How to create an Interactive Demo for website?

Updated on November 11 2023

Today the attention span of people is reducing day by day and they want something that is short and engaging. Interactive demo is the perfect solution that fills this gap.

According to the combined research conducted by CMO council and Pitney Bowes, 43% of the consumers say that interactive video lets them decide what information they want to view and when. This research signifies the importance of interactive demos in any product.

At the core of an interactive demo lies the ability to bridge the gap between information and experience. It enables users to go beyond the passive consumption of data and actively engage with content that fosters a deeper understanding and connection. 

As attention spans grow shorter and the demand for immersive experiences intensifies, the interactive demo has emerged as a compelling solution that turns complex ideas into easily digestible experiences. 

From virtual product demonstrations that allow consumers to explore a new offering before making a purchase to educational simulations that make learning an engaging journey, the power of interaction is reshaping the way we interact with information.

What is an Interactive Demo?

An interactive demo, short for “interactive demonstration” is a digital or physical presentation that allows users to actively engage with and explore a concept, product, or process. It is designed to provide a hands-on, immersive experience that enables users to interact with the content and often make choices or manipulate elements within the demo. 

Unlike passive presentations or static materials, interactive demos encourage user participation that makes learning and understanding more engaging and effective.

Why do you need an Interactive Demo for your Tool?

Why use interactive demo

Providing an interactive demo of a tool offers several valuable benefits that makes it a useful feature for both creators and users. Here are some reasons why you might want an interactive demo for your tool:

High Conversion rate: Interactive demos allow potential customers to try out your tool before they buy it which can lead to higher conversion rates. According to a report by Trustradius, interactive product demos play an important decision making resource for 58% of buyers.

Enhanced User Engagement: Interactive demos actively engage users and make it easier for them to understand how the tool works. Users can explore the tool’s features, functions, and interface that increase their overall engagement and interest.

Efficient Onboarding: An interactive demo can serve as an onboarding tool for new users. It allows them to familiarize themselves with the tool’s capabilities and functionalities and reduces the learning curve and helps them get started quickly.

Effective Product Promotion: For software and applications, interactive demos can be a powerful marketing tool. They enable potential customers to experience the product firsthand and provide a taste of its value and encourage them to make informed decisions.

Problem Solving and Troubleshooting: Interactive demos can also guide users through common issues or troubleshooting procedures. This feature can assist users in resolving problems independently and reduce the burden on customer support.

Increased User Confidence: Users who have hands-on experience with a tool through an interactive demo are likely to have more confidence in using it effectively. This can lead to higher user satisfaction and better outcomes.

Competitive Advantage: Offering an interactive demo sets your tool apart from competitors. It demonstrates your commitment to providing a user-friendly and informative experience, which can attract and retain users.

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How to Create an Interactive Demo Video?


There are very simple steps you can take to create an interactive demo of your product. In this example, I’ve used Supademo for demonstration but you can use other tools also as per your convenience.

Creating an interactive demo video with Supademo is a straightforward process that can help you effectively showcase your product, service, or platform. This guide will walk you through the steps to create engaging interactive demos and guides with Supademo:

Step 1: Capture Your Flow

Supademo Chrome extention

Begin by turning on the Supademo extension. Hit the record button and navigate through the flow or process you want to demonstrate. As you do, Supademo will automatically create an interactive demo complete with hotspots and text instructions. This means you can effectively capture your workflow with minimal effort.

Step 2: Customize Your Demo

Supademo Customization

After capturing your flow, you have the flexibility to customize your demo. Supademo provides powerful customization options, including the ability to add logos, blurring effects, autoplay settings, and call-to-action elements. This allows you to personalize your demo to match your brand and goals.

Step 3: Share Your Interactive Demo

Supademo Share

Once you’ve fine-tuned your interactive demo, you can instantly share it with your audience. Supademo offers multiple sharing options including public links and embedding capabilities. You can integrate your interactive demo seamlessly into your support documentation, onboarding processes, websites, or within the tools you already use


Interactive demos serve as dynamic tool that bridge the gap between theory and practice that makes them invaluable across various domains, from education to marketing and training. By actively engaging users and offering hands-on experiences, interactive demos enhance learning, product understanding, and problem-solving.

What is Interactive Demo?

Interactive Demo helps you to show the functionality of your tool on your site without the user needing to get the access of the tool.

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