10 Best Paid and Free AI Professional Headshot Generators in 2024

Updated on May 17 2024

We all know a professional headshot is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, or job seeker, a high-quality professional headshot can make all the difference in establishing credibility and making a lasting impression.

However, hiring a professional photographer can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s where AI professional headshot generators come in. With the rise of AI, it’s now possible to create stunning, professional-grade AI headshots in mere minutes, without breaking the bank or requiring extensive photography experience.

In this article, we’ll explore the Top 10 paid and free AI professional headshot generators, each with its unique features, pros, and cons, pricing, and why we picked it.

Top AI Professional Headshot Generators

Quick Overview of Professional Headshot Generators We Tried

For a quick recommendation, we went through a list of 28+ AI headshot generators to come up with this list of top 10. Take a peek at our brief product list or scroll down for more comprehensive reviews.

Comparison Table

NameKey FeaturesPricePaid/Free
Headshot Pro40 to 140 headshots, 3 to 1 hour session, up to 14 edit credits and unique backgrounds & clothing styles$29 – $49 per shoot/personPaid
FotorAI Headshot Generator, photo editing, marketing material creationFree (limited features)
Pro: $8.99/month
StudioShotInfinite touchups, Dedicated support, 2 business day turnaroundStarting at $39.00Paid
Dreamwave.aiCustom AI model, Full control over photo deletionStarting at $35Free
Pro Photos40 to 160 Unique AI Headshots, Full Color, Ready in 30 to 90 minutes$25 – $155Paid
Profile BakeryBusiness Portraits, Images used for model training, Images deleted within one monthStarts at $20Paid
Better PicStudio quality 4K pictures, Choice of 150+ styles and backgroundsStarts from $25Paid
Air Brush5 to 80 headshots, 2 hours processing time, Unlock all backgrounds and outfits$4.99 – $79.98Paid
Insta Headshots40 to 200 HD Headshots, 60 to 120-minute turnaround time$39 – $59 USDPaid
Headshot Generator50 to 1500 high-quality headshots, Full commercial license$19 – $290Paid
Best professional headshot generators comparison

Now, lets look at each one of them in-depth:

1. Headshot Pro



  • Get up to 140 headshots with the Premium Shoot.
  • Choose from unique backgrounds and clothing styles for your photos.
  • Photoshoots can be done in as quick as 1 hour.
  • Edit credits let you perfect your favorite shots.
  • Save big with discounts on orders for groups of 5 or more people.
  • Options available for every budget, starting at $29 per person.

Headshot Pro stands out as the top choice for anyone needing professional headshots quickly and efficiently.

With Headshot Pro, you get 80 high-quality, photorealistic headshots that look just like real photos. The feature of generating images in 8 unique locations allows users to have diverse backgrounds without leaving their desk. This is especially useful for those who want a professional image on platforms like LinkedIn or for company websites.

The service’s wide variety of backdrops and clothing options ensures your headshot matches the tone and style you’re aiming for, whether it’s corporate, creative, or casual. Plus, with pricing starting at just $29 per person and bulk discounts available, it’s an affordable option for both individuals and teams looking to update their professional appearance.

We chose Headshot Pro as our number one pick because of its unmatched combination of quality, ease of use, and speed. Users can receive a batch of photos in as little as one hour without compromising on the crispness or clarity of the image.

Features of Headshot Pro

  • Generates 80 headshots per person: You get 80 different shots, which means you can pick the perfect one for any occasion, whether it’s for work or your new social media profile.
  • Offers 8 unique locations per shoot: You can have photos taken in front of famous landmarks or picturesque scenes, making each picture special and exciting.
  • High-quality photo size: Photos are crystal clear and high-resolution, perfect for printing or using online.
  • Indistinguishable from real photos: The headshots look very real.
  • Wide variety of backdrops and clothing options.


  • Save time and money with no real photo shoot needed.
  • Choose from a wide variety of clothes and backdrops.
  • Get 80 high – quality, realistic headshots in different poses.
  • Enjoy clear, sharp images that look just like real photos.


  • Limited to 80 headshots per person
  • Only 8 location options available
  • Requires digital set – up for clothing and backdrops

Headshot Pro is perfect for busy professionals who want high-quality, realistic headshots without the time and hassle of a photoshoot.

