10k Rabbit R1 Pre Ordered within a day – Is it worth it? [Opinion]

Updated on February 13 2024

I have already said this in my last 2 articles but I will say this again – Rabbit R1 was the most interesting AI launch in CES 2024. But does that mean I am a fan of this tiny cool looking device? Yes, it does mean that but I have always said that I specifically liked its design.

After reading the news that Rabbit sold 10k R1 in a single day on 11th January, I had mixed emotions. It was surprising but also quite believable.

Let’s first see what really happened and how they sold 10,000 R1s on the first day of the launch.

10k Rabbit R1s Pre Ordered in a Single Day

The Rabbit R1 sent shockwaves through the tech world by selling a staggering 10,000 units in its first 24 hours. This far surpasses the startup’s modest initial goal of 500, leaving analysts scrambling to revise their forecasts and consumers eager to get their hands on the revolutionary device.


The R1 boasts a powerful Large Action Model and streamlined AI operating system, aiming to simplify digital life by acting as a personal assistant, walkie-talkie, and smartphone alternative all rolled into one. This unique blend of features, coupled with its adorable design and competitive price point, seems to have struck a chord with tech enthusiasts.

With Rabbit already scrambling to meet the unexpected demand, the R1’s success marks a potential turning point in the AI gadget market. 

But the question remains – is it really good? Is Rabbit R1 useful for you?

How to Pre Order Rabbit R1?

Rabbit R1 is available to buy at a price of $199. However, there is a huge demand for it. For this reason, you need to Pre order Rabbit R1 and you can expect your delivery in April or May of 2024. To Pre order your Rabbit R1, you can directly go to their website and click on “Pre-Order”, continue with the  details and payment and you will be done pre ordering your Rabbit R1.

My Opinion on Rabbit R1

I have been interested in new technologies since I was a kid. I have seen many weird launches whether it’s Haier’s Pen Phone, Nokia’s 7600 or failed launches like Amazon fire phone.

While I believe Rabbit R1 is indeed a cool technology, it’s quite hard to believe I would see every other person using it while walking on the streets. 

Rabbit R1’s launch actually reminds me of a phone that was launched in 2017, named – The Light Phone.

I remember being a teenager and watching a video about this phone when it was launched. The video was about a few friends talking about the latest tech news. They discussed how The Light Phone could be something that could change their everyday life. Everyone showed their excitement about it. Everyone in the comments was also praising the idea of a phone that does not offer any smart features and helps you cure the smartphone addiction.

But where is the Light Phone today?

Light Phone failure
The Light Phone

While the Light Phone company is still up, there are some new updates in their software as well but there is no update on their sales nor was I able to find any source of their users’ existence online. 

It would not be factually a lie if I say the Light Phone was a complete failure.

But why? It was supposed to be the cure of our smartphone addiction. And most people are addicted to their smartphones. 

I think the answer lies in all of us.

It’s not the phone, the marketing of the phone, or the price. It is us. We just don’t want the change.

Rabbit R1’s design is probably the best smartphone design today because of how compact it is. Maybe even the features are good. However, it totally changes the way we use our phones. And that change is something we all will resist. 

However, there is another aspect of Rabbit that I think just does not make much sense.

Is Rabbit AI just riding the AI Trends?

Rabbit R1 - comparison with smartphone

Rabbit R1 is a device that can perform tasks for you on your voice command, using the AI. But is it? The way Rabbit R1 works is it integrates with the apps and just gives it the commands to do certain things. 

It can find me the best dish I can make from my grocery pictures, create an itinerary for my travel plan or play the song from the picture of Rick Astley.

But I can also ask Siri or Google to do the same.

Rabbit R1 cannot just “perform” tasks for you using its AI. Rabbit R1 cannot be used for everything we do on our phones.

After reading so much about Rabbit R1, I asked myself this – What do I use my smartphone for?

I went to my settings and checked my daily activity. Yesterday, I spent 1 hour and 48 minutes on my phone and the top app were Instagram, WhatsApp, Message, Email.

I use my phone to watch a Reel or TikTok while also replying to a friend on WhatsApp at the same. Then I use my message app to check OTPs and Photos app to edit my pictures for my Instagram Posts. And when I am out, I reply to emails through my phone.

I urge you to answer this question to yourself as well.

Now, Rabbit R1, while being one of its kind AI device, cannot do these things. It cannot reply to your friend while you are watching a TikTok. It cannot edit your pictures enter the OTP you just received to login to your Facebook account.

And these are the tasks that are a big part of our daily life. 70% of the times people are using smartphones to use digital media.

And I would not keep an additional pocket device just get a few AI features which I am sure smartphones will be getting soon as well.

Rabbit might bring updates that can do these things, but for now, it does not seem like one for these things.

And I would be the most excited person to see that change in the rabbit R1.

For now, I do not think that people will adopt Rabbit in their daily lives but I would love to be proven wrong here.

Let’s see what the future holds.