Morpheus-1 AI Device Gives You Control Over Your Dreams

Updated on January 30 2024

Morpheus-1 by Prophetic AI is the world’s first device to use multimodal generative ultrasonic technology for inducing lucid dreams and is promises to be a significant leap forward in exploring the depths of human consciousness.

Morpheus-1 is developed by Prophetic AI, whose CEO and CoFounder is Eric Wollberg.

What is Morpheus-1

Morpheus-1 is world’s first generative ultrasonic transformer designed specifically for the purpose of inducing and stabilizing lucid dreams. This innovative technology represents a significant leap in the intersection of artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and dream research. It’s designed to explore and manipulate how and what they dreams, offering users a unique opportunity to control their dream experiences.

Generative Ultrasonic Transformer
Generative Ultrasonic Transformer

How Does Morpheus-1 Work

The core technology behind Morpheus-1 is Transcranial Focused UltraSound (TFUS). This non-invasive neurostimulation method uses sound waves to precisely target and stimulate specific areas of the brain. The device operates by employing acoustic forms – essentially sound patterns – that interact with brain functions responsible for dreaming.

TFUS stands out for its precision and safety, avoiding the need for any invasive procedures. The device uses a combination of EEG (Electroencephalography) and fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) data to build a comprehensive model of the user’s brain activity during sleep, particularly during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, which is commonly associated with vivid dreaming.

Through this method, Morpheus-1 can stimulate certain brain areas associated with lucid dreaming. The device’s ability to create acoustic holograms enables it to manipulate neural activity in a way that induces lucid dreaming, allowing users to have a degree of control over their dreams.

neurostimulation system, replicating the neural activation patterns typical of natural lucid dreaming.
Neurostimulation system replicating the neural activation patterns typical of natural lucid dreaming

The integration of advanced AI models, like the ‘neurotransformer’, plays a crucial role in Morpheus-1’s functionality. These AI models are trained to analyze complex neural data and identify significant brain areas for stimulation. By doing so, Morpheus-1 enhances the lucid dreaming experience, making it more vivid and controllable.

In summary, Morpheus-1 uses a combination of ultrasonic technology, AI-driven analysis, and brain imaging techniques to enable users to experience and potentially control their dreams, opening up new possibilities in the exploration of human consciousness and the subconscious mind.

Future Roadmap of Morpheus-1

Morpheus-1’s ambitions extend beyond lucid dreaming. Prophetic AI envisions a future where we can access and orchestrate various states of consciousness at will, be it the focused awareness of deep meditation, the boundless creativity of a lucid dream, or the serene calm of a peaceful mind.

By training the system on diverse data sets including lucid dreaming experiences, attention exercises, positive environments, and deep meditation practices, Prophetic AI hopes to equip individuals with the tools to sculpt their own conscious experiences.

Availability of Morpheus-1

Prophetic AI has officially announced the beta program for Morpheus-1, which is scheduled to start in March 2024. This beta phase will mark the first opportunity for users to experience controlled lucid dreaming through the device. While the exact date of wider public availability has not been specified, the commencement of the beta program indicates that Morpheus-1 is moving closer to broader accessibility. Enthusiasts and potential users are advised to stay updated with Prophetic AI’s announcements for further details on the release and availability​


Morpheus-1 is an exciting step towards hacking our dreams with technology. While more testing is needed, the possibilities of controlling nightly adventures and overcoming nightmares are enticing. We may not be fully ready for manipulated dreaming yet, but Morpheus-1 offers a glimpse into an intriguing sci-fi future.

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