How New Linkedin’s AI Chatbot Will Help Job Search

Updated on February 9 2024

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform owned by Microsoft, has introduced a new AI chatbot aimed at making the job hunting process easier and more efficient for candidates. This innovative feature leverages AI technology to provide personalized career advice and job insights to Premium members.

Problems with Job Search Process

The average hiring process painfully drags on for over 40 days in the US. Applicants grow frustrated having to jump through multiple hoops including complex application systems, endless interviews, skills assessments, and more.

Searching for a new role can be an arduous process full of challenges. Candidates often struggle to determine if they have the right skills for an open position or what it might actually be like to work at a specific company.

How Linkedin’s New AI Chatbot Helps Job Search

Information asymmetry has always existed between job seekers and employers in terms of insights into open roles. Candidates are left clueless on the other side of the wall, crossing their fingers that they might be a good match.


AI Powered Job Insights

Finding the right information about a job is hard. This is where LinkedIn’s new AI chatbot comes into play. The chatbot aims to arm job hunters with insider intel to help level the playing field.

Powered by OpenAI’s generative AI, the new functionality functions as a chatbot indicated by a sparkle emoji next to job listings. Premium users can access the bot by clicking the icon.

LinkedIn’s new AI chatbot offers tailored insights and advice to candidates about specific jobs, company culture, benefits, industry trends, and more. The goal is to provide clarity on whether someone’s background and skills make them a strong applicant.

The virtual career advisor pulls information from LinkedIn’s extensive data sources to generate personalized bullet point recommendations.

Queries can range from “Am I a good fit for this role?” to “What relevant skills are missing from my profile?”

AI Powered Personalized Career Advice

In addition, LinkedIn’s AI Chatbot can simplify lengthy, jargon-heavy job descriptions into digestible tidbits about challenges, opportunities, required abilities, and perks. The bot also suggests potential contacts at the company for users to reach out to.

Moreover, it’s able to examine content in a person’s LinkedIn feed to offer tailored career advice. Whether it’s resume building tips, interview preparation recommendations, or coaching on goals and next steps, the AI leverages machine learning and LLMs to provide relevant guidance.

Assistance for Employers as Well

Beyond individual users, Linkedin AI also aids companies and recruiters using tools like LinkedIn Recruiter. Features such as automated messaging and candidate recommendations enable more efficient and successful hiring.

AI Promises to Solve For Recruitment and Job Search

LinkedIn’s newest offerings recognize the frustrations of modern job hunting. While strong opportunities exist, especially in tech, the complexity of application processes threatens to discourage promising candidates.

As Microsoft continues folding AI into its product lineup, LinkedIn will increasingly tests and rolls out similar functionality.

The professional network has tripled down on machine learning over the past year. This spans automated profile summarization for users to algorithmic generation of job descriptions for employers.

Increasing usage of AI in recruitment and job search represents a chance to fix information asymmetry and give applicants a leg up. Savvy individuals can harness the technology to showcase themselves as stronger contenders and secure in-demand roles.

At the same time, ethical considerations around recruitment AI continue to emerge. As with any machine learning application, biases and privacy concerns calls for thoughtful evaluation.

However, when applied judiciously, AI demonstrates immense potential to benefit both job seekers and companies. If leveraged correctly by all parties, it may reshape careers and hiring for the better.

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