Key Announcements and Highlights of Google IO 2024 Event

Updated on May 20 2024

Google IO 2024 was a big event where Google shared updates about a bunch of artificial intelligence (AI) projects they have been working on.

This happened in a live stream that lasted over three hours. Among the cool stuff they talked about was a tool that makes music from words, project Astra, “Ask Photos” and some important updates to their Gemini model. They also improved Google Search with AI to make finding stuff easier in the US, and soon, everywhere else.

Big changes came to tools we use at work or school, like Gmail getting smarter at summarizing emails. If you have ever wanted to search your photos by asking questions, the “Ask Photos” feature is here to help you.

For those who need help with tasks or making pictures from text, Project Astra and Imagen 3 are new friends to meet.

Veo is another exciting update; it can turn words into videos, kind of like magic competing with OpenAI’s project named Sora. Not just software got better – there are new computer parts too like TPU and CPU units that boosts power for all these AI projects.

Lets have a look at these exciting updated in details.

Google IO 2024 Key Highlights

Google IO 2024 brings exciting changes to tech. New apps, better AI, and cool gadgets are on the list.

Music Effects

Music Effects turns text prompts into music tracks. Users can change the instrument mix in DJ mode, crafting custom sound tracks. This tool lets people with no musical training to create songs or background music easily.

AI Overviews

Google IO 2024 – AI Overview

AI Overviews improve Google Search. Users in the US get it first. It will reach the world soon. This update makes finding information faster and easier. You’ll see better answers to your questions.

Ask Photos feature

Google Photos now has an “Ask Photos” feature. This lets users find specific pictures using AI help. Say you need photos from your beach vacation last summer or birthdays; just ask, and Google Photos sorts it out instantly.

The Ask Photos feature uses AI to make finding memories as easy as asking a question.

Significant updates to Google Workspace

Following the improvements to Google Gemini, big changes come to Google Workspace. These updates make emails easier to manage and search in Gmail. They add a new tool called S Panel.

S Panel lets users create automations in apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides without leaving their workspace.

Google Workspace now offers improved email summaries that makes it quick to find important messages. The search function within Gmail also gets better, which helps you locate emails faster than before.

With the integration of Gemini technology through S Panel, users can automate tasks across different applications seamlessly. This boosts productivity by cutting down on manual work needed for repetitive tasks across documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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Notebook LM with audio generation

Notebook LM now brings audio creation. Users can make sounds or music just by typing instructions. This update uses advanced AI to turn text into realistic audio clips. It lets people create voice-overs, music, or any sound effect they need.

This feature changes how we think about making and sharing audio content online.

Creating with Notebook LM is easy and quick. You don’t need fancy equipment—just a computer and ideas. For example, you could type “rain falling on a rooftop” and get an audio clip of that exact sound.

Or describe a scene for a podcast and generate background noise to match it. The possibilities are endless, opening new doors for creators everywhere.

Introduction of Gemini 1.5 flash

Google DeepMind has launched Gemini 1.5 flash, a new large language model. This cutting-edge technology marks a leap forward in how machines understand and generate human language.

With its advanced capabilities, Gemini 1.5 flash can analyze and create text with an understanding that closely mirrors human intuition.

Gemini 1.5 flash represents the next step in AI evolution that makes complex language processing tasks seem effortless.

This innovation impacts various industries by enhancing systems like Google Workspace, improving the efficiency of data analysis features in products such as Gemini Advance, and powering sophisticated search functionalities.

Its introduction solidifies Google’s position at the forefront of artificial intelligence research and application.

Project Astra

Google IO 2024 – Project Astra

Project Astra is an universal AI chat assistant for everyday tasks. This tool makes it easy to manage daily activities without stress. Users can ask questions, get answers quickly, and complete tasks with ease.

With Project Astra, Google has created a smart way to help people save time.

This AI chat assistant understands what users need and acts fast. It works across different devices and apps. People everywhere can use it for work, home, or on the go. Project Astra changes how we do things every day that makes life simpler for everyone.

Imagen 3

Imagen 3 turns words into pictures. Now, users can test it out. This new model changes how we create images with just text instructions. It is simple to use and highly accurate that makes art from any description possible.

This tool impacts artists, designers, and anyone who loves being creative. With Imagen 3, creating detailed visuals from mere sentences is now a reality. It offers endless possibilities for creativity and innovation in image creation, setting a new standard in the field.

