Best Free Notion Templates for Productivity – Notion Templates for SaaS founders

Updated on May 3 2024

Notion has quickly become one of the most popular productivity and project management tools for teams and individuals. Its flexible databases, simple formatting, and wide range of templates provide endless possibilities for creating customized systems to organize your work and life. However, with so many options, getting started with Notion can feel overwhelming.

The good news is that there are tons of talented creators who have designed beautiful and functional free Notion templates for work that you can start using instantly. Whether you need a template to plan your social media content, track your finances, organize your job search, or simplify your workflows, there’s something out there made exactly for that purpose.

In this blog post, I’ve curated the very best free Notion templates available on the web right now. I’ll provide a brief overview and use cases for each template, as well as direct links for easy access. With these pre-built frameworks, you can hit the ground running on Notion without starting from a blank slate.

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Free Notion Templates for Productivity

Notion Freelance Dashboard

Free Notion Templates - Freelance dashboard

Use Case: Freelance project management

This template is built for the purpose of managing all the clients projects, tasks, and to generate invoices. You can use this template to streamline your freelance workflow in one place.

Notion Finance Tracker

Free Notion Templates - Finance tracker

Use Case: Finance tracking

Managing income and expenses is an integral part of financial discipline. Using this Notion template you can keep a record of all your finance at one place. You can even sort and filter the financial records to view your income and expenses in a particular period of time.

Notion Goal Tracker

Free Notion Templates - Goal tracker

Use Case: Goal tracking

If you love creating goals and want to keep track of the progress you are making then this Notion template is the only thing you need. It provides a well structured way to track your goals with progress bar, calendar view, quick actions, board view and much more. This Notion Template will boost your productvity.

Notion Invoice Template

Free Notion Templates - Goal Tracking

Use Case: Invoice creation

This invoice template is designed specifically for digital products! Tailored for freelancers and small businesses, this fully customizable and user-friendly template features fields for service or item description, quantity, unit price, and total amount. Additionally, it incorporates a section for contact information and payment details, complete with an embedded PayPal payment option for one-click convenience.

NotionFree Job Tracker

Job Tracker Notion Template 1

Use Case: Job tracking

Notion Job Tracker Template is specifically crafted for job seekers, this comprehensive template simplifies and enhances every aspect of your job search process. Easily manage your submitted applications and maintain a detailed record of interviews, all within a centralized and intuitive platform. You can monitor each application step from submission to replies, this intuitive tracker ensures seamless tracking of your job application progress. All the job seeker can increase their productivity with this Notion Templates.

Notion Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker Notion template

Use Case: Habit tracking

Monitor your daily habits and progress with this customizable tracker template. It comes in two formats – a table view and calendar view – for tracking up to 31 days. The core framework tallies the total number of habits completed each day, letting you easily analyze trends and consistency. Tracking habits on this Notion Templates will boost your productivity.

Notion Projects and Tasks

Projects and Tasks Notion template

Use Case: Project management

This intuitive project management template centralizes essential planning, visibility, and collaboration features team members need. First, ensure the right view aligns with each initiative’s status – List, Calendar, Gannt, or Kanban. Then embed all fundamentals in one place no matter the view – such as outline project plans, upload relevant files/images, schedule milestones deadlines, insert meeting agendas, tag members for tasks, facilitate discussions in comments, and track progress with status options. Whether planning product roadmaps, coordinating short sprints, or managing complex programs – this unified hub dynamically aligns to any project methodology.

Notion Social Media Calendar

social media management notion template

Use Case: Social Media management

This Notion templates is helpful for managing all your social media posts. You can use this template to plan, write, and draft all your social media posts in one single platform. It gives two different view options, calendar view and board view. You can shuffle between these two to get a better view of all the posts.

Notion Personal Finance Tracker with Automations

personal finance tracker notion template

Use Case: Finance tracking

Notion’s Personal Finance Tracker template is the way to handle your hard earned money. It’s like having a personal financial assistant that automatically updates every time you earn or spend money and keep your financial records always up to date. Plus, it even reminds you to set aside money for taxes on your income. With Notion, managing your personal finances becomes a breeze that helps you make smarter decisions with your money.

Notion Project Management

project management notion template

Use Case: Project Management

This Notion template provides an all-in-one project management solution for organizing team initiatives of any size. At the core, it allows creating visual timelines to map out project plans with key milestones and deadlines. You can break down large goals into granular tasks and subtasks, assigning owners and tracking progress through customizable status flows as work gets completed.

Notion Product Roadmap

product roadmap notion template

Use Case: Product development

The Notion Product Roadmap template is your ultimate tool for strategically planning and monitoring product launches with flexibility and precision. Whether you want to see the big picture by quarter, half, or year, this template has you covered. It facilitates seamless collaboration across teams with specialized filters and views. Whether you prefer a high-level overview of your launch timeline or need to delve into the detailed tasks of each project, this template ensures your product development process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Notion Tasks and Issues

Tasks and issues Notion Template 1

Use Case: Project management

This Notion template is your go-to solution for overseeing and progressing through projects collaboratively. Each team member can initiate new tasks, track their assignments, and stay informed about the overall progress. The template employs a card system, allowing each card to be expanded into its dedicated page, facilitating the consolidation of research, notes, and sub-tasks in one convenient location. Using Notion Tags for department and priority, along with the inclusion of team members, ensure clarity on each task’s significance and progress. This streamlined approach makes it easy to filter and locate specific information, keeping everyone on the same page.

