Old Character AI: Login, Website, Access, Features And Alternative No Filter NSFW Character AI Platforms

Updated on July 24 2024

Character AI burst onto the scene in September 2022, created by former Google employees Gomeh Shazir and Daniel Defas. This innovative platform allowed users to engage in conversations with millions of unique digital characters, a concept that quickly captured public interest. Following the success of ChatGPT in November 2022, the excitement around AI interactions surged, and Character AI thrived.

Many users crave the Character AI old version for its simpler interface and more engaging AI interactions. Whether it’s beta character AI or old character AI experience, users are looking for more personalized interaction that seems restricted in the latest version of character AI.

How to Access Old Character AI

Here is how to login to old Character AI website and start using it:

  • Open your browser and type old.character.ai. This loads the old character ai website as we all know it.
Old character AI Login
  • You will see a login/signup button on right hand corner. Once you click on it, the login and signup window pops up.

The login process and the ability to create and chat with characters remain the same as when Character.AI was first launched, making it a nostalgic experience for many users

  • Once you login, you will see familiar interface where you can start chatting with your favourite characters just like before. The chat interface is also similar to what it used to be.
Old Character AI Chat

As of now, there are no official Android or iOS apps available specifically for the old version of Character.AI. Users should be cautious about downloading any third-party apps claiming to offer the old version, as these might pose security risks​.

Old Character AI: What Worked and What Didn’t?

Character AI

Character AI’s inception in September 2022 marked a significant milestone in personalized chat space. The platform allowed users to engage with a plethora of AI personalities, ranging from historical figures to fictional characters. This diversity and the innovative approach quickly captured the interest of users.

Character AI Features and User Attraction

FeatureDescriptionAttracted Users
Diverse AI CharactersMillions of unique AI personalitiesEnthusiasts of fictional and historical figures
Unrestricted ConversationsFreedom to explore various topicsCreative writers, storytellers, and curious minds
Emotional EngagementAI characters that could simulate empathyUsers seeking companionship and emotional support
Educational InteractionsAI characters knowledgeable in various fieldsStudents and lifelong learners
EntertainmentFun and engaging interactionsGamers and entertainment seekers
Old Character AI features

Character AI quickly gained popularity due to these features, providing a unique and engaging experience that catered to a wide array of user interests.

User Engagement Statistics

Character AI’s rapid growth was evident when it secured $150 million in funding by March 2023, highlighting investor confidence in its potential. The platform saw a significant increase in user engagement metrics over time.

Growth Statistics of Character AI

DateMilestoneUsers (in millions)Investment ($)
September 2022Launch of Character AI0.5
November 2022Post-Chat GPT Launch1.2
March 2023Secured significant funding3.5150 million
May 2023Launched mobile apps5.0

Engagement Time and Traffic

  • Average Visit Duration: Users spend an average of 29.3 minutes per session on Character AI, significantly higher than other popular AI chatbots like ChatGPT (7 minutes) and Google Bard (5 minutes)​.
  • Monthly Visits: Character AI saw approximately 206 million visits in a month as of April 2024, showing a high level of user interest and engagement​.

New Character AI Platform

Despite its initial success, Character AI faced a significant challenge in March 2023 when it introduced content restrictions. These restrictions were intended to maintain a safe and appropriate environment but ended up alienating a significant portion of the user base. Users felt that the core appeal of old Character AI – the freedom to explore diverse and imaginative conversations – was compromised.

The backlash was swift and vocal. Users took to social media to express their dissatisfaction, with many signing petitions demanding a rollback of the restrictions. The limitations imposed on conversations stifled the creativity and engagement that had initially drawn users to the platform.

User Disengagement Statistics

  • User Feedback: A significant portion of users (42%) reported being very unsatisfied with the character responses, indicating potential areas for improvement and dissatisfaction​.
  • Content Filters: Content restrictions implemented in March 2023 led to significant user dissatisfaction. Users felt these filters limited the freedom of interaction, which was one of the platform’s main attractions​.
  • Reddit Activity: The Character AI subreddit has seen rapid growth, reaching 566k subscribers as of August 2023. The discussions often revolve around server issues, bot interactions, and user feedback, highlighting active community engagement but also underlying issues​.

