Airchat By Naval Ravikant: What is Airchat and How to Access IT?

Updated on April 16 2024

A new social application called Airchat is gaining in popularity on the iOS and Android stores. AngelList founder Naval Ravikant and Tinder’s ex-chief product officer Brian Norgard are the creators of this unique app that uses audio posts and currently is accessible only via an invite system. Both founders have been communicating with the members of this app to clarify the user’s general doubts.

Airchat was developed a year ago, but the Woosh Inc team rewrote it and released it back on the App Store and Google Play last week for iOS and Android. Currently, Airchat is at impressive rank #28 in the Apple App Store’s social networking category.

This article takes you through the Airchat features, access and a comparison with Clubhouse.

What is Airchat?


Distinctive from the current world of social media platforms, AirChat promotes audio posts over text. This unique style is built upon the principle that community spirit is developed the best through human voice, something supported by Naval Ravikant.

“Humans are all meant to get along with other humans, it just requires the natural voice” he posted on AirChat.

The platform allows users to interact through short voice posts which are then transformed to text for those who want to read instead of listening. This combination of audio and text discussions strives to fill the void that comes about by the text-based online communications which often makes it impossible to discern the nuances of human communication.

How does the Airchat work?

As other social apps do, Airchat lets users follow others, browse through a feed of posts and eventually react by reposting, like or bookmarking those posts or sharing it on another app. Nevertheless, there is a major discrepancy in how one writes a new post or replies to the others’ post. These are done via voice notes that one records on their phone and the app later transcribes when one has completed the voice note.

For individuals who have been used to sending voice notes on WhatsApp, using the Airchat app should not pose any challenge since the process of sending posts and reply to them is familiar to them. User has to do a long press on the mic button positioned at the center of the home screen to start speaking.

In addition to that, one can add photos, web links or mention any account as part of the post. iPhone users can video record the message on the spot as well.

User Experience and Features

Airchat’s interface is designed to be familiar and intuitive, and, therefore, users can scroll through posts, respond to each other, or simply press “like” and “share” buttons. Airchat has created a format where these posts and replies are only audio files which the app later converts to text. This is in addition to it being appealing on the visual side, and also permitting users to connect with other users in a natural manner as they would on a text based platform.

Asynchronous, Threaded Posts

Airchat’s asynchronous and threaded post is one of the most distinctive features of the platform. In contrast to live chat rooms that once had a surge but ended on platforms such as Clubhouse and Space, this style is unique and stands out from them. By allowing users to take as many passes at composing a message as they like without the pressure of live interaction, Airchat removes the stage fright barrier to participation.This feature is particularly appealing to introverted and shy users, who may find it easier to express themselves through audio recordings.

Content Moderation and Monetization

Although Airchat focuses mostly on the verbal aspect of communication, it still does not ignore the challenges of content moderation. A platform with an intricate back-end that conceals spam, trolls, and any other unwanted content uses rules to create a sufficiently safe environment for users. With regard to monetization, Ravikant has said that there is no pressure on the company to monetize, indicating a commitment to maintaining the platform’s integrity and user experience over profit.

Ravikant said there’s “no monetization pressure on the company whatsoever.” (He described himself as “not the sole investor” but “a big investor” in the company.)

“I couldn’t care less about monetization, We’ll run this thing on a shoestring if we have to.” said Ravikant.

Can users create and share photos or videos on Airchat, or is it strictly audio-based?

Yes, users can create and share photos and videos on Airchat, although the platform is primarily known for its audio-centric approach. While the core functionality of Airchat revolves around audio posts, which are transcribed into text for those who prefer reading, the app also allows users to share visual content. This feature adds a layer of multimedia interaction, enabling users to complement their voice messages with images or videos. This blend of audio and visual content enhances the user experience, making Airchat a versatile platform for social interaction.

How to Get Access to Airchat?

Airchat is invite only app for now. This means you will not be able to download and use the app like any other app. However, if anyone who already has the invite, can invite you to the app and you can access the Airchat app.

Airchat Vs Clubhouse

Airchat and Clubhouse signals a fascinating shift in how we connect online. But with two distinct approaches to voice-based interaction, it’s natural to wonder: how do Airchat and Clubhouse stack up against each other? Let’s get into a feature-by-feature comparison to see which platform might resonate more with your social media needs.

FeatureAir ChatClubhouse
Primary FocusVoice-based communication through audio postsLive audio chat rooms
AccessInvite-only accessOpen to the public
User ExperienceAsynchronous, threaded posts for a unique experienceReal-time, live interactions
Audio PlaybackAutomatic audio playback with adjustable speedLive voice conversations
Additional MediaSupports photos and videosPrimarily audio-focused
User BaseGaining popularity rapidlyInitial high interest but struggled to sustain momentum
Tech Community ResponseSignificant interest and adoption, but also some scepticismVaried responses, both positive and critical


Airchat and Clubhouse, though both voice-based platforms, cater to distinct user preferences. Airchat thrives on its casual, one-on-one interactions, perfect for forging personal connections. On the contrary, the clubhouse stresses more on knowledge sharing and organized discussion.

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Is Airchat Safe to Use ?

Airchat guarantees the security of its users’ personal & info by exploiting a combination of responsible data handles & strict methods. This is a platform that ensures security and privacy of data is upheld as its central by preventing occurrences of unauthorized access, misuse, and breaches.

Though the sources don’t explicitly discuss the company’s privacy policies, the strong focus on considering data responsibility and strict guidelines indicates a dedication to privacy and security for users. This way is in line with the data protection and security standards operated by the industry, and therefore, there is a greater probability that Airchat will exclusively opt for user data protection and information security.


The Airchat is a new trend in the social media world, which makes voice perceived as the leading force to build real human connections. By focusing on audio posts and creating a space where people can speak freely, Airchat attempts to redefine the way we converse online. Whether it is sweet words or deadpan jokes, the audio-first approach encourages us to rediscover the power of our voices in the midst of a digital world dominated by the texts. Therefore, let’s talk it out—often, better words are spoken than written.

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