Rabbit R1 Will Use Perplexity AI as Their Answer Engine

Updated on January 19 2024

Rabbit R1 is making a new headline every day. Whether is the Rabbit R1 CEO and founder, Jesse Lyu’s presentation at CES 2024, its unique design and features or the fact that they sold 10,000 units on the first day of the launch

But here we are again, with another big update about Rabbit R1. 

Perplexity AI, one of the top competitors of ChatGPT or Google Bard, is going to power Rabbit R1 devices. 

This does not only mean that you will be able to access Perplexity AI with Rabbit R1, it means Rabbit R1 will use Perplexity AI as an answer engine for all your queries.

Here, we tried to get into details of the Rabbit Perplexity Partnership and the potential that lies in there. 

Rabbit R1 will be Powered by Perplexity

The recent announcement of Rabbit R1 AI Perplexity use changes the way all Tech enthusiasts saw this charming AI assistant device. Perplexity’s AI engine will fuel R1’s info-gathering, ensuring real-time, accurate answers to your every query. This partnership not only injects personality into the AI game but also throws down a gauntlet to tech giants – watch out, the future of AI assistants might just be adorably orange and scroll-wheel driven.

The most interesting part of this partnership is that you will not have to get Perplexity AI Pro’s subscription, which costs $200, to use on Rabbit R1 while Rabbit R1 will still remain free to use without any subscription. Here is what the Rabbit R1’s CEO posted on X about Rabbit-Perplexity Partnership:

The Rabbit R1 CEO and Founder

Jesse Lyu is the Rabbit R1’s CEO and founder. Lyu announced Rabbit R1 in CES 2024 which went quite viral. Before Rabbit R1’s dazzling CES debut, Lyu made his mark on the tech world with Raven Tech, an AI startup focused on conversational AI operating systems. His success there caught the eye of Baidu, who acquired Raven Tech, propelling Lyu into the heart of the AI scene.

However, Lyu chose a bigger dream – Rabbit. In 2022, Rabbit was born, aiming to revolutionize personal AI with a focus on accessibility and user-friendliness. And then, they launched Rabbit R1 in CES 2024 which became a buzz among all tech enthusiasts. 

Rabbit R1 Sales

Rabbit R1 has recently sold its 5th batch of 10,000 units. Rabbit R1 Stock is always sold out. The company will be making the 6th batch of 50,000 Rabbit R1 units.

This shows the ability of Rabbit R1 to capture the smartphone market. 

How does Perplexity work with Rabbit R1?

Perplexity’s role in the Rabbit R1 can be broken down into three key areas:

  1. Real-time Search Engine: Perplexity provides its “real-time search engine” to the R1, which acts as the brains behind its information gathering. This engine continuously scans and processes large amounts of data from various sources, like the internet, news feeds, and social media. When the R1 receives a query from you, the engine quickly analyzes it and retrieves the most relevant and up-to-date information in real-time. This allows the R1 to answer your questions accurately and stay current with the latest happenings.
  2. Language Understanding and Processing: Perplexity’s advanced language models (LLMs) power the R1’s ability to understand your intent and context within your queries. These LLMs analyze your questions, taking into account factors like grammar, semantics, and your past interactions with the R1. They then interpret your intention and generate the most appropriate response, whether it’s factual information, a suggestion, action execution, or creative content.
  3. Output Generation and Personalization: Perplexity also helps the R1 deliver its responses in a natural and engaging way. Its LLMs can tailor their responses to your preferences and communication style. This includes choosing appropriate vocabulary, adjusting the tone and level of formality, and even incorporating humor or personality if that’s your preference. This customization makes the R1 feel more like a personal assistant and less like a robotic machine.

Why does Perplexity wants to power Rabbit R1?

Perplexity recently raised of $73 Million from investors like Jeff Bezos, Nvidia and many others. Hence, they have access to technology that can help them scale the AI. However, one big reason for Perplexity to power Rabbit is to get access to the consumer’s data and feedback. 

With more data, Perplexity will be able to make its AI more advanced. Moreover, a dedicated device that helps you do all the mobile tasks has more and less regulated data than Perplexity would get from their app on the App Store or Play Store.

Potential of Rabbit R1 

While Rabbit R1 does not look like a device that would replace our smartphones, it does look like one that would be a companion for it. People who usually use multiple devices would be the best audience for Rabbit R1. The R1 emphasizes voice commands and a user-friendly interface, potentially appealing to users who find smartphones’ app-driven interactions overwhelming or inconvenient. Moreover, their commitment to privacy (which might be questioned after the announcement of their Perplexity AI use) is also a selling point. While every budget device has data privacy concerns, if Rabbit is able to offer that in this price range, people are more likely to switch to it.

Also, the sales of Rabbit R1 totally show that this device is making the market curious about this category of mobile devices.


Rabbit’s collaboration with Perplexity is a big leap for AI-powered mobiles. The R1’s success, led by CEO Jesse Lyu, shows its popularity. It sold over 10k units on the launch day and a total 50k units are already sold. Integrating Perplexity’s cutting-edge technology ensures the R1 gives real-time, accurate responses. This signals a shift in AI assistants and we might even see other companies adopting this change just like Samsung did with its Galaxy AI.

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