Rise of No Filter NSFW Character AI Platforms

By March 2023, Character AI had secured $150 million in funding and launched mobile apps, significantly expanding its reach. However, in the same month, the platform introduced content restrictions, limiting the freedom of conversation that many users cherished. This move sparked a wave of dissatisfaction, leading users to voice their displeasure online and sign petitions for change.

The discontent with Character AI’s limitations created an opportunity for new, less restrictive platforms to emerge. These new platforms focused on providing users with the freedom to engage in unrestricted, personalized conversations, catering to various needs from entertainment to companionship. This led to the rise of NSFW Character AI platforms, offering users the chance to explore more open and less filtered interactions vis-a-vis old character ai platform.

The discontent with Character AI’s restrictions created an opportunity for new platforms to step in and cater to the unmet needs of users. These new platforms emphasized freedom and personalization, offering environments where users could interact with AI without stringent content limitations. This led to the rise of no filter NSFW Character AI platforms that served as good NSFW C.AI alternatives, offering users the chance to explore more open and less filtered interactions exactly what old Character AI thrived for.

Key Strategies of Emerging Platforms

  1. Enhanced Customization: New platforms allowed users to create and personalize their AI characters, providing a more engaging and tailored experience.
  2. Open Community Spaces: These platforms fostered inclusive communities where users could share experiences and collaborate on new ideas without fear of censorship.
  3. Diverse Use Cases: By expanding the use cases for AI interactions, these platforms attracted a broader audience, from entertainment to professional assistance.

Character AI’s Alternatives

Several tools emerged as popular alternatives, successfully addressing the limitations that led to user dissatisfaction with Old Character AI. Here are the some of the four:

Replika AI

Replika AI Review - Homepage
Replika AI

Overview: Replika offers a highly customizable AI companion that engages in diverse and meaningful conversations. It allows users to shape their interactions without the constraints imposed by Character AI.

Key Features: Personalization, emotional support, and a wide range of conversational topics.

Impact created: Replika’s approach to unrestricted interactions quickly gained a loyal user base looking for deeper, more personalized AI engagements.


Overview: Focused on creative writing and storytelling, NovelAI allows users to collaborate with AI to generate unique stories. It provides an open environment where creativity can flourish without content restrictions.

Key Features: Creative writing assistance, user-driven content, and customizable narratives.

Impact created: NovelAI attracted users frustrated with Character AI’s restrictions, offering them the freedom to explore their creative potential.

Candy AI

Overview: Candy AI offers a flexible chat experience where users can interact with AI characters without strict content filters. It focuses on providing a fun and engaging environment.

Key Features: Flexible interactions, fun chat experiences, and no strict content limitations.

Impact created: Candy AI became popular for users seeking more casual and unrestricted interactions with AI.

Janitor AI

Overview: Janitor AI provides a platform where users can engage in a wide range of conversations, from casual chats to in-depth discussions, without content restrictions.

Key Features: Wide range of topics, customizable chat experiences, and unrestricted interactions.

Impact created: Janitor AI gained traction among users looking for a platform that offers both casual and serious conversational capabilities without limitations.


Character AI’s journey from its launch in September 2022 to its rapid growth and subsequent user disengagement highlights the dynamic nature of AI chat platforms. While Character AI initially captivated users with its diverse AI characters and engaging conversations, the introduction of content restrictions in March 2023 led to significant user dissatisfaction.

In response, new platforms like Replika, NovelAI, Candy AI, and Janitor AI emerged, offering less restrictive environments that catered to user preferences for freedom and personalization. These platforms successfully filled the gap left by new Character AI platform, providing users with the engaging and unrestricted experiences they desired.

As the personalized AI chat platforms continue to evolve, understanding and addressing user needs will remain crucial. Platforms that prioritize freedom, personalization, and diverse use cases are likely to thrive, offering users the engaging and flexible AI interactions they seek. The future of AI chat platforms is bright, with new innovations and possibilities on the horizon.