Google Bard Updates Gemini Pro For Multilingual Support and Image Creation Using Imagen 2

Updated on February 14 2024

Google is taking conversational AI to the next level with the worldwide rollout of Gemini Pro in Bard. This multilingual chatbot is now accessible across 40+ languages in over 230 countries and territories. With enhanced natural language processing, Bard can understand and respond to users globally in their native tongue.

This Google Bard update also unlocks Bard’s advanced image creation through Imagen 2 across borders. Users anywhere can now generate images just by describing it in text.

As Google’s most ambitious AI project yet, Bard aims to make conversational AI seamlessly accessible worldwide.

Google Bard Supports Conversations in Multiple Languages

At the core of Bard’s global expansion with this Gemini Pro update is multilingual comprehension. The chatbot leverages improvements in language models like LaMDA 2 and PaLM to process diverse languages. Users worldwide can have natural conversations with Bard by typing or speaking in their native language.

Key features of Bard’s multilingual prowess:

  • Supports 40+ languages including Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Swahili, and more.
  • Processes different languages and dialects to understand context.
  • Responds accurately in the user’s language without needing translation.
  • Handles real-world conversations spanning multiple topics.
  • Provides factual answers by cross-checking sources.
  • Optimized for mobile use – Android & iOS apps allow chatting on the go.

This language versatility allows Bard to serve users in ways unmatched by previous chatbots. People across the globe can seamlessly get information, creative inspiration, and assistance purely within their language.

Google Bard Generates Images With Powerful Imagen 2

Along with conversational chat, Bard unlocks global access to AI-generated images through Imagen 2. The enhanced model builds upon Imagen to produce images from text prompts safely.

Bard Imagen 2 In Action
Google Bard Imagen 2 In Action

Key capabilities of Imagen 2 for worldwide usage:

  • Creates images matching text descriptions in any supported language.
  • Produces high-resolution images with realistic and coherent details.
  • Avoids generating harmful, biased or inappropriate content.
  • Ideal for creative projects, content creation, education, marketing and more.
  • Seamless integration in Bard chatbot – easily generate images while chatting.
  • Users worldwide can tap into Bard’s imagination to bring their ideas to life. Describing anything from scenes, designs, posters and characters results in stunning images. The AI handles image creation requests in multiple languages.

Google Bard Is Available Globally Across Platforms

To make conversational AI truly accessible worldwide, Google has integrated Bard into its products. Users across over 230 countries and territories can access Bard in the following ways:

  • Directly chatting with the AI via the official Bard app and website.
  • Using Gemini Pro within Google Search for inspired results.
  • Integration with other products like Google Workspace, Lens, Maps and more.
  • Availability on both Android and iOS mobile platforms.
  • API access for developers to build applications leveraging Bard’s capabilities.
  • This omnipresence across platforms removes friction in accessing Bard’s AI prowess. The chatbot meets users where they already are online, enabling seamless usage while searching, working, messaging and more.

What’s Next for Google Bard – More Languages and Realistic Images

As an experimental AI service, Google acknowledges Bard still has room to grow. Ongoing improvements to its conversational and generative models aim to make the chatbot more useful.

Some enhancements in the pipeline include:

  • Expanding language support to 100+ languages.
  • More contextual conversations staying on-topic.
  • Faster and more relevant responses drawing from updated knowledge.
  • Photorealistic image generation with coherent details.
  • Tighter content filters ensuring safety across languages.
  • Google plans to incorporate user feedback into improving Bard. With time, the AI chatbot aims to transform how people worldwide create, work and communicate.


Bard’s global rollout empowers worldwide access to multilingual conversational AI. The chatbot removes language barriers through natural language processing spanning 40+ languages. Users anywhere can have productive chats and unlock creative potential by generating images via text leveraging Imagen 2.

As Google continues enhancing Bard’s capabilities, people across the globe will find new ways to harness AI through seamless conversations. The possibilities are endless as Bard spreads its wings worldwide.

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