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Updated on March 28 2024

Recently, OpenAI introduced Sora AI, a cutting-edge tool that’s still turning heads with its ability to generate AI-driven videos and photorealistic scenes. This innovation opened up new horizons for visual artists and creative directors eager to push boundaries.

Early access to OpenAI Sora was granted to a select group of creators who have already shown what this tool can do—from breathtaking sci-fi films to education materials that capture imagination. Recently Sora AI latest videos by these first set of creators is out on the internet and the results are imaginative and unbelievable.

OpenAI Sora AI

Sora from OpenAI is designed to craft motion videos with stunning photorealism.  As this technology evolves, it opens up new possibilities for artists and creators by offering tools previously unimagined. With select users currently testing Sora to enhance its offerings further, this innovation promises an exciting future in visual storytelling.

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Who Can Access Sora?

Only a few artists and users have the chance to use Sora at this time. OpenAI picks these people carefully, looking for those who can really show what Sora’s video-making tool can do.

Since creating videos with Sora might start off as very costly, not everyone will be able to jump in right away. This means that early access could be out of reach for many, keeping it limited to probably those who can afford this new tech or who are in special programs with OpenAI.

How to Access OpenAI Sora?

Gaining access to OpenAI Sora is a hot topic for many tech enthusiasts and visual effects artists specially after seeing the latest Sora generated videos. Here’s how you can get access to Sora.

  1. Check the Official OpenAI Website: Visit OpenAI’s official platform regularly for any announcements on Sora’s availability. They might post updates or opportunities for early access.
  2. Follow OpenAI on Social Media: Keep an eye on OpenAI’s channels, especially their Twitter account. Social media often serves as a real-time source for updates and user engagement opportunities.
  3. Sign Up for Newsletters: By signing up for our newsletters Scribe, you stay informed about AI advancements and potential opportunities for Sora access.
  4. Participate in Forums and AI Communities: Engage with communities interested in photogrammetry, transformer architecture, or related fields. Networking within these groups could tip you off to new access points.
  5. Prepare Your Portfolio: If you’re an artist or creator, ready samples of your work that showcase your potential use of Sora. Having a portfolio can put you at an advantage if OpenAI requests submissions.
  6. Watch Out for Waitlists: As predicted, a waitlist system might be introduced soon for general public access to Sora. Make sure your name gets on that list by checking all official sources regularly.

By following these steps meticulously, you stand a better chance at gaining early or eventual access to Sora.

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OpenAI Sora Videos

OpenAI Sora has been leveraged to produce a diverse set of AI-generated video content, demonstrating its potential in studi like filmmaking. Here are 7 standout examples that have pushed the boundaries of traditional video production and representation:

  • A series of surrealistic videos by filmmaker Paul Trillo, zooming through tunnels to disparate and sensational locations with robots and dancing trash.

The Golden Record – Teaser Trailer from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.

  • A Video by Donall Enni in which he created creatures beyond reality.
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  • “Air Head” by shy kids – a short film about a man with a yellow balloon for a head, showcasing Sora’s limitations in maintaining consistent characters.
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  • Fake soda brand visuals created by Nik Lkeverov of emmy-nominated agency Native Foreign.
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  • Cinematic music video visuals iterated on by musician August Kamp.
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  • Visualizations of long-stagnant ideas brought to life by creative director Josephine Miller from Oraar Studio.
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  • 3D sculpture models inspired by Sora-generated images, created by Alexander Reben, OpenAI’s current artist in residence.
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Each of these pioneering films highlights Sora’s transformative impact on filmmaking, breaking new ground in the creation of visually compelling narratives using cutting-edge technology.

The feedback from these creators has proven instrumental in refining the Sora model, emphasizing its significance as a game-changing tool for creatives.


With OpenAI Sora’s AI-generated video capabilities, directors and creators can push their creativity like never before. The latest Sora generated videos are a fine example of advancements in AI video technology that has a huge potential to revolutionize Hollywood, offering filmmakers new tools to bring their visions to life.

Moreover, as GPU technology advances access to Sora may become more affordable for creators and Hollywood studios seeking more than just a traditional approach. However, the impact on Hollywood could be substantial.

Even if you are a small content creator on Youtube or Instagram, gaining access to Sora can help streamline time and cost and can easily push boundaries of creative imagination.


1. What is OpenAI Sora AI?

OpenAI Sora AI is the latest technology from OpenAI that uses GPT-4 for creating AI-generated images and videos, making it easier for users to turn their ideas into visual content.

2. How can I use OpenAI Sora to make a video?

You can use OpenAI Sora by simply describing what you want in your video, like a birthday cake or any other scene, and the AI will generate a text-to-video clip based on your description.

3. Does OpenAI Sora help prevent misinformation?

Yes, OpenAI’s Sora includes features like C2PA (Content Authenticity and Provenance) metadata which helps track the origin of AI-generated content to fight against misinformation by ensuring privacy and authenticity.

4. Can everyone access OpenAI Sora right now?

Currently, access to OpenAI’s latest technologies including Sora might be limited as they are still working on enhancing usability while addressing concerns related to privacy and preventing misuse of ai-generated content.

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