Notion Brand Assets

Brand Asset Management Notion template 1

Use Case: Brand asset management

The Brand Assets Notion template is a valuable tool for maintaining a well-organized repository of your brand’s visual elements, including logos, images, and fonts. With this template, you can easily tag assets that allow for efficient sorting based on file type or application. This streamlined system ensures that your brand assets are readily accessible and categorized, making it a breeze to manage and locate essential visual components whenever needed. Whether you’re coordinating marketing materials or collaborating on design projects, this template simplifies the process of managing and utilizing your brand’s key assets.

Notion Client Portal

client portal notion template

Use Case: Client management

The Client Portal Notion template is a strategic solution crafted to enhance client relationships, elevate project efficiency, and simplify administrative processes. This tool is geared towards delivering outstanding client experiences and enhancing overall productivity. Its robust set of features makes the Client Portal an essential resource, offering centralized and organized management for clients and projects alike.

Notion Applicant Tracking

Applicant tracking notion template

Use Case: Applicant tracking

The Notion Applicant Tracking template is your comprehensive tool for overseeing the entire hiring process for all your open positions. Each page within the Applicant Tracker provides a detailed overview of a candidate’s information, including important documents, notes, offers, next steps, and more. This collaborative platform enables contributions from anyone on your team and makes it a centralized and accessible hub for managing candidate progress seamlessly across the hiring cycle.

Notion New Hire Onboarding

New hire onboarding notion template

Use Case: Onboarding new employees

The New Hire Onboarding Notion template simplifies the process of welcoming new hires to your company. Utilizing onboarding checklists, this template ensures a smooth transition for employees. By clicking on any card associated with an individual, you can access a detailed overview of their onboarding tasks and related notes. It provides a comprehensive and organized approach to guide new team members through their initial days at the company.

Notion Minimal Workflow

focus notion template

Use Case: Goals and task management

The Minimal Workflow Notion template is designed for maximum efficiency in managing your goals and tasks. It features a straightforward goals tracker that allows you to keep a constant eye on your objectives. With easy-to-use checkboxes, task management becomes a breeze. It ensures a simplified approach to your to-do list. The template also provides a distraction-free journal space and enables you to capture your thoughts without unnecessary embellishments.

Notion Graphic Design Portfolio

graphic designing portfolio notion template

Use Case: Portfolio making

The Graphic Design Portfolio Notion template is crafted to empower designers in crafting a visually striking website that showcases their skills, projects, and professional journey. Sporting a sleek and contemporary design, this template includes dedicated pages for your portfolio, an about section, services offered, contact information, and a space for blog posts. Every page is fully customizable that allows you to align it with your personal brand and style.

Notion Process Docs

process docs notion template

Use Case: Team process documentation

The Process Docs Notion template is a centralized and searchable hub for creating and storing your team’s processes. With this template, you can efficiently document and organize essential procedures and ensure that your team has easy access to the information they need. Whether it’s onboarding processes, workflow guidelines, or any other procedural documentation, this template streamlines the process of creating, storing, and retrieving vital information in a user-friendly and organized manner.

Notion Product Team in a Box

product team notion template

Use Case: Product development

The Product Team in-a-Box Notion template serves as a virtual command center for streamlined product development. This comprehensive tool consolidates everything from roadmaps to feature requests and eliminates the need to switch between platforms and optimizing your team’s workflow. It promotes a collaborative environment and ensures everyone stays informed and engaged. This ultimately enhances communication and expediting decision-making. Whether tracking key objectives or managing product launches, this template equips your product team with the tools needed for efficient, collaborative, and effective work.

Notion Develop and Launch an App

launching app notion template

Use Case: App development

The Develop and Launch an App Notion template is designed to guide you through the efficient utilization of Notion’s timeline view for the development and launch of your app. This structured template is versatile and can be applied to manage any project with distinct stages, steps, or sub-tasks. It outlines specific stages and steps and offers a roadmap derived from a real-world example that provides you with a comprehensive framework to navigate through the complexities of app development and launch processes.

Notion Funding OS

funding management notion template

Use Case: Funding management

The Funding OS Notion template serves as an invaluable tool for founders embarking on fundraising endeavors. Functioning akin to a CRM, this template extends its capabilities to address specific fundraising needs. Developed from five years of hands-on experience collaborating with business owners, it provides comprehensive support throughout the fundraising process and offers a structured and efficient approach to acquisition and management. Whether you’re initiating or navigating funding rounds, Funding OS on Notion is designed to streamline your efforts and enhance your fundraising journey.

Notion SaaS Subscriptions Manager

saas subscription manager notion template

Use Case: Subscription management

The SaaS Subscription Manager Notion template is designed for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs grappling with the expanding landscape of SaaS services. With your subscriptions multiplying, tracking payments and conducting regular reviews to optimize costs becomes challenging. This template acts as a centralized hub that offers a convenient solution to manage all your subscriptions in one place. It streamlines the process of conducting periodic audits and ensures that you stay up-to-date on your software expenses and avoid unnecessary spending on tools that are no longer in use.


After covering over 20 of the top free Notion templates currently available, you now have an abundance of options to choose from to build your optimized workspace. While learning a new productivity app can seem intimidating at first, these pre-made notion templates eliminate the barriers and learning curve to hit the ground running.

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FAQs on Notion Templates

Are all Notion templates free to use? 

The majority of templates shared publicly tend to be free, but some creators opt to charge for templates, especially more complex ones tailored to businesses and enterprises. However, tons of great freebies exist.

What kind of Notion templates are available?

There are templates available spanning personal databases, project trackers, content calendars, finances, notes, and so much more.

Can I customize and edit downloaded Notion templates?

Absolutely! The best part about templates is tailoring them further to your brand, preferences, and evolving needs over time through Notion’s flexibility.

Do templates work well on mobile Notion apps too?

While designed on desktop, Notion templates generally transition seamlessly to the iOS and Android apps too, retaining full functionality.

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