Nvidia GTC – 2024: Blackwell, Groot, NIM Leading the Way

Updated on March 23 2024

The NVIDIA GTC 2024, an event held in San Jose, California, was the event that grasped the aspiration of the company in technology innovations and materialised its vision for the future. The attention intensified after more than 11,000 people gathered for the event with an audience spanning the globe and were both excited and speculative about the progress of accelerated computing and AI.

The keynote well done by Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s charismatic founder and CEO, was not simply a lecture; it was an affirmation of the future, as it contained more than groundbreaking developments that would revolutionize technology.

Let’s look at some of the key highlights of the event and get glimpse of the exciting tech that was showcased.

Nvidia GTC – 2024 – The Tech Showcased

Blackwell Platform

Nvidia Blackwell
Nvidia Blackwell: Credit- Nvidia

The Blackwell platform marks a great step in AI technologies with inference speed advancement of up to 30 times having been achieved as compared to its predecessor, the Hopper. It is thanks to many system optimizations that this development has taken place.

The GB200 system, comprising two B200 Blackwell chips connected to a Grace chip, provides 40 Petaflops of performance through FP4 mode. NVIDIA demonstrated their Blackwell DGX GB200 system based on Blackwell with 1.4 Exaflop FP4 performance that reaffirms its position in providing high-performance AI solutions.

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NVIDIA NIM (NVIDIA Inference Microservice)

The NIMs are aimed at improving the inference efficiency of AI systems. This allows developers to deploy AI models in a more productive and less resource-consuming manner. These packages come with all necessary software, including CUDA libraries and APIs, and are designed to run across NVIDIA’s install base.

Project Groot

Nvidia Project GR00T
Nvidia Project GR00T : Credit- Nvidia

Project Groot plans to do the same as NVIDIA strives to put AI and robotics to a higher level of technology. This robotic system is a pioneering effort towards the development of AI-based robotic engineering; its implementation has the potential to transform the way we interact with technology.

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Jetson Thor

NVIDIA brings to the table its Jetson Thor platform, which serves as the basis for the company’s robotics initiatives. Jetson Thor is the most comprehensive system for creating AI-enhanced robotics solutions. This platform was built for developing complex robotics’ applications which take advantage of NVIDIA’s AI and computing technologies.

Isaac Lab

Nvidia Issac lab
Nvidia Issac lab: Credit- Nvidia

The Isaac Lab is NVIDIA’s core AI and robotics workstation for research and development. It is an open, collaborative space where researchers and developers can work side by side, innovate and create at full capacity. The room provides participants with goal-oriented training, thanks to its audience-oriented equipment, software tools and educational programs that support the development of advanced AI and robotics apps.

Industry Demonstrations Highlights

NVIDIA GTC 2024 event demonstrated several industry prototypes and innovative solutions, and thus, it became clear that the company influences many of the industries, especially car manufacturing, AI development and life sciences.

Automotive Technology

The GTC showroom was used for live demonstrations of Nvdia-powered vehicles like The Lucid Air, Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA Class, Nuro R3, Polestar 3, Volvo EX90, WeRide Robobus, and Aurora truck. These vehicles included NVIDIA’s solutions for handling graphics and AI in order to deliver safe and enjoyable technologies for in-vehicle user experiences.

NVIDIA DRIVE Thor was also showcased as it combines together advanced ADAS technology and in-vehicle infotainment devices. This has the NVIDIA Blackwell GPU architecture to address the AI workloads. The categories have fully been defined by the top Chinese EV makers like BYD, Hyper, XPENG, Li Auto, ZEEKR, Nuro, Plus, Waabi, WeRide, and DeepRoute.ai incorporating DRIVE Thor into their vehicles or services.

AI and Software-Defined Computing

NVIDIA is now embracing Omniverse Cloud APIs, a tool for quicker autonomy advancement through simulation of high-definition sensors for AV development. Generative AI creators, including Cerence, Geely, Li Auto, NIO, SoundHound and Tata Consulting Services, and the driver and passenger monitoring team at Wayve announced NVIDIA’s technology would be used for the implementation of intelligent AI assistants, scene observation and understanding.

Scalable AI Infrastructure

NVIDIA disclosed the DGX SuperPOD, which is an array of multiple DGX GB200 equipped systems, calculating a total of 11.5 exaflops of performance at FP4 precision and 240 terabytes of memory. In the long run, the system is scalable and has been built to match the data processing demands in AI.

NVIDIA-MediaTek Partnership

NVIDIA gave away its CPU licensing to MediaTek thereby enabling it to develop cost-effective and efficient System-on-Chip (SoC) profiles which can be used in car applications. The chips of the auto cockpit, which are part of Dimensity, are developed to have artificial intelligence processing down in the car without a cloud connection .

AI in Drug Discovery and Genomics

NVIDIA expanded its BioNeMo™ generative AI platform for drug discovery, enabling the analysis of DNA sequences, prediction of protein shape changes in response to drugs, and determination of cell functions based on RNA. The platform also introduced DNABERT, a genomics model trained on DNA sequences from the human reference genome .

These highlights from NVIDIA GTC 2024 underscore the company’s commitment to advancing AI and technology across various industries, from automotive to life sciences, demonstrating the transformative potential of NVIDIA’s innovations.

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One could say that Nvidia GTC 2024 was a glimpse into the future of AI innovations and how Nviddia is powering it. By having the vision already, using cutting edge technologies, and establishing the partnerships, NVIDIA remains the company that is developing technological future driven by AI. Nvidia’s Blackwell, Project Groot and NIMs are innovations that are leading a whole movement into an exciting AI-filled future. With Nvidia’s innovations, it’s not just techies who get to have all the fun; everyone’s invited to this tech revolution!

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