Product Info


Pricing of Headshot Pro

Small Shoot: $29 per person

Normal Shoot: $39 per shoot

Premium Shoot: $49 per shoot

2. Fotor



  • Fotor lets you edit photos, make marketing materials, and boost images with AI.
  • You can easily crop, resize, and add text to pictures.
  • Create professional headshots with the AI Headshot Generator.
  • Make your own logos, flyers, posters, and social media content like YouTube Thumbnails and Instagram Posts.
  • Use advanced AI for cool image effects and find lots of templates for your projects.
  • It works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and has features for batch editing photos.

Fotor stands out as a top pick for those needing an all-in-one photo editing and marketing material platform, making it our number 2 choice. With its user-friendly online interface, Fotor simplifies tasks like cropping, resizing, and adding text to photos.

This AI Headshot Generator is particularly impressive, offering users the ability to create professional headshots effortlessly. This feature is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their business profile or social media presence with high-quality images.

Beyond conventional editing tools, Fotor excels in providing advanced AI features for image enhancement and effects. Whether you’re designing YouTube thumbnails or crafting Instagram posts, the platform’s vast template library ensures your content shines.

For small businesses or entrepreneurs, the Logo Maker, Flyer Maker, and Poster Maker tools are invaluable resources for creating eye-catching marketing materials without needing a designer on standby. Moreover, Fotor’s batch editing capabilities save ample time when working on multiple photos at once.

Choosing Fotor as our second pick comes down to its versatility and ease of use across different platforms – including iOS and Android apps – making photo editing and content creation accessible anytime, anywhere. The integration of AI-driven tools elevates the user experience by automating complex processes such as headshot generation or background removals with precision.

Features of Fotor

  • Online Photo Editor: Fotor lets you crop, resize, and add text to photos easily. This means making your pictures look perfect is a breeze – ideal for both beginners and pros.
  • AI Headshot Generator: Create professional headshots in seconds. You don’t need expensive equipment or software; Fotor does it all with just a few clicks.
  • Marketing Material Creation Tools: With the Logo Maker, Flyer Maker, and Poster Maker, designing eye-catching marketing materials has never been simpler.
  • Social Media Content Tools: Keep your social media fresh and engaging with tools for creating YouTube Thumbnails, Instagram Posts, Facebook Covers, and more.
  • Batch Photo Editing Capabilities: Save time by editing multiple photos at once. Whether you’re adjusting sizes or applying filters, Fotor makes it quick and easy to edit lots of images simultaneously.


  • Easily create professional headshots and enhance images with AI tools.
  • Design marketing materials like logos, flyers, and posters quickly.
  • Make engaging social media content for platforms like YouTube and Instagram.
  • Save time by editing photos in batches and using templates.


  • Some advanced features require a paid subscription.
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners due to the vast array of tools and options.
  • May run slowly on older computers or devices.

Fotor is perfect for creative pros and marketing wizards looking to make head-turning content, from professional headshots with AI to eye-catching flyers, all in one place. Start designing now and watch your ideas come to life!

Product Info


Pricing of Fotor

Basic: Free (limited features)

Pro: $8.99/month

Business: Custom pricing

3. StudioShot



  • Save big with the discount code LAUNCH25.
  • Get great deals on group photos; more people mean bigger savings.
  • Enjoy unlimited photo touchups to make every shot perfect.
  • Count on help whenever you need it with dedicated support.
  • See your amazing photos in just two business days.
  • Skip the travel and stress; do everything easily from home.

StudioShot stands out as a top choice for anyone needing professional headshots, securing its spot as number three on our list. This virtual photography studio merges the expertise of real photographers with advanced AI technology to deliver stunning portraits.

Its service makes it incredibly easy for clients: you simply upload a selfie, pick your preferred style from their diverse options including Executive and LinkedIn profiles, and receive over 50 tailored shots. What truly sets StudioShot apart is its promise of infinite retouches until satisfaction is met, coupled with a fast 2-day turnaround.

Clients rave about the convenience and quality of StudioShot’s offerings. For instance, one user shared how they landed their dream job after updating their LinkedIn profile with a headshot from StudioShot.

Another benefit is the studio’s commitment to privacy, ensuring that all personal data and photos are deleted after completion of the job.

