Novel AI: Is it the Best AI Story Generator in 2024?

Updated on April 27 2024

Our Verdict on Novel AI

We give an 8/10 to Novel AI. Its ability to weave stories shows remarkable promise for creative writing needs.

This story teller helps overcome writer’s block, while Text Adventure adds an interactive dimension to storytelling. People who love making up stories will find these tools both fun and useful.

Novel AI is not perfect though; its output can be seen as artificial by tools like This reminds us writers are still important for adding a personal touch to the stories.

The different pricing levels – Paper, Tablet, Scroll, Opus – mean there’s a choice for everyone from hobbyists to pro writers. With Novel AI, playing with words becomes more exciting and the future of story telling looks bright with such technology at our fingertips.

Novel AI: AI Story Generator

Novel AI Review - Homepage
Novel AI Review – Homepage
  • Novel AI is a smart tool that helps people write stories and make anime – style art. It can copy different writing styles and keep track of your story details.
  • This AI has special features like a big memory to hold lots of your story, customization options, and keeps everything private with strong encryption.
  • To use Novel AI well, share as many details of your story with it as you can, mix its suggestions with yours, and pick the right plan for more features.
  • Compared to other AIs, Novel AI offers unique abilities such as high – quality anime image generation and the option to emulate famous writers’ styles.

Key Features of NovelAI

This tool offers a transformative approach to content creation, from weaving intricate stories to generating vivid images and engaging in immersive text-based adventures.


Writing Story with Novel ai Storyteller using Kayra
Writing Story with Novel Ai Storyteller using Kayra

Storytelling with Novel AI is simple and easy. The AI listens to your ideas and turns them into stories that feel like they were written by a human to large extent.

You can choose different styles, so if you want your tale to sound like it came from a famous author or have a special theme, the AI can do that. It’s great for people who love writing but sometimes get stuck on words or need new inspiration.

Imagine telling the AI to write a spooky ghost story or an adventure on Mars – it will craft the plot and characters following your thoughts.

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Now let’s see how this storytelling ability pairs with another cool feature: AI image generation.

AI Image Generation

Novel Ai image generator

Novel AI brings pictures to life with its amazing AI image generation tool. It uses anime art AI to make images that feel like they fit in nicely in your favorite stories. You can customize how these images look. This feature isn’t just cool for making art; it helps writers see their ideas in a whole new way.

Text Adventure

Novel AI Text Adventure Feature for Intuitive Story Telling

Text Adventure lets you create your own story by talking with the AI. You type in what you want to happen, and the AI builds on it, making a game where your words guide the adventure.

Imagine being in a world of dungeons and dragons or deep space battles; you can go wherever your mind takes you.

This mode is perfect if you’re stuck while writing or just want to have fun making up stories. You can even bring over tales from other places like AIDCAT or AIDWI and keep adding to them on Novel AI.

It gives writers and gamers a new way to play with words and see where their creativity leads them.

AI Modules

AI modules in Novel AI have a big memory that can hold up to 8192 tokens. This means the AI can remember and use a lot of information at once. It creates writing that is very close to what a human would write, using what you tell it.

You can make these AI modules fit your style too. Change their looks with themes where you pick the font, size, and colors that feel right for you. These personal touches help make your work with Novel AI unique and more fun.


You can make Novel AI fit your style with the theme editor. Change fonts, sizes, and colors to create a comfortable writing space. Bring in stories from other tools like AIDCAT or AIDWI and keep adding to them on Novel AI.

The Lorebook makes sure the AI follows your world’s rules. You set the stage for how your stories look and flow.

Novel ai Lorebook integration
Novel ai Lorebook integration

With these options, you build an experience that feels made just for you as a storyteller. And if privacy matters to you, know that end-to-end encryption keeps your creations safe—no one else sees them unless you want to share.

Now, let’s talk about keeping those stories private and secure.

