suno AI Music plugin integrated with Microsoft Copilot, you can create your own song and music in a few seconds.

Let’s see how Microsoft Copilot Suno AI Music integration works and how to use it?

What is Suno AI Music?

Suno AI Music Homepage where you can Listen to their AI Generated Songs
Suno AI Music Website’s Homepage where you can Listen to their AI Generated Songs

Suno AI is a platform that lets you create songs using AI. Suno lets users bring their unique musical visions to life simply by providing a text prompt. Beyond effortlessly ideating song concepts, Suno allows you to choose key parameters of the music like language, genre, vocal range, tempo, and instruments to get the perfect music output.

How to enable Suno AI Music Plugin in Microsoft Copilot?

Suno Microsoft Copilot Integration Using

Here is how you can enable Suno Plugin in Microsoft Copilot:

  1. Login/Sign up to Microsoft Copilot
  2. Go to Plug-ins
  3. Find “Suno”
  4. Enable by pressing on the toggle button

Now you are ready to create music with Suno Plugin in Copilot.

How to Create Music with Suno AI Music in Copilot?

Go to the Microsoft Copilot website and sign in with your Microsoft account.

Go to the “Plug-ins” section on Copilot

Using Suno AI Music Plugin in Copilot - step 1
Plug-in section in Microsoft Copilot

Locate and enable the Suno AI Music plugin by clicking on the “Plugins” option and then turning on the “Suno” toggle.

Using Suno AI Music Plugin in Copilot - step 2
Enable Suno Plugin

Write a prompts related to song creation, such as “Write a song about my love for SaaS apps” or “Write a 3-minute pop song about summer” into Copilot’s text field and press Enter.

Using Suno AI Music Plugin in Copilot - step 3
Write a prompt for creating music with Suno AI Music Plugin

Wait for a few seconds while Suno generates lyrics for the song.

Using Suno AI Music Plugin in Copilot - step 4
Suno AI Music generated a song in Copilot

If you like the song, you can save it to your computer by right-clicking on the song’s thumbnail and choosing “Save Audio As.” You can also share the song on different platforms like Twitter and Facebook by clicking the share icon next to the song’s thumbnail.

Suno Integration with Microsoft Copilot

Copilot is Microsoft’s AI chatbot that performs all kinds of tasks including providing content with online research. Microsoft Copilot supports different plugins that enhance its functionality. You can power it with upto 3 plugins at a time. There are only a handful of Copilot plugins available for now.

However, Microsoft Copilot Suno integration is the most notable plugin. Suno Copilot Plugin lets you access Suno’s features directly on Microsoft’s Copilot chatbot interface. This gives Suno’s AI function a boost with Bing’s capabilities.

How does Suno work?

Suno is powered by a state-of-the-art deep learning model called Bark, which can generate audio from text in a matter of seconds. Bark is trained on a large and diverse dataset of audio recordings, ranging from speech to music to sound effects. Bark can understand the meaning, tone, and style of the text input and produce a corresponding audio output that matches the desired mood and genre. Bark can also handle multiple languages, accents, and voices, as well as synthesize non-verbal sounds such as laughter, crying, and applause.

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Issues with Suno AI Music Plugin in Microsoft Copilot

As the Suno plugin was recently launched, it is not yet stable.

When you ask Microsoft Copliot to create a song, it gives you output. However, we are not able to directly access the song. You will probably have issues when the song is created and click on the play button.

The play button on Copilot’s Suno integration does not work properly yet.

solving Microsoft Copilot Suno integration issues
You can click on Share link and go to the provided link to listen to your AI generated song

However, you can solve this problem by either going to the Suno link Copilot provides or you can click on the Share button and go to the provided link.

Suno Plugin Usage Limit

The usage of Suno Copilot Plugin is limited and depends on your plan on Suno AI Music. Suno offers different plans for different needs. With the free plan, you can generate up to 10 minutes of audio per day, which is great for testing out the tool and creating short clips. But if you want to unleash the full potential of the Suno plugin, you might want to consider the premium plan, which gives you unlimited audio generation. Additionally, you’ll get access to more of its features and options for customizing your audio from text.

Suno AI Pricing
Suno AI Pricing

Use Cases of Suno Plugin in Microsoft Copilot

The Suno app can be used for multiple cases like:

  • Creating music for videos, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.
  • Generating sound effects for games, animations, or other media
  • Experimenting with different vocal styles, emotions, and languages
  • Enhancing your communication with expressive and creative audio messages


AI music is a revolutionary technology that can help video creators produce original and engaging soundtracks for their projects. With Microsoft Copilot Suno integration, you can access the power of Suno’s AI music generator directly from your chatbot interface. Alternatively, you can use Soundraw, Soundful or Loudly as well. Moreover, with Google testing with MusicLM, we will see their version of text to music soon too.

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