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Music AI Sandbox

Music AI Sandbox is a set of AI tools for artists. It makes it easy to create new songs. Musicians can use these tools to mix sounds or make new tunes. This helps artists do more with music.

Music AI Sandbox opens new doors for musicians and offers endless possibilities in music creation.

Google VEO

Google IO 2024 – VEO

Veo is Google’s answer to OpenAI’s Sora, a new tool that changes text into videos. This technology lets users create video content quickly and easily. It stands out because it can understand written descriptions and turn them into high-quality visuals.

With Veo, creators have a powerful way to make videos without the need of big budgets or teams. It makes storytelling more accessible for everyone and offers endless possibilities for creativity and expression.

New hardware releases

Google unveiled new chips, including a TPU, CPU, and GP TPU. These improve speed and power in devices. The focus is clear—faster processing for AI tasks.

The tech giant also showcased gadgets like the Google Pixel Fold with Wear OS 5 and a theft detection lock. Innovations target efficiency and safety in tech products.

Enhanced multi-step reasoning in search

Search now gets smarter with enhanced multi-step reasoning. This means Google can understand complex questions better. For example, if you ask for places near you where you can buy an Apple Watch and then have lunch, Google figures out multiple steps.

First, it finds stores that sell smartwatches. Then, it searches for nearby restaurants.

This update uses advanced AI to break down your question into smaller parts. It solves each part one after another. This way, you get more accurate answers fast. Users will see this improvement across all Google search platforms – on phones, laptops, and tablets.

S Panel

S Panel brings Gemini into workspace software, making automations easy. It lets users combine tools in new ways for better work flow. With S Panel, creating tasks across different apps becomes simple and fast.

This tool changes how we think about using Google’s applications together.

For instance, you can link your calendar with email for smarter scheduling or connect data analysis in Sheets directly with a presentation in Slides. This integration aims to save time and make daily tasks more efficient.

Users enjoy streamlined operations without switching between apps constantly.

AI teammates

Moving from the S Panel, Google introduced AI teammates. These are tools that help people work together better. They join teams to do specific tasks. For example, they can write emails, make plans, or analyze data.

This means teams can get more done with less effort.

These AI helpers use technology like Gemini Advance for deeper data analysis. Teams can now tackle big projects faster and make smarter decisions. With these updates, working on something big feels easier and more accurate.

Data analysis features added to Gemini Advance

Gemini Advance now lets users dig deep into their data. This tool offers ways to see information in new lights. You can sort, filter, and find patterns with ease. Think of it as a powerful magnifying glass that uncovers hidden details from your datasets.

Users love how they can turn numbers into stories that make sense.

These features are not just for looks; they have a real impact on decisions and strategies. Imagine comparing sales figures across different regions or analyzing customer behavior over time.

Gemini Advance handles these tasks by breaking down complex data into simple charts and reports. This way, businesses get the clear insights they need to move forward confidently.

Circle to Search

Adding to the innovations, Circle to Search stands out by letting users point at anything in an app and circle it for instant info. This tool cuts down on steps and makes searches fast and simple.

Use it, and right away, you see details about what you circled. It’s like having a quick helper in your pocket.

This feature uses smart technology to understand what you’re looking for without needing extra words or clicks. Just draw a circle around any item on your screen with your finger. Instantly, Google springs into action, pulling up everything related to that item.

Whether it’s for shopping or learning something new, this feature changes how we find information on our devices.

Release of Poly Gemma

Google announced Poly Gemma, a big language model. This new tool shows Google’s deep dive into AI technology. Poly Gemma is set to change how we interact with digital devices and data analysis.

This release marks a significant step in computer understanding. Users will find smarter responses across Google platforms. From web searches to apps, expect more accurate and helpful results.


Google IO 2024 brought us 10+ exciting AI updates. These change how we use Google’s tools every day. For example, the Circle to Search enhances search experience, and Music Effects lets you turn text into music. We saw big improvements in how we search the web.

These updates make things easier for everyone. Now, finding what you need online is faster. And with new apps, your phone can do more cool stuff than before. Using these new tools will save us time. Think about all the ways these changes can help you work smarter or have fun with music and photos.

So, let’s try out these new features! They’re ready to make our digital lives better right away.

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