End-to-End Encryption

As you tailor your storytelling and adventure with Novel AI, rest assured that your creations are safe. End-to-end encryption is a key feature that protects your stories. This means from the moment you type them until they are saved, only you can see them.

Novel AI uses strong xsalsa20 encryption to secure user data. Your written stories are only readable by you ensuring complete privacy.

How to Use Novel AI Effectively

Novel AI can help you when you are stuck in your writing. Follow these steps:

  • Start by telling Novel AI about your story. Give lots of details like what happens, who’s in it, and where it is set. This helps it make stuff that fits your thoughts.
  • Choose a plan that meets your needs. You can try it for free or pick a paid plan if you want more tokens and memory.
  • Mix your ideas with AI suggestions. This keeps your story fresh and original.
  • Use the storytelling feature to get new plot ideas or twists.
  • Create pictures for your story with AI image generation. This lets you see what characters or places look like.
  • Try out the text adventure mode to build exciting paths in your story.
  • Pick different AI modules based on what kind of writing you’re doing, like romance or adventure games.
  • Customize settings in Novel AI to control how creative or safe the content is.
  • Keep things private with end-to-end encryption so only you can see what you create.
  • Add human touches to the work Novel AI gives you. This will make sure it sounds like a person made it, not just a machine.

Novel AI Alternatives – AI Dungeon, Sudowrite and HoloAI

Comparing Novel AI to AI Dungeon, Sudowrite and HoloAI highlights its unique features and capabilities.

FeatureNovel AISudowriteAI DungeonHoloAI
 Content QualityExcellentWeakAverageAverage
 AI Models                   State-of-the-art AverageDatedAverage
Erotic ContentExcellentWeakHeavily censored Average
 Grammar/Spelling                   GoodAverageAverageExcellent
Canned Content MinimalExtensiveMinimalMinimal
 Consistency                   ExcellentWeakAverageAverage
Lorebook Integration YesNoBuggyNo

Novel AI Pricing

Below is a breakdown of Novel AI’s pricing structure:

PlanPriceText GenerationsAI Module Training and Image GenerationMemory TokensAccess to Experimental Features
Free TrialFree100N/A6144No
Tablet$10/monthUnlimited1000 AnlasN/ANo
Scroll$15/monthUnlimited (with conditions)Additional Anlas purchasableN/ANo
Opus$25/monthUnlimited (normal and small-sized)Additional Anlas purchasable8192Yes

The table provides a clear view of the pricing tiers available, enabling users to select the plan that best suits their needs in the realm of AI-driven literature creation.

Pros and Cons of Novel AI

As we transition from comparing Novel AI to other AI generators, let’s delve into its advantages and disadvantages to gain a well-rounded understanding. The following table summarizes the pros and cons of using Novel AI.

Pros of Novel AICons of Novel AI
Generates human-like writing, enhancing creativity.May sometimes produce irrelevant content.
Customizable editor for personalized writing space.Potential learning curve for new users.
Extensive memory capacity for story continuity.Subscription can be costly for some users.
Specifically tailored for fiction writers.Dependance on AI could stifle writer’s growth.
Offers multiple options to tweak AI output.Limited to English, restricting some user bases.
Provides end-to-end encryption for privacy.High-quality output dependent on user input.


Artificial intelligence is changing how we create stories. With Novel AI, anyone can write amazing tales and make pictures of their characters. This tool makes storytelling fun and easy for people of all skills.

Just imagine what stories you could tell with the help of an AI that remembers and helps you follow your world’s rules! The future of story telling looks bright as these smart tools get even better.


Question: Can AI models write whole books?

Answer: Yes, AI text generators like Novel AI make up stories just like a human writer!

Question:Who is Novel AI Best For?

Answer: Novel AI is best for creative writers and businesses who want to leverage AI for story telling.

Question: Can you use Novel AI for free?

Answer: Novel AI story generation is not free. It has a free trial though to try its story writing feature.

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