With affordable pricing starting at $39 – currently discounted further – a hassle-free process, dedicated support team, and group pricing options make this service accessible for individuals or teams looking to elevate their professional image virtually.

Choosing StudioShot offers an efficient solution amidst other AI photo generators by focusing on personalized attention through real photographer oversight combined with state-of-the-art AI customization capabilities.

Features of Studioshot

  • Get a polished headshot with StudioShot’s fully virtual service.
  • Enjoy endless edits until you’re thrilled, thanks to real photographers who fine – tune your shot.
  • Choose from over 500 styles, including Executive and LinkedIn profiles, personalized by AI for a unique look that stands out.
  • Manage team photos easily with our dashboard, making everyone’s headshots consistent and professional in just a couple of clicks.
  • Fast delivery means you get your perfect headshot in just two days, keeping projects on track and profiles updated quickly.


  • Get professional headshots from home.
  • Enjoy unlimited edits by real photographers.
  • Choose from a wide range of styles with AI help.
  • Manage team photos easily and get fast results.


  • Requires good quality selfie for best results
  • No in – person interaction with photographers
  • Might be too pricey for individuals on a tight budget

StudioShot is perfect for busy professionals, actors, and anyone wanting to shine on LinkedIn or company websites.

Product Info


Pricing of Studioshot

Starting Price: $39.00 (Limited Time Offer: $29.25 per person with discount code LAUNCH25)

4. Dreamwave.ai



  • Dreamwave.ai needs just 5 photos to create over 100 headshots.
  • Uses top – notch data security, just like the biggest tech companies do.
  • Has a custom AI model that learns from your own photos.
  • Lets you fully control and delete your photos whenever you want.
  • Doesn’t claim any rights over your images, keeping them yours alone.
  • Offers endless professional styles for your headshots, no limits.

Dreamwave.ai changes the game for anyone needing a professional headshot. Developed by AI experts from MIT and Google, this platform delivers high-quality images that look real, not like they were made by a computer. You just upload your photos, and quickly get over 100 professional headshots to choose from.

This tool stands out for its privacy commitment too; it protects your data fiercely, never storing photos without permission.

What makes Dreamwave.ai truly special are its customization options. Users can adjust details like eyes, teeth, and blemishes with an AI photo editor – ensuring the final product is exactly what they want. Plus, with endorsements from professionals at companies like Apple and Google, you know it’s trusted by the best. The service suits everyone – from job seekers to top-tier executives – and works within strict privacy frameworks suitable even for healthcare organizations.

This platform offers something not many do: complete control over your digital presence while ensuring security and quality in every shot generated. With Dreamwave.ai’s technology backed by leading AI expertise combined with user-friendly features like no-signup access and global privacy compliance, getting that perfect professional headshot has never been more reliable.

Features of Dreamweave.ai

  • Quick Professional Headshots: Dreamwave.ai lets you make professional headshots fast.
  • No Signup Hassle: You don’t need to create an account to start making your headshot.
  • Safe and Private: Feel secure knowing your photos can be deleted anytime. Plus, your data stays in the US.
  • Customize Your Look: Use the AI editor for changes like brighter eyes or fewer blemishes.
  • Trusted by Big Names: People at Apple, Google, and Tesla use it.


  • Create professional headshots quickly without looking like AI made them.
  • Use the service right away, no need to sign up.
  • Your photos stay safe and private, with a promise they won’t leave the US.
  • Make your photo perfect by editing eyes, teeth, and more with an AI editor.


  • No physical studio interaction.
  • Limited styles compared to traditional photography.
  • Needs internet access for use.

Dreamwave.ai is perfect for busy professionals and companies, like those at Apple or Google, who want fast and secure pro headshots without hassle. Make your best impression now with Dreamwave.ai.

Product Info


Pricing of Dreamweave.ai

Free version available with 21+ days wait time

Starter Package: Priced at $35, this option provides 120 photos with a 2-hour turnaround time.

Standard Package: At $59, this package includes 240 photos, with one free redo allowed.

Best Value Package: For $99, you get 500 photos, two free redos, and human touchups from Photoshop experts.

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5. Pro Photos



  • Get 40 to 160 unique AI headshots.
  • Choose from full color options.
  • Pick outfits like suits, coats, and more styles.
  • Enjoy up to 12 different background styles.
  • Fast service: Ready in 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Unlimited customizations available with the PROFESSIONAL package.

