How to use Microsoft Copilot on Android and iOS?

Updated on December 28 2023

Microsoft just launched its AI Chatbot and Bing chat’s rebranded version, Copilot, on Android. 

It’s a great news for AI lovers who were limited to ChatGPT to use AI in mobile devices. 

Now, you can use Copilot and even use GPT-4 and Dall-E 3 for free on your Android Mobile. Just within a day, Microsoft Copilot already has 100,000+ downloads. 

Here is a guide on how to use Copilot on your Android and even iOS.

What is Copilot

Microsoft Copilot AI

Microsoft Copilot is an innovative AI-powered tool that redefines the coding, research, and collaboration experience. Positioned as a successor to the discontinued Cortana, Copilot enhances productivity and encourages creativity. Designed for seamless integration with popular Microsoft 365 apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams, Copilot offers a versatile range of capabilities. From answering queries on diverse topics with natural language processing to generating original content such as poems, stories, and code snippets, Copilot demonstrates its adaptability.

Copilot excels in summarizing and reviewing content from PDFs, web pages, and documents, providing users with concise overviews. Moreover, Copilot aids in various writing tasks, from drafting emails to editing documents, showcasing its prowess in natural language understanding and generation. Copilot stands out from other AI chatbots with its ability to use data from the internet to provide answers to user’s questions.

How to use Copilot on Android

Microsoft Copilot AI android app on playstore
Microsoft Copilot on Playstore

Microsoft recently launched Copilot on Android. To access Copilot on Android you simply have to download the Copilot app on your Android phone, accept the terms and you can start using it directly.

You have an option to choose GPT-4. If you do not, Copilot will use its own LLM. However, the Copilot android app is powered by GPT-4 for chatbot and Dall-E 3 for image creation and works best on GPT-4 mode only.

Using Microsoft Copilot Android App
Using Microsoft Copilot Android App

To start a conversation with Copilot, tap the chat icon at the bottom right corner. To create an image, tap the camera icon at the bottom left corner. To draft a text, tap the pencil icon at the top right corner. 

You can also voice prompts if you don’t want to type it. I loved its feature to take pictures and ask any questions related to the picture. To access it, you simply need to Click on the Camera icon and take a picture. Check the last image in the screenshots above how Copilot gave me information about my glasses and the surroundings.

How to use Copilot on iPhone

Although Microsoft have not yet launched Copilot on iPhones, you can still access it on that.

To access Copilot on iPhone, you can download Edge Browser in your iOS device.

Using Microsoft Copilot on iOS
Using Microsoft Copilot on iOS

Once that is downloaded, you can select “Try now” when prompted with this screen:

Microsoft Copilot AI in iOS
Microsoft Copilot AI in iOS

You will then be redirected to Copilot and you can access it anytime by pressing the Copilot button at the bottom of the Edge browser.

Is Copilot better than other AI?

I use almost all the AI chatbots everyday for different purposes including writing code, content, ideating posts, researching, images, videos, audios, editing and a lot more tasks. And I found that every AI chatbot is good at something. For example, I would rather use Bard to create LinkedIn posts than ChatGPT or Claude. And I use Claude-2 to rewrite certain sections of the article to make them better. Similarly, ChatGPT is used for automating manual tasks like adding data in a sheet.

I found Microsoft Copilot to be a great research tool. It helps me to research any facts or stats directly. Moreover, the best part that makes it better is the plugins that it provides. Copilot provides plugins like Search and Suno. With the Suno AI plugin, you can ask Copilot to create music directly. And its ability to get powered with different plugins is what makes it a better AI tool for research.


Microsoft Copilot’s Android launch marks a pivotal moment for AI enthusiasts, granting access to GPT-4 and Dall-E 3 capabilities. As an avid user of AI chatbots, I love Copilot’s excellence in research, driven by different plugins. This debut on mobile platforms signals a groundbreaking step, delivering a potent and user-friendly AI experience.

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