Mistral Next: Analysing Mistral AI’s New Generative Model

Updated on April 11 2024

Mistral AI, an ambitious French startup, has been quietly testing a powerful new generative AI model called Mistral Next (mistral-next). Early results suggest it has exceptional reasoning and coding skills, with some even claiming it rivals GPT-4. But details remain scarce.

Let’s analyze the details of Mistral Next and understand what’s coming next from this ambitious startup.

About Mistral Next

Startups like Anthropic, Stability AI, and Mistral are pushing the boundaries of language models. Mistral in particular has been on a roll lately. Mistral AI’s open source 7B and 56B models made a splash last year. Now they seem poised to shake things up again with the secretive Mistral Next model.

Information is scarce, but early tests indicate Mistral Next has exceptional reasoning and coding abilities. Observation have been made that it matches or even beats GPT-4.

Details are still emerging about Mistral Next. Here’s a recap of what we know so far:

  • Quiet Testing Phase – Mistral Next is currently in limited testing. It’s accessible through the LMSYS sandbox, but not publicly released.
  • Early Hints at Capabilities – Testers note Mistral Next has excellent logical reasoning and coding skills. Some claim it matches GPT-4 in these areas.
  • Presumed Open Source – Mistral has open sourced past models, so Mistral Next likely will be too.
  • Unknown Size – The model’s parameters are unclear. But its capabilities suggest it’s at least 10B+ parameters.

So in summary, Mistral Next seems optimized for reasoning/coding and early results are promising. But concrete details remain scarce for now.

How Mistral Next Could Move the Goalposts

If Mistral Next lives up to the hype, here are some ways it could have an impact:

Pushing Open Source Forward

Mistral open sources its models. So Mistral Next would provide researchers worldwide with an advanced new model to experiment with. This could greatly push forward open source generative AI.

Reasoning/Coding Focus

Mistral-next-reasoning test

Many models today are optimized for broad conversational skills. But few excel at logical reasoning or coding. Mistral Next’s apparent specialty in these areas could inspire new models and applications.

Startup Competition with Big Tech

Mistral is competing with the likes of Google, Meta, and Baidu. A breakout model like Mistral Next demonstrates startups can still compete through innovation. This is a big motivator for other startups.

Catalyst for New Capabilities

If Mistral Next truly rivals GPT-4, it could spark a new wave of innovation in reproducibility, reasoning, coding, and other novel capabilities. 

In short, Mistral Next could accelerate progress across many dimensions of generative AI. The startup space is hungry for a breakout model apart from usual suspects like OpenAI and Google Gemini. Mistral Next might just fit the bill.

Mistral Next’s Training Approach

Mistral hasn’t shared details yet on how Mistral Next was trained. But the information available suggests:

  • Scaling Coding Data – Mistral has done novel work generating synthetic training data for coding. This could have enabled training with vast amounts of code examples.
  • Reinforcement Learning – Mistral has published on using RL to promote consistent reasoning. Similar techniques may have helped Mistral Next’s logic skills.
  • Architecture Innovations – Mistral introduced grouped attention in models like Mistral 7B. Further architectural advances may benefit Mistral Next.
  • Novel Pre Training Approaches – Startups like Anthropic use novel pre training that requires less data. Mistral may have its own tricks up its sleeve here.

These are mostly speculative ideas. But Mistral has demonstrated creative training methods before. They likely brought this same creativity to designing Mistral Next.

Estimating Mistral Next’s Parameters

The parameter count for Mistral Next remains a mystery. Based on its apparent capabilities, experts guess it’s at least 10B+ parameters. Here’s some perspective on where it might fall:

  • 7B-15B – This range would align with models like GPT-3. Impressive, but not Earth-shattering.
  • 15B-30B – This range would match GPT-3.5 models. A big step forward, but still trailing GPT-4.
  • 30B-60B – On par with GPT-4 would be truly remarkable. This seems plausible based on early results.
  • 60B+ – Matching or exceeding GPT-4 would be a huge feat. Unlikely, but can’t fully rule out given Mistral’s skills.

Most guesses peg Mistral Next in the 15B-60B parameter range based on its capabilities. But the only way to know for sure is when Mistral finally shares details.

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Timeline for Mistral Next’s Release

Mistral is still playing its cards close to the vest on when Mistral Next could formally launch. But we can make some informed guesses on the timeline:

  • Q1 2024 – An announcement in the next couple months would make sense with testing ramping up. But a full release may take more time.
  • Q2/Q3 2024 – Most experts expect a full launch in mid-2024. Mistral likely wants to polish the model and build services around it first.

The smart money is on Mistral Next launching somewhere between Q2 and Q4 2024. Mistral wants to hit the market while generative AI interest is red-hot. But they’ll also take the time needed to perfect a breakout model.

What Mistral Next Means for GenAI Models

If Mistral Next lives up to its hints of power, it could have broad implications for the evolution of Generative AI:

  • Acceleration of Capabilities – More investment will pour into startups innovating new models and features.
  • Push for Verifiability – Powerful proprietary models will face growing calls for verifiable capabilities.
  • Business Boon – Generative AI will become indispensable for businesses, powering workflows from coding to customer service.
  • Job Displacement Concerns – Powerful autoscaling AI could displace some human roles, requiring policy response.
  • Emerging Capabilities – Stronger reasoning and multi-tasking will enable new applications like intelligent research assistants.

Mistral Next alone won’t dictate this future. But breakout models like it act as a catalyst, speeding progress in far-reaching ways.


Mistral AI landed on the generative AI scene just last year. But already the French startup has established itself as an innovator pushing boundaries. First their open source 7B and 56B models made waves by besting similarly sized competitors. Now early hints indicate Mistral Next could shake up the industry again.

Rivaling GPT-4 for a startup would be a monumental feat. Mistral would earn worldwide recognition for democratizing access to powerful generative AI. And the ripple effects for research and new applications could be immense.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mistral Next

What is Mistral Next?

Mistral Next is an unnamed new generative AI model under development by startup Mistral AI. It’s currently being tested privately.

How capable is Mistral Next?

Early tests indicate it has exceptional logical reasoning and coding abilities. Some claim it matches GPT-4 in these areas.

When will Mistral Next be released?

An exact date is unknown, but experts estimate Mistral will release Next in 2024 based on their rapid pace of development.

What is Mistral’s background?

Mistral is a French startup founded in 2021. They released the open source Mistral 7B and 56B models in 2022 to significant interest.

How large is Mistral Next?

The model size hasn’t been shared yet. Experts guess it likely ranges between 10B to 60B parameters based on early capabilities.

Will Mistral Next be open source?

Mistral has open sourced past models, so Mistral Next will likely follow suit. But commercial licensing may be costly.

What hardware is needed to run Mistral Next?

Unclear for now, but likely very powerful GPUs. Mistral may offer cloud access to the model like other companies have.

How could Mistral Next impact AI?

If as powerful as hints suggest, Next could greatly accelerate innovation in reasoning, coding, reproducibility, and other novel applications.

Does Mistral Next raise concerns?

Like any powerful generative model, concerns exist around bias, misinformation, and job displacement requiring thoughtful policies.

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