What is Grok and How to access Grok AI?

Updated on December 9 2023

Do you want to get roasted by an AI?

Well, the new launch by Elon Musk’s xAI, Grok, is  good at it.

xAI is an artificial intelligence venture founded by Elon Musk in July 2023. Grok AI is powered by xAI’s own LLM called “Grok-1”. It was also experimented with the previous version of their LLM “Grok-0” which couldn’t beat GPT-3.5

As mentioned on xAI’s website, Grok-4 did beat GPT-3.5 but couldn’t beat GPT-4.

However, Grok is not about beating other AIs in intelligence anyway. It is, officially, more about “to understand the true nature of the universe”

But honestly, I think Grok is rocking in making people laugh. Grok seems to be an AI “closer to Human”

People are having fun by asking it to roast their Twitter profile. Like this guy:

But there is more to Grok than just having fun. Here is everything about Grok and how you can get Grok access-

What is Grok AI?

Grok is an AI-powered chatbot that uses a generative language model called Grok-1, which has been trained on web data up until Q3 2023 and feedback from human assistants. Grok-1 allows Grok to provide real-time responses that incorporate data from X (Twitter), giving it an advantage over other chatbot models. Early access to Grok AI is available to premium users of X.

How to Access Grok on X?

To access Grok on X (formerly Twitter), you can follow these steps:

  1. Subscription: Ensure that you are a Premium Plus subscriber on X. Grok is available exclusively to Premium Plus subscribers.
  2. Update the App: If you’re using the X app on your mobile device, make sure that the app is updated to the latest version. You can usually update apps through the app store on your device.
  3. Restart the App: After updating, restart the X app. This can help ensure that the changes take effect.
  4. Navigate to Grok: Once you have a Premium Plus subscription and an updated app, you should be able to find Grok in the X side menu. This menu is available on the web, iOS, and Android versions of the X app.
  5. Add to Bottom Menu (Optional): If you want quick access to Grok, you may have the option to add it to the bottom menu on the X app for easy and convenient access.

Remember that the rollout of Grok might be prioritized for longer-term subscribers, so access may be granted to them sooner. If you encounter any issues or don’t immediately see Grok, you can refer to official communications from X for guidance or contact their support for assistance.

Who can use Grok?

As mentioned before, access to Grok AI is still limited and prioritized to long-term X subscribers.

Grok AI is accessible to the people of USA for now. Even if you use VPN, you are most likely to not get access to Grok on X.

Hence, it is not advisable to buy X Premium+ subscription if you are not in USA.

Moreover, please note that Grok is not available on X Basic ($3/month) or Premium ($8/month) plans. Grok is only available to the X users who have X Premium+ ($16/month).

Some X Premium+ users even reported that they haven’t got access to Grok on X yet.

However, it is expected to be available to all the premium+ users soon.

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What is Grok AI Release Date?

Grok AI was released on December 7, 2023. Elon Musk announced that Grok was going to release in the month of November. However, xAI released Grok on 7th December to some of the Premium+ users. Later, they started rolling out to more X Premium+ users.

Features of Grok AI

Some of the notable Grok AI’s features are:

  1. Real-Time Data Access: Grok can incorporate real-time data from X (formerly Twitter) into its responses, providing up-to-the-minute information on certain topics.
  2. Conversational Abilities: Grok is designed to answer questions in a conversational manner, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.
  3. Grok-1 Model: It is powered by a generative language model called Grok-1, trained on web data up until Q3 2023 and feedback from human assistants.
  4. Wit and Rebellious Streak: Elon Musk has described Grok as having a “bit of wit” and “a rebellious streak,” willing to answer “spicy questions” that other AI systems might reject.
  5. Roasting Feature: Grok has a feature that allows it to “roast” users based on their recent posts on X, using colorful language when prompted to be “vulgar.”
  6. Colloquial Responses: Grok’s responses often have a colloquial, first-person tone, setting it apart in terms of personality from other chatbots.

Is Grok developed by OpenAI?

Based on the responses of the AI, some people believe that xAI has copied OpenAI’s code to create Grok AI.

However, there is no statement about this from the company or Elon Musk about this yet.

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Concerns about Misinformation by Grok AI

There are some concerns raised on the misinformation provided by Grok. Grok AI is made to make AI fun. It tries to make all the responses funny. In fact, Grok has 2 modes: Regular Mode and Fun Mode. As the default interaction mode of Grok is “Fun Mode”, it responds with a funny answer. This causes people to get confused by the joke and fact.

However, the main concern is that it can provide wrong facts even in Regular mode. Vice reported that it provide wrong facts on the timeline of a serious event.

Vice on Grok AI misinformation - Grok AI
Credits: Vice.com

However, Grok is still developing. So, we can expect some hiccups from it.

And as Grok can access information from X, the misinformation can be a result of people posting wrong facts on X.


Elon Musk has disrupted a few industries before and it won’t be surprised to see him disrupt the AI Chatbot industry too. However, with Grok relying on the information from people’s tweets apart from the web, this can and will cause some serious problems with misinformation.

Grok is not the smartest AI so far. But it can become the most loved AI for general audience.

What is Grok’s unique feature compared to other chatbots?

Grok’s standout feature is its ability to incorporate real-time data from X, allowing it to provide up-to-the-minute information in responses. This is a significant advantage over other chatbots that may offer more static or outdated answers.

Can Grok understand images or videos?

As of December 2023, Grok is text-only and does not understand images or videos. However, xAI has plans to enhance the underlying model to support video, audio, and other types of content in the future.

What distinguishes Grok’s personality from other chatbots like ChatGPT or Bard?

Grok’s responses often have a colloquial, first-person tone, evoking a distinctive personality. It has been described as having “wit” and a “rebellious streak,” offering responses that are more conversational and sometimes spicy compared to other chatbots.

How can users access Grok on X?

To access Grok, users need to be X Premium Plus subscribers in the United States. The rollout prioritizes longer-term subscribers, and access can be found in the X side menu on the web, iOS, and Android. Users can also add Grok to the bottom menu on the X app for quick access.

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