What is GPT Store and How to make money selling your GPTs?

Updated on January 11 2024

On 10th January 2024, OpenAI launched GPT store which is basically the App store of GPTs. I am very excited about the possibilities it opens up. Not just about discovering new GPTs but the gates it opens for making money out GPTs.

Here we tried to go deeper into how to make money from GPT Store and all of its features you should know about.

What is GPT Store?

GPT store launched by OpenAI
GPT store launched by OpenAI on 10th January 2024

First introduced in November 2023, OpenAI’s GPT Store is as a revolutionary platform enabling users to explore, exchange, and employ tailored versions of ChatGPT called “GPTs.” These specialized agents are essentially modified iterations of ChatGPT, adept at particular tasks or domains due to additional data or instructions during training. 

For users, the GPT Store offers a spectrum of possibilities, from discovering new GPTs in curated categories to experimenting with free trial versions before committing to premium options with advanced features. Users can also contribute to the community by creating and sharing their own GPTs, potentially earning income. Creators, on the other hand, benefit from OpenAI’s tools for crafting and customizing GPTs, sharing and monetizing their creations, and receiving feedback for improvement and wider recognition. In essence, the GPT Store aims to democratize AI access, allowing individuals to harness the power of customized ChatGPT for specific purposes, ushering in a new era of possibilities in the realm of large language models.

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GPT Store Features

Some of the features users will see on GPT Store are:

  • Discover and explore GPTs through curated categories and search
  • Test through free trials, demos, and reviews before purchasing
  • Flexible pricing models (free, freemium, paid)
  • Secure payment integration
  • Convenient management of purchased GPTs

The GPT Store features for creators are:

  • Robust building and customization tools
  • Fine-tuning for specific domains
  • Integration with platforms via APIs
  • Options to share and monetize GPTs
  • Usage statistics and user feedback
  • Reputation building in the community

How to access GPT Store?

How to access GPT Store

Anyone with a ChatGPT account can access the GPT Store, however, you cannot use GPTs if you do not have a ChatGPT Plus account.

To access GPT store, you need to:

  • Login/Signup to ChatGPT
  • Go to https://chat.openai.com/gpts
  • Select the category you are interested in or browse by scrolling down
  • Select the GPT you want to use
  • If you have a ChatGPT Plus account, you can start using the GPT directly

How to buy GPT on GPT Store?

First of all, make sure you have a ChatGPT Plus account to use any GPT. Although GPT store is a marketplace, OpenAI have not enabled monetizing GPTs yet. So, for now, you can directly use the GPTs if the maker has made it public. You can browse popular bots on the community leaderboard, with categories like AI art, writing assistants, research tools, coding tutors, learning bots, lifestyle helpers, and more.

How to launch your own GPTs?

  • Define Purpose and Audience: Clearly identify the specific task or domain your GPT will focus on (e.g. writing code, composing music). Determine the target audience and users (e.g. programmers, musicians).
  • Prepare Data and Instructions: Gather high-quality, diverse datasets and text related to your GPT’s defined purpose. Clean data to remove errors. Write clear, concise instructions that specify the GPT’s capabilities, limitations, and desired behaviors.
  • Use OpenAI Tools: Familiarize yourself with OpenAI’s Fine-Tune API and tools like Playground. Consider leveraging available pretrained models and templates to expedite training.
  • Train and Test: Fine-tune the GPT on prepared data and instructions using OpenAI tools. Closely monitor training and adjust hyperparameters as needed. Thoroughly test with different prompts to ensure intended performance. Refine as required.
  • Create Store Listing: Write an engaging description highlighting the GPT’s uniqueness and audience. Add media like screenshots and videos demonstrating capabilities. Decide on pricing model – free, freemium, paid subscriptions.
  • Publish and Promote: Submit completed GPT to OpenAI for review and approval to publish on the store. Promote the GPT on social media, forums, your website to reach your target audience.

Can you make money on GPT store?

As of today (11 January 2024), OpenAI has not enabled monetizing the GPTs. However, there are high chances that OpenAI will enable monetization very soon. 

Here are some more ways you can make money from your GPT on GPT Store:

  • Premium GPTs: Offer advanced features or functionalities within your GPT for a one-time purchase or a subscription fee. Think of it like unlocking additional levels in a game, but for an AI assistant.
  • Tiered Pricing: Provide different access levels to your GPT, with basic features available for free and advanced capabilities accessible through paid subscriptions. This caters to users with diverse needs and budgets.
  • API Integration: Integrate your GPT with external platforms or services used by other businesses or individuals. You can earn revenue based on API calls or usage volume.
  • Data Insights: Analyze user interactions with your GPT and sell anonymized data insights to companies interested in user behavior and preferences within a specific domain.
  • Collaborations: Partner with other creators or businesses to develop and market GPTs for specific niches or industries.

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GPT Store brings a lot of opportunities for both the users and creators. For users, it will be much easier to operate ChatGPT now by using GPTs. And for creators, they will be able to monetize their prompt skills with GPTs soon. GPT Store signifies a transformative phase in AI accessibility and creativity. Users can effortlessly operate ChatGPT through specialized GPTs, unlocking diverse possibilities. It will be interesting to see what kind of GPTs launches on the GPT Store.

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