Pro Photos changes the game for anyone needing professional headshots quickly and without breaking the bank. This AI-driven platform delivers high-quality, realistic portraits suitable for various industries. With over 12 million headshots generated for more than 50,000 customers, it’s clear this tool meets a critical need.

The process couldn’t be easier or faster. You choose a package that fits your budget and style needs, upload your photo, and in minutes, you have up to 160 unique AI-generated headshots ready to use. From LinkedIn profiles to company websites, these pictures can elevate any professional material. The affordability is a significant plus – no need for costly photoshoot setups or waiting days for edited images.

Customers rave about the lifelike quality of their photos and how Pro Photos accurately captures their personality with just the right touch of professionalism. A real estate agent shared how her new headshot on business cards led to more client inquiries because of the polished image she now presents.

Features of Pro Photos AI

  • Create stunning, lifelike headshots: With Pro Photos, you can make high-quality AI-generated headshots that look real.
  • Find the perfect fit for any job: Whether you’re in tech, healthcare, or creative arts, Pro Photos offers a wide range of industry-specific options.
  • Get your headshot fast: No need to wait days or weeks. With Pro Photos, your ideal headshot is ready in just minutes.
  • Enjoy great value: With various affordable pricing options, find one that fits your needs perfectly.


  • Get realistic AI – generated headshots fast.
  • Choose from a wide range of industry – specific options.
  • Join over 50,000 happy customers with access to 12 million headshots.
  • Enjoy high – quality headshots at an affordable price.


  • May not capture personal quirks or unique facial expressions
  • Limited to headshots, not offering full – body images
  • Potential loss of jobs for professional photographers

Pro Photos is perfect for busy professionals and businesses looking to create high-quality, realistic AI-generated headshots quickly and affordably.

Product Info


Pricing of ProPhotos AI

Basic Package: $25 for 40 unique headshots, ready in 90 minutes.

Premium Package: $55 for 80 headshots, more style and background options, ready in 45 minutes.

Professional Package: $155 for 160 headshots with extensive customization, ready in 30 minutes.

6. Profile Bakery



  • Profile Bakery creates Business Portraits perfect for LinkedIn or CVs.
  • You need to upload 7 – 15 pictures to get started.
  • It works with images from 300 KB up to 4 MB in size.
  • Your photos train a special model within a file around 1 – 2 GB big.
  • Both your original images and the model are safe; they’re deleted after one month.
  • This service ensures your information is used only once and kept private.

Whether you need a polished LinkedIn portrait or an eye-catching Tinder photo, Profile Bakery has over 100 styles to choose from. This versatility ensures every photo is tailored to match your individual needs while maintaining Swiss quality standards.

Another remarkable feature is the happiness guarantee – if you’re not thrilled with your photos, they offer a free redo. Your data privacy and security are top priorities with EU hosting and a promise to delete images after one month.

For anyone needing varied clothes, backdrops, and styles without spending on traditional photography costs, this service provides an efficient solution. It’s particularly beneficial for professionals aiming to stand out on business platforms like LinkedIn or for individuals wanting to make their social media profiles pop.

Given its focus on specialized AI images for various purposes including actor headshots and model portfolios, Profile Bakery essentially serves as your personal photo studio at a fraction of the cost. The process is straightforward: upload your selfies and let their AI work magic by giving them that professional touch amidst diverse settings – all while ensuring top-notch privacy protocols are in place.

Features of Profile Bakery

  • Turn Selfies into Masterpieces: With Profile Bakery, your everyday selfies can become stunning photos.
  • Choose Your Style from 100+ Options: No matter the occasion or mood, Profile Bakery has you covered with over 100 styles.
  • Swiss Quality for Every Photo: Every image processed through Profile Bakery meets high Swiss quality standards.
  • Happy with Your Photo or Redo for Free: If you’re not thrilled with how your photo turns out, don’t worry! Profile Bakery offers a happiness guarantee – they’ll redo it for free until it meets your expectations.
  • EU Data Privacy Standards: Feel secure knowing that all services are hosted in the EU, respecting strict data privacy laws. Plus, images are deleted after one month for an extra layer of privacy protection.


  • Turn selfies into pro shots with AI.
  • Choose from over 100 styles for your perfect photo.
  • Enjoy Swiss quality and a happiness guarantee.
  • Save money compared to traditional photography.


  • Limited to digital images, not physical prints.
  • Requires internet connection for uploading selfies.
  • 1 – month image deletion policy may require frequent backups.

Profile Bakery is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their photos without spending much on professional photographers, especially if you love sharing selfies but crave that pro look.

Product Info


Pricing of Profile Bakery

Basic – $20(30 pictures, Minimum of 4 different styles, Sent in 3-4 working hours)

Standard – $39 (70 pictures, minimum 8 different styles, sent in 3-4 hours)

Pro – $69 (96 pictures, consists of at least 12 various styles, sent in 3-4 hours)

7. Better Pic



  • Price starts at only $25 for studio – quality 4K pictures.
  • Choose from over 150 styles and backgrounds to match your taste.
  • Get your top – notch photos done in less than an hour.
  • Our strict data protection policies keep your information safe following GDPR & CCPA.
  • Quick customer service with options for redo or further edits on demand.

Better Pic stands out with its 4K AI headshots that promise studio-level quality. Starting at just $25, this service offers a quick solution for anyone needing high-quality photos fast. Users can choose from over 150 styles and backgrounds, making it easy to get the perfect shot for business profiles, social media, or personal branding.

Customers love how simple Better Pic is to use. Uploading a photo and selecting a style is straightforward, thanks to the user-friendly interface. Many have shared stories of using their AI headshots on LinkedIn and other platforms with great success, often receiving compliments on the quality of their pictures.

Moreover, Better Pic ensures users’ peace of mind by adhering to strict data protection policies like GDPR & CCPA while providing exceptional customer service. This combination of quick turnaround time, affordability, variety in customization options, and security makes it a top choice among professionals looking for quality headshots.

Features of Better Pic

  • Professional 4K AI Headshots: Stunning, high-resolution headshots perfect for any portfolio or platform.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Better Pic delivers top-notch photos in less than an hour.
  • Wide Selection of Styles and Backgrounds: Choose from over 150+ options to find the perfect match for your personality and professional needs.
  • Convenient and Accessible From Anywhere: Get amazing headshots right from the comfort of your home.
  • Affordable Starting Price: With prices beginning at just $25, Better Pic offers incredible value without compromising quality.


  • Get professional 4K AI headshots fast.
  • Choose from over 150 styles and backgrounds.
  • Affordable starting price of $25.
  • Enjoy safe and secure service with strict data protection.


  • Requires internet access to use.
  • May not capture the personal touch of a live photographer.
  • Starting price may still be high for some budgets.

Better Pic is perfect for professionals and creatives who want stunning 4K AI headshots quickly and affordably.

Product Info


Pricing of Better Pic

Basic – $25

Pro – $35

Expert – $49

8. Air Brush



  • Each plan offers quick 2 hours processing time.
  • Lite Plan provides an affordable option at only $4.99 with a 50% discount deal.
  • Normal Plan doubles the fun with 40 headshots and lets you choose any background or outfit.
  • Premium Plan gives you the most, offering 80 headshots and four different styles to pick from.
  • Unlock all backgrounds and outfits with either Normal or Premium Plans, giving you endless creativity.
  • Enjoy big savings with discounted prices on both Normal and Premium Plans.

Air Brush makes editing photos easy and fun, perfect for anyone looking to step up their image game. With AI-powered retouch features, users can revamp portraits to look flawless in no time. The app also allows you to remove unwanted objects from your pictures, making it simple to clean up any photo. Whether you’re adjusting backgrounds or editing multiple images at once with the batch photo editor feature, Air Brush offers a comprehensive toolkit for all your photo needs.

The background remover is a standout tool that lets users easily cut out the backdrop of any image, which is especially useful for creating professional-looking headshots or product images without needing a physical studio. Plus, with affordable plans starting as low as $4.99 and going up to premium options for more extensive needs, there’s something for everyone. Users have praised Air Brush for its simplicity and effectiveness in transforming ordinary photos into polished works of art quickly and efficiently.

Features of Air Brush

  • AI Powered Retouch: The Air Brush uses smart AI to smooth skin, brighten eyes, and bring photos to life.
  • Eraser: With the easy-to-use Eraser tool, you can remove unwanted objects or people from any picture in seconds.
  • Background Removal: Whether you want a solid color or to place yourself somewhere new, background removal makes it simple.
  • Batch Editing: Apply the same stunning effects to multiple images, ensuring your entire gallery looks cohesive and professionally edited.


  • Fix portraits perfectly with AI – powered retouching tools.
  • Remove unwanted people or objects from photos easily.
  • Take out backgrounds from images without hassle.
  • Edit lots of pictures at once with batch editing.


  • Requires internet connection for AI features
  • Might be complex for first – time users
  • Subscription needed for full access

The ideal customer for Air Brush is a creative professional or hobbyist looking to effortlessly enhance their photos with AI-powered retouching, background removal, and batch editing, making it perfect for crafting standout visuals.

Product Info


Pricing for Air Brush

Lite – Price: $4.99

Normal – Original Price: $39.98, Discounted Price: $19.99

Premium – Original Price: $79.98, Discounted Price: $39.99

9. Insta Headshots



  • Get your HD headshots super fast, in as little as 60 minutes.
  • Choose from a variety of styles, up to 10 different ones.
  • Enjoy more options with up to 200 headshots available.
  • Prices start at just $39 USD for quality you’ll love.
  • Packages fit your needs, from starter to premium levels.
  • Easy and quick way to upgrade your professional look.

Insta Headshots transforms regular selfies into stunning, high-quality professional images. It’s perfect for busy professionals, job seekers, or anyone looking to stand out on social media platforms.

The process is incredibly simple and fast. You start by uploading your selfies; then the AI works its magic, delivering realistic and impressive headshots straight to your inbox in no time. The variety of styles and backgrounds means you can tailor your headshot to fit any occasion or platform, from LinkedIn profiles to company websites. Plus, with pricing options that won’t break the bank and a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, it’s virtually risk-free.

This service stands out for its affordability and efficiency compared to traditional methods of getting professional photos done. Users rave about how these AI-generated headshots have boosted their professional image online, helping them make better first impressions in our increasingly digital world.

Features of Insta Headshots

  • AI Technology for Pro Shots: Insta Headshots turns your selfies into pro headshots with AI.
  • Easy to Use: Just upload 12+ selfies and let the magic happen.
  • Style It Your Way: Choose from many styles and backgrounds to make sure your headshot is just right for you.
  • Fast and Affordable: Get your professional headshots super quick, without spending loads of money on a photoshoot.


  • Turn selfies into pro headshots with AI.
  • Get your photos fast, in 60 minutes or less.
  • Choose from many styles and backgrounds.
  • Save money compared to regular photoshoots.


  • Requires 12+ high – quality selfies, which might be hard for some users to provide.
  • AI – generated results may not capture personal nuances like a human photographer can.
  • Limited to the styles and backgrounds available in the app, limiting customization.

Insta Headshots is perfect for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to upgrade their online presence with high-quality headshots quickly and affordably.

Product Info


Pricing for Insta Headshots

Starter: $39 USD

Basic: $49 USD

Premium: $59 USD

10. Headshot Generator



  • Choose from three pricing plans to get up to 1500 high – quality headshots.
  • Enjoy a mix of Classic and Fun styles for your photos.
  • All headshots are in a clear resolution perfect for online use.
  • Save photos in popular formats like JPG and PNG.
  • Own your photos fully with a commercial license.
  • Safe payment process with Stripe, keeping card details private.

Headshot Generator shines with its focus on detail enhancement and upscaling, ensuring your final image pops on any medium, from LinkedIn profiles to company websites. It’s perfect for anyone looking to elevate their professional image fast and efficiently. Plus, with privacy being a top concern these days, users can rest easy knowing their information is secure, thanks to BCRYPT encryption.

Customization is another standout feature here. With over 40 styles and 20 hairstyles available, the level of personalization means your headshot will truly reflect your unique personality and brand identity—no cookie-cutter results! And if by chance you’re not thrilled with the outcome? There’s a satisfaction guarantee offering peace of mind alongside great service.

Features of Headshot Generator

  • AI-Driven Detail Enhancement: Headshot Generator uses smart AI to make your photos look super sharp and real.
  • Quick Results: Get amazing headshots in just 10 seconds.
  • Privacy First: With BCRYPT encryption, your data is secure.
  • Lots of Choices: With over 40 styles and 20 hairstyles to choose from, you can have fun picking the perfect look.


  • Saves time by creating headshots in 10 seconds.
  • Keeps your information safe with top – notch privacy measures.
  • Lets you choose from a wide range of styles and hairstyles for a custom look.
  • Makes professional headshots easy and affordable for everyone.


  • Limited hairstyle choices may not fit everyone’s needs.
  • AI enhancements might not perfectly capture personal styles.

The Headshot Generator is perfect for busy freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want quick, high-quality headshots without the big price tag or time commitment.

Product Info


Pricing for Headshot Generator

Classic: $19 for 50 high-quality headshots + 18 Pro styles for unlimited persons.

Classic & Fun: $29 for 100 high-quality headshots with 50+ Pro & Fun styles for unlimited persons.

Bulk: $290 for 1500 high-quality headshots with 50+ Pro & Fun styles for unlimited persons.

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Tips for Taking Professional Headshots at Home

Just in case, none of the above options work for you, you can try and experiment with taking professional headshots at home following these tips. These headshots can even help you get better output from any AI headshot generators if you choose to use the output to refine the results you got.

Utilizing Natural Lighting

Use sunlight to make your professional headshots look great. Stand near a window where soft light comes in but not direct sun rays that create harsh shadows. This kind of lighting makes your features stand out nicely without making the photo too bright or too dark.

Natural light brings out the best in your features, making it perfect for professional headshots. Dress in colors that don’t blend into the background and position yourself so the light hits one side of your face more than the other. This adds depth to your photo and keeps it from looking flat.

Choosing a Suitable Location

Pick a spot in your house with lots of natural light for the best look. Rooms with big windows are perfect because they flood the area with sunlight, making your photo look bright and clear.

Avoid dark corners or places where shadows can spoil your headshot. Light makes a big difference in how professional your picture looks.

Find a background that is simple and uncluttered. A plain wall or a setup with minimal designs works great. You want people to focus on you, not what’s behind you. Make sure the color of the background contrasts well with what you wear, so you stand out more.

Dressing Appropriately

Wear clothes that fit well and look professional for your headshot. Choose solid colors because they are less distracting than busy patterns. Make sure your outfit matches the style of job you want or have.

This means dressing in business attire if you’re going for a corporate look.

Avoid wearing too much jewellery or makeup. Keep it simple so the focus stays on you, not your accessories. Your shirt or top should be neat and ironed without any wrinkles to show that you care about details.

Dressing well shows confidence and helps make a good first impression in professional business headshots.

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In this blog, we explored AI tools that make professional headshots from simple selfies. These tools help anyone look their best without spending a lot of money. Dreamwave.ai and Fotor stand out with a free plan and affordable paid options for AI headshots.

Headshot Pro and StudioShot are two excellent choices for top-quality results, offering advanced features for generating professional headshots and easy use.

Give them a shot and see the difference they make in how others see you online!

And if they don’t deliver what you need, taking professional headshots at home is totally doable following our tips. Use daylight and pick a good spot in your house. Dress like you’re going to an important meeting.

FAQs for AI Headshots

Is there a free AI headshot generator?

Yes. Dreamwave.ai is a good option to explore. Fotor also offers free AI headshots

Can Chatgpt generate headshots?

Unfortunately, It can’t. You should use a professional headshot generator for getting professional headshots as they specialise in this feature only.

How to turn a picture into a professional headshot?

Use Dreamwave.ai
Upload just 5 photos of yours
And your professional headshots are ready

What’s the best AI headshot generator?

Headshot Pro – 40 to 140 headshots, unique backgrounds & clothing styles – Starting $29
Fotor – AI Headshot Generator, photo editing, marketing material creation – Free
StudioShot – Infinite touchups, Dedicated support, 2 business day turnaround – Starting at $39.00
Dreamwave.ai – Custom AI model, Full control over photo deletion – Free

Is headshots by AI legit?

As long as it resembles you, it is considered as legit. Use professional headshot generators generators to ensure you get the near perfect resemblance.

Can I get my headshot in different file formats?

Yes, most AI generators often allow you to download your professional headshots in various image file formats such as JPG